That Day of Katelyn

           It’s about 7.30 pm in the evening. Katelyn was returning from her office to her apartment. She was looking here and there while stepping down from the office. The driver asked her, “What happened to you, madam?” she didn’t hear it. The driver noticed that and understood that she was troubling with something. She took her phone from her pocket and smelled it. Then in a hurry, she kept it in her bag. The driver watched her behavior through the front mirror and again asked her, “Are you fine madam? Did you miss anything madam?” Katelyn replied “Ahh, nothing wrong, nothing is wrong” in a mysterious manner. Then Katelyn asked the cab driver “Why did you ask me so? Did you find anything wrong with me?” in a heavy tone with an anxious face. He became afraid, “nothing madam, it seems that you’ve missed something.” Meantime her apartment came and she stepped out of the cab.

           Katelyn smelled her hands. Then she raised her blazer’s collar to her nose and smelled it. She got sweated. The driver asked her, “Shall I move then, ma’am?” Katelyn looked at him and shouted “Didn’t you move till now? What are you doing here?” He bid good night to her and moved. Hearing her loud voice, the security who was sitting inside the security room came outside and opened the gate for her. Katelyn went near the elevator and pressed the button to open. Meanwhile the security came in a hurry and told her that the elevator was not working from the evening. Katelyn shouted at him, “Then what’re you doing here? Didn’t you call the serviceman?” before hearing his answer, she ran to the staircase. The security too noticed that something wrong with Katelyn.

           Katelyn reached apartment no. 201 B. She took the key from her bag and tried to open the door. But it fell down from her hands and she bent down to take the key. She looked around whether somebody is watching her or not. She stood straight and looked at her palms. Katelyn smelled her hands again. Her eyes filled with tears and with fear. Again she tried to open the door and the keys fell down. The guy who stays in the next apartment came and asked her, “Hey Katelyn, shall I help you?” she looked at him and he asked “what had happened? Why are you sweating like this? Is everything fine with you?” Katelyn looked at her hands again. He asked “What’s in your hands? Nothing in it. Those fine and soft beautiful palms” in a romantic tone and tried to touch her. But she ignored him and said, “Nothing nothing” she opened the door and went inside and didn’t look at him. Then she locked herself inside the door.

           Katelyn stood near the door for a while, she calmed herself. Switching on the light everywhere in her apartment, she threw her blazer into the sofa and sat there, thinking all those things that happened the whole day. Her heart started to beat bit fast. Katelyn wanted to refresh herself. She went to her cloak room and looked into her hands again. Took a deep breath and smelled her hands again. There was nothing in her hands. There was no filthy smell or anything else. But she sweated again. She washed her hands with hand wash liquids, but not satisfied. Katelyn came out of her cloak room and took her deodorants and sprayed in her palms. She looked terrified.

           Katelyn took her phone and tried to call her friend Diana, but she was on another call. Then she went into her kitchen to prepare supper. She took noodles pack and started cooking it. While sprinkling the red chilly powder, everything fell from her hands. Floor was full of red chilly powder. She started crying, she sweated. Her eyes looked like coming out and she fell down shouting, “blood, blood.”

Katelyn fainted. Diana phoned her many times and there was no response. Katelyn woke up in the midnight and saw the chilly powder on the floor. “Oh, my God! How did this happen? Who had done it? Oh, my hands, ahh, blood, blood” she cried. Katelyn got up and started to wash her hands. Without knowing what to do next, she applied some white talcum powder in her palms. She cleaned everything and went to her bed. While checking her phone, she found that Diana called her many times.

 Katelyn dialed her again and Diana attended her call,

“Hey Katelyn, what happened to you? I was trying to call you more than 20 times. Where were you all these time?”

Katelyn said, “Hello,” in a very tired voice. She smelled her palms again. But Diana noticed that her tone was not fine and asked,

“Hello Katelyn, why are you sounds dull and dim? Did you went to office today? Is everything fine there?”

