She crossed her legs, she uncrossed her legs. In her mind she was crossing her fingers. She had just filled out the ornate valentines card for Gary, saying how much she loved him and how happy she was to be part of his world. She really wanted a valentines gift this year. It wasn't the gift she wanted, as much as the acknowledgment, that they were a couple. A real couple, a couple that remembered each other on Valentines day. She licked the dry glue on the envelope and sealed it shut, feeling quit melancholy about the whole day. Really the year had been a good one with her finding Gary and him opening his house to her. Moving in was a big, big step for him. To her it seemed inevitable that they would some day get married. The only part of the relationship that got her down was the fact that he wasn't very romantic. At Christmas he had bought her an emergency pack for her car full of a shiny silver blanket, and booster cables, and other necessities that were needed in case of a breakdown. He smiled after she had opened it up and asked her if she liked it, but she had a small lump I'm her throat for some reason. The fantasy gifts of her imagination, crushed by the neon orange bag the car emergency essentials held in it. The sexy nighty, the perfume, the bath oils, massage oils, all of it a romantic let down. That's what he was like though, practical, frugal and a real man's man. He probably couldn't Bring himself to go to those girly type stores. That had to be it.

Gary swooshed in the door around five fifteen carrying a small brown paper bag, that was all he held. He greeted her, she kissed him on the cheek and then, he threw the small brown paper bag on the counter. She wondered what it was then Gary piped up that it was a half eaten sausage roll. Her heart half sunk and she squeaked out a " happy valentines day hon". "Oh yeah" he said, then put his shoes back, on and exited out the door for a minute. The suspense grew as the seconds ticked on. He came in with a package, She almost jumped up and down, searching his face for signs of embarrasment, that would give her a hint of what was in the package. He put it on the table then nudged it across. She looked at him and said" what is it Gary"? "Something I went and got for you for Valentines"he explained. She opened the box and inside were a variety of beautiful chocolates. Very nice delicious chocolates. She admired the gift and pecked him on the cheek for the second time that day. This was the first time he had done anything ike this and she wondered if he just had cold feet and was warming up to her romanticaly in this relationship. She cautiously slid her sappy love dripping card to him. Her heartfelt message needed to be taken seriously by him, or she wouldn't know where she stood in the new affair, after all it was only a year old now. He opened it the card said thanks and got up to go watch t.v. in the bedroom. She wasn't disappointed because, wow, look, a box of delectable chocolate, no car parts or anything. She admired and sniffed the box, and couldn't bring herself to eat even one. They were way to special and she wanted them to be untouched whe her friend came at 7,:00. Her friend called and said she was coming with her daughter. Her daughter was a sprite type girl, with a smile on her face all the time, making jokes and being thier entertainment. She wondered if her stories would make them laugh tonight. She couldn't wait to brags about the gift, she had gotten.

The doorbell rang and Layla and Char came inside, and sat down. Accepting a glass of wine, and a coke for Layla. They admired the chocolates. Char raised her eyebrows when she was shown them. She went yo the bedroom and wished her man a goodnight. Thanking him for the nice thoughtful gift. She asked if the card was okay with him, after all it said something like" all my love is for you, no love could ever be more true, I'd fly to the ends of the earth to be with you my darling Valentine" there was a nice picture of two doves or lovebirds on the front,

she wasn't sure which bird it was.. He replied that yes he liked it, and she felt s little silly when she blurted out how great her gift was, because after all it were only chocolates. He must know how important this special, just for her, gift was.

Being the jokster all night through, made Layla tired and she was asking her mom if she could go home soon at 9:30. They both looked like they ate a canary when they left and hustled out the door. She couldn't figure out what was so funny to them both when they left but didnt dwell on it. She ran a hot bath, light candles, and had a wonderful soak before going to bed. How could I romance this night she thought, after all it is a night for sweethearts.

She brought the candles into the bedroom, poured a glass of white wine for herself, and sauntered back into the bedroom. Wearing her favorite night gown full of satin and lace, she slid in beside Gary. " I know" she whispered to him " you want a beer don't you?" Gary said no he just wanted to go to sleep and she should have her wine and blow out the candles soon. I really want to have a special valentines tonight, but I guess I'll go to the kitchen and eat a chocolate. She grabbed her half of glass of wine she had left and proceeded to the kitchen table, where her man's special thoughtful gift was. Opening it up, the expensive chocolate waifted into her nose and her mouth watered. She savored every moment of this quiet time she had alone with her present he had bought for her. She opened her eyes, and looked at the exquisite box of open chocolates, ready to pick out a nice caramel or raspberry cream. Aghast! To her amazement, everyone of her beautiful candies had a bite out of them. There wasn't one that didn't have teeth marks through the swirl,or the dotted top. She couldn't believe it. There wasn't one, that she could enjoy! Then she remembered, the two females that visited earlier. Didn't they know how special this box with the purple tissue paper and delightful contents were? The first and only romantic gift ever recieved by her, from Gary! My God she said out loud, not even one, is not ruined. I can't even have a chocolate and enjoy it with my wine. Gary is sleeping, and her only treat for the night had gone and become somebody else's practical joke! She was staring dumbfounded at the display before her, when Gary came out looking sheepish. He wrapped his arm around her and looked down at the half eaten box of candy. He asked if she had been that smitten with the chocolate? That she would eat half the box. She was embarrassed for her friends because they didn't know that she would of liked one or two of those squashed candies. She was not amused. After he asked her to come to bed, she laid in his arms and thought, how much she loved him and her half eaten box of chocolates.

February 16, 2022 05:36

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