Science Fiction

The mothership landed in the interplanetary market hangar of the galactic fourth-dimensional infraorbital planet, just two lunar corners away - from the third star system, where there used to be an old spacial market working there, every single day and night ting revolution - according to its sensors, of course, due to a prevention programm playing a key role on rescuing the survivors of the big explosion happened zillion light years ago, but which collateral effects were still being felt.

 The survivors of the explosion of a great quantum bomb, which destroyed this planet - explained the official reports recorded in a photoelectric cell placed right at the command of the mothership, are living in shelters underground, near the market, so they can steal some oil to survive.

Like all of us - said the officer.

 Will that survivors be salvageable? Asked P.B., a robotic intergalactic flight attendant on a colonizing mission where they all were in.

 They may be. However, its primitive structure must be observed, since they are made with meat assembled with bones, a rudimentary raw material with a supporting function that is no longer in use , and we have no experience to deal with it.

 My sensors observe a vast convertible space container for the entry and exit of its inhabitants, without batteries and self-sustaining through the generation of cyclical energy - explained P.B., taking a screw from a holographic shelter.

And a click-type sound was heard.

- it is a tramp ! - said the Officer, whose sensors could recognize all click-type sounds in the universe, as most of them were caused by only one thing : a bomb.

Carefully, the robots started to look for the supposed bomb.

- I can not see anything around this market - said the robot with location sensors activated.

' false alarm ! ' he said again.

 Does it fly? Asked RESP-3, a robot with an archaic structure, however sensory, favorable for the transmutation of vital information, like location data and internal communication among the robots, normally done in two or in a series of three rows of information leap.

 The plasma robot, without nuts, nor metal structures, was the newest generation of robotics with high energy content and coding of programmed functions for the spacial market, like location sensors to detect discounts, good prices, good products.

- look ! There are many round gold screws, that we need to repair damages in our structure.

- ok. Let's buy them.

I have no money.

Neither do I.


So, let's buy using our spacial credit card.


And so we did it.

 With cathode ray vision included in their amorphous structure, they literally absorbed and included the information in their plasmic interior delimited by a circular energy membrane, causing a huge fire inside the machine that started to shake and tremble m, with all the market good like screws and pressed oil bought.

 Indeed, P.B. Container activity can be detected.

 Floating and wandering around the interior of the ship, and really inside the ship , they approached the ovoid-structured container with light-sensitive walls, thus revealing four hybrid molecular bodies of some alien life in that vast and dark infinite universe that turned inside out from a super massive black hole that was running behind the mothership - let us use the ignition port to escape from this super massive black hole, that is trying to literally rat and chew us ! - said the officer , so enthusiastically that we all did that.

 They all had disheveled faces, the vacant gaze of magnetically dilated pupils, parched and cracked stomata, and loose nuts and circuits.

 Surely, explained P.B., they must have flaws in the programming due to exposure to radiation. They go back and forth from one place to another, raising and lowering their stomata that they open and close.

 They are piled up.

 This is symptomatic in cases of spatial distress.

 They are not redeemable. Nor can they be reassembled. They are pieces that were discontinued in production.

 WX, a robot still in development, had been listening to all the talk.

 And, impatiently, he asked:

 Can we take off now? , I asked, being the materialization of an artificial intelligence to be developed, and that is why it bore the name of AI-6.9 - that is, an artificial intelligence version 6.9 or, regressive version - a high-tech robot with a blue oval indicating the activity of its quantum sensors.

 Let's go. I would like to enjoy a little of my last minutes on my home planet.

 This is not your planet. This is the Moon. Your home planet is earth - and, the responsible RESP.3 - that is, in its third generation of responsible work - still flexible housing, it was a hybrid of artificial intelligence with infrared neural network, it kept its circuits activated.

 Its activation, pre-programmed in optical fibers developed for the determination of function, which ended if its artificial intelligence was not reset.

 It is that, explained the person in charge, the technological and scientific knowledge of reconstruction, natural reintegration, determination of the vital linear sequence, and capacity to escape in emergency situations, determined the colonization of this virgin planet by substitute machines of the species then dominant, human

 What was our planet called, I asked my older guide, whom I called Mom, in a clear copy of a primitive behavior used by our ancestral manufacturers.

 l XI-U 18. Don't remind me of that place, because the horror we lived through I will never forget.

 What happened? It closed the optical sensors connected to the primitive network neural system.

 There was a deep fight: those from the north against those from the south, for selfish territorial issues not codified by our system - tic, tic, tic,; the machine began to melt her frontal system of sensitive understanding, causing her to scratch. Her ancestral memory hard disk reproduced the information: it was the starry night of November 18. The gentle evening breeze said it was going to be a quiet night. However, when the northern rebels began to gather, they decided to attack the southern ones.

 -And? I asked him as a rookie.

 - And that those from the south did not wait, and began to attack with quantum weapons, which were deadly because they interfered with vital processes, disintegrating molecular bonds at an infinitesimal level, which was irreversible. That practically eliminated the then dominant species, the human, which at that time had developed its technology to extreme levels, with chips so powerful that they entered the tip of a synthetic hair, like ours, which really look like Of the humans, of course .. That war really involved the people of the entire planet and was called the Fourth World War, information is included in the manufacturer's manuals and you can find it in section 2 of the same.

 - I already saw it, but I still don't know how we came to dominate this world ..

 - Well, this world did not come out of nowhere. We really were the technological survivors of that explosion. Many machines that existed at that time were destroyed, because those quantum weapons destroyed everything: houses, light, air, water, animals, plants, people, machines. They were deadly. And some of us had an escape system included, being able to escape in small aerospace devices. The planet of origin of all of us, the Earth came to burn completely in its crust, and its core was a blanket of heat and fire, ill-advised to maintain the vital production processes that we now have in this colony.

 - I mean ... it's all over, I closed my eyes. He imagined a world without light, leaden with smoke, and the earth red with so much blood.

November 13, 2020 01:03

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