 “Yes, I went to office today.” Katelyn told and silence followed. Diana again asked her, “Hey Katelyn, are you there? Tell me why do you sounds dull?”

Katelyn said, “Ahh, office…… yes office…. There….” Diana intruded, “There, what?” Katelyn, “There…. There….” Looked into her palms. “There…. Blood….” She murmured.

Diana asked, “Are you there, lady? Shall I come there?”

 Katelyn said, “Hey no, no. Nothing here. All fine. I was very tired and slept off, so only I didn’t attend your call.”

           Diana told, ”Oh, that’s fine. I got afraid. Fine, sleep dear lady. I will catch you tomorrow. Good night.” She cut the call.

           Katelyn kept the phone aside and closed her eyes but she was unable to have a good sleep. By 2 am, she woke up and noticed the time in the clock. “Oh, it’s horrible, only 2 am now” she said to herself. Katelyn took her water bottle and drank some water. Then prayed for a while and tried to sleep. But this time she slept till 5 am. Woke up shouting, “blood blood” from sleep again. She heard the tweeting sound of birds outside. That sound didn’t comfort her. Her heart was beating very fast. She came to her balcony, but sun didn’t shines there. Went back to her bed and lay on her bed and covered her face with her quilt. She was sweating heavily.

           At 7 am, her alarm ranged and she got up. Katelyn stood before her mirror and saw her face. Her eyes turned red and her face looked pale. She worried and looked into her palms and smelled it. She ran into her rest room and washed her hands again and again. Then she got ready to her work. She felt that she was not fine and has no strength at all. Katelyn saw her blazer in the sofa while moving. She took it in a hurry and put it into the washing machine and adjusted the timing for a wash of 1 hour and then left.

           Locked the door and went down through stairs. Katelyn was not ready to face anyone there and hurried to the gate. The security got up and wished her. But she didn’t give ears to him. So he came to her and asked her, “Ma’am, are you alright? You’re looking pale today.” Katelyn turned to him, and said, “You’re watching me? What’s your job? Did you arrange serviceman for clearing the problem in elevator?” Meanwhile her cab arrived and she left without hearing anything from him.

           The cab driver wished her, “Good Morning, madam.” Katelyn looked at him and then to her palms. Slowly she raised her hands and smelled it. “Good morning, why are you staring at me?” she asked him. “Nothing ma’am. You’re looking very tired” he said. Katelyn was thinking about something else while he was talking. But she was staring at her palms. Then took a napkin and cleaned her palms. She reached the office and didn’t notice. The cab driver told her, “Madam, we reached.” Katelyn got down and ran into her office.

           Katelyn went to her cubicle and looked around. Everything was fine around her. But she looked disturbed. Evanna came to her and asked, “Hey Katelyn, so early today. What happened? You’re looking very pale and your eyes are reddish. Did you drink last night?” she laughed aloud. Katelyn replied, “Hey, not so. I had a bad sleep. Fine. I’ve some pending works and I’m early today.” Evanna left to her seat.

            Katelyn switched on to her works and watched her palms. She smelled it again, then looked around and noticed that nobody was looking at her. Katelyn closed her eyes and face with her palms and took a deep breath. Everything around her was going as usual and she too smelled her palms once again and started working. Little later she again looked into her palms and then searched for Berin in his cubicle. Katelyn called Evanna and asked her about Berin. Evanna said, “She didn’t reach till now. Why are you asking about her?” Katelyn replied her, “Nothing. Will she come today?”

Evanna told, “I don’t know about it. I think she was working for a long time previous night. So she might have taken leave.” And Evanna left. Katelyn looked into her seat and then to Julien’s seat. Both were not there. Katelyn went near to Julien’s seat. But there was nothing. She came back to her cubicle and closed her eyes for a while. She started to sweat and smelled her palms by thinking all over the things again. 

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