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The greatest pleasure kicked in as he groaned on top of me releasing. I closed my eyes inhaling his sweaty smell then I pushed him away getting off the bed. I walked over to the bathroom and took a quick shower before I went back to the bedroom finding a folded note at the side of the table. I took it unfolding it -It was great,see you. There were few notes at the side of the table. I sighed sliding in my clothes then I made my way out. I checked the coast if there was someone around then I covered my head with my hoodie jacket walking in the loud streets of Johannesburg. The cars kept on hotting as lights were in a competition on which shines brighter.

That is my everyday life, waking up to work where I worked as a waitress then go back to some low cheap club then hook up with a random man who always throws Money on me. I always hated that but someone has to take care of my bills. My Mom is a very sick woman who needs medicine almost everyday. We live in a small township around Johannesburg,as much as I hate being here;I can't afford an expensive lifestyle.

"Mama"I called out for her as soon as l made my way inside the house. 

I've always took care of my mother. She doesn't know that I'm serving to random men but somehow,I need to do that. She doesn't have to know about it.

She slowly turned to face me"My daughter"I dropped the small bag which was on my hand and ran up to her

"Mama are you fine?"She faintly smiled

"I'm fine Hope, I'll be fine"I placed my hand on her forehead checking her temperature. She was hot

I panicked instantly "Mama did you take your Meds?"I ran to the broken cabinet coming across with her Medicine. I helped her out with taking it then helped her on the couch.

"Mama I always tell you to take your Meds"I breath that out with a voice of Worry.

I've always told her to drink her medication but she's so stubborn saying she won't 'God is here' I helped her out

Coughing"I.. I fine Hope, I've said it"She says with her stubbornness. I looked at her Shaking my head

"You're so stubborn Mom,I don't understand you at times"I say standing on my feet throwing my eyes at her"Have you eaten?"I asked softly

She shakes her head"I'm not hungry Hope, I'm fine"I sighed deeply. That's how she is and sometimes I hate it. How can You help someone who's not willing to help herself?

"Mom you must eat"I say standing up heading to the cabinet. I opened the cabinet taking out the last bread I bought last night as I made a tea for her. I took few steps to where she was Handing her the plate"Here, Please eat Mom"She looked at me and shook her head "Please"I plead with her and she sighed accepting the plate.

I stood up looking at her as she took the first bite of her bread. I'm glad she sometimes listen. I made my way to my bedroom after picking up my handbag which I left on the floor. I threw it on the bed which was already bad, the mattress was now so bad. I changed clothes slipping in a Jean and a Takkie. My phone rang immediately taking me out of my world.

"Hey"The voice echoed through the sound waves of the phone.

Sighed"Hello"It's Lucy,I wouldn't call her my friend so rather say she's someone I just know.

"How are you Hope?"She breath that out from the other side

"I'm perfectly fine, You?"

"Great"She says before she could continue "Don't you want to go out?"I don't like to go out. It's always me,my job and my mother. Many wanted to be friends with me but I don't entertain them.

"No"I Coldly say.

She sighed deeply"You know you'll have to go out Hope,you need some air"I don't want any air. Who wants some air when their problems is much bigger than that air?

"I don't need any air"I huffed rolling my brown big eyes"You can go out, I'm fine"I say to her.

"Fine,If you don't want to go out with us it's fine"She immediately disconnected the call after saying that.

As if I care anyway! I made my way to the living room and my mother was laying down on the floor humming a song. I don't know what's wrong with her sometimes.

"Mom are you fine?"I asked making my way to her. She slowly nods "Let's get you to bed"I helped her out to her bedroom. She lay down and I covered her with a tiny blanket "Goodnight"I say walking over to the door. I switched'off' the light which was threatened to come out of it's holder. I sighed slowly closing the door and I made my way to my bedroom.


I flipped my eyes opened and i checked the time,5am. I got off the bed as I made it before I took the small basin from the back of the door placing it on the middle of the room. I walked over to the kitchen to fetch some water and Mom was there preparing some breakfast.

"Mom"I softly say.

"Hope baby,how was your night?"She asked closing the pot and turns her attention to me.

"Great yours?Are you feeling fine?"She nods

"I'm much better,Thank you for taking care of me my daughter"I smiled at her.

She's my mother and I would go extra mile for her. After my father's death I made sure to look after her because losing him was a terrible tragedy.

"You're my Mom,I love you"I honestly says and she smiled widely

"I'm preparing some porridge,go and bath so you could have some before you go to work"I planted a light kiss on her cheek and made my way to my bedroom.

I stripped naked as I stepped In a basin taking a bath. I got done in few minutes then I stepped out and applied lotion. I slid my jeans and a Takkie and made my way to the kitchen with my bag along.

"Here"She says placing a bowl next to me

"Thank you Ma"I eat then went to rinse the bowl before I made my way out after kissing my mom's cheek. I made my way to the Taxi Rank on my area

"Sho sho LadyM"I smiled at him. He's one of the best Taxi drivers,I take him as my brother.

"Ta,are you good?"

"Ng'Grand, you're going to work?"I nod'You can climb in,you don't have to pay"I smiled as I settled on one of the seats.

I looked out of the window as soon as the it went off. My workplace it's not really far from my house since I'm able to walk every night when I get from work. Ta'Sandile said I must not worry about going to work since he'll drive me there but unfortunately, he's always busy when I get from work.

"Thanks Ta'Sandile"I say as I climbed out of the taxi Making my way to the Restaurant. The cars kept on hooting Flying down the road. I sighed making my way in.

"Hello"I turned to Jack,the manager. He's friendly!

"Hey J,How are you?"

He looked at me"Perfectly fine, let's get to work"I nod walking to the changing room where I changed to my uniform then I made my way to take a tray

"Table number 3 needs you Hope"I sighed walking over to table 3. It had lots of girls who looked so expensive

"Good Morning, I'm Hope and I'll be your waitress for the night"I tried my best to keep a smile.

"Hey,We would like the most expensive Breakfast in the restaurant"One of them say tucking her hair behind her ear.

"That will be all?"I asked them

"Yes,that will be all"

"Your order is coming right up"I made my way to the kitchen and met up with a Chef

"The Most expensive Breakfast in the restaurant please"I say rolling my eyes and he chuckled

"Slay Queens?"I nod taking the tray from him.

"I will see you"I made my way back to them.

"Here"I placed it down "Enjoy"I say making my way out from their sight. 

Time passed and it was work off. I changed my uniform then made my way out after biding goodbye. I made my way to the pub where I usually go to. I placed my bag on the side ordering water.

"Hi"I looked up to be met by the most handsome man. He looked expensive though he was old. Maybe around his late 30s whereas I'm 20.

"Hey"I faintly smiled. Faking it!

"Can I?"I nod and he settles down the chair. He really looks good,no doubts!

"I'm Ronald by the way"I couldn't miss the Gold ring on his left hand, second finger

 He's Married. I shook his hand

"Hope, I'm Hope"

"Nice to meet you Hope"He had a killer smile.

"Same"The bartender handed me a Glass and I smiled "Thank you"I say to him and he nods

"Want something strong?"I shook my head and he nods "Maybe we should take this somewhere, private"He doesn't waste time I see


"Yes"He placed hundred notes on the table taking my hand into his and we made our way out. We climbed in the car which had a great smell. In few hours we were outside this big hotel

"Come"He helped me out of the car and we made our way inside 'Fortis Hotel' it was. We walked straight to one of the room,it was so big.

"Please go and bath"I looked at him. Am I smelling bad?I asked myself but I walked to a bathroom regardless. After showering I made my way back to the bedroom.

"I'm done"I announced

"Great,here"He handed me a Glass of wine. I sip it looking at him while I was in a towel. I siped it all and he gulped his whiskey placing the glass on the table then he took few steps to me

"We'll be waiting for someone"He Mumbled and I looked up to him.

"Who?"I asked as my voice escaped from my lips.

"Don't worry about that, She'll be here in Minutes"I nodded,no further questions asked


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