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The sunlight was blinding her vision. The cars were zooming back and forth in front of her blurred sight. People were rising and falling in front of her, talking to her, talking in air. It was soundless. Complete, unnerving silence...

 Jacelyn calmly brought herself into the realm of reality. The subconscious mind can be disturbing sometimes. For her, it was always. Half a score before, she would find her eyes buried in a damp pillow, her sternum concealing itself in her thorax consistently. Presently, she folded her knees, lifting her head to air, she rested her back against the headboard, eagerly waiting for his voice to pilot life into this new day, as she said, "G'Morning." 

 His reply sounded more of an echo, as he set the dim room gold. The sunlight split, in the drops falling off his freshly washed hair, into seven gradient hues. 

 "You're beautiful." she said, smiling to his auric eyes. His eyes, she thought, more than Ra resided there. The sun was only a part of them. He smiled, handled her water and sat next to her. His hair were still wet, raining on her shoulders, making wee hills rise on her caramel skin. He looked down before making that moment the rendezvous of their eyes. 

 "No word is strong enough to hold your appreciation, only that you, Jacelyn, are beyond that." He said. She let out a sigh, and blood rushed to her cheeks. Her timorous smile raised them high. 

"I've been asleep for?" she asked. 

"It's 10:00 a.m."

"Great. Did you eat something?"

"We need to train?" 

"Don't tell me you haven't had anything since morning."

"It's just been two hours. In addition, I've been showering since."

"Fine, let's train now. I've got to feed you something. I'll get a quick shower." She said. He lifted himself fast enough to make his movement almost invisible. He walked out of the room, looking back once and gesturing, Out of bed, now. Left were Jacelyn, his tranquil scent, and some unsuccessful souls. 

 She got up thinking how she loved his sillage. It was distinctive, sole, eccentric. A serene concotion of lemon, metal and ashes. How did she get so fortunate? His beautiful strands of sunshine, as light as the rays themselves, fell gracefully upon his eyes, reflecting them. And she looked a mere child standing alongside him, standing one foot tall above five-foot-three-inch Jacelyn.

He had been to multitudinous battles and wars, and he carried souvenirs from each place. His scars would have reminded her of an imaginative bright day with blinking stars. Even that would fall dull and curl with envy before him. Peach walked up to his lips - obsuring the most perfect teeth - and left more than its color there. But, she was most impressed by his virtues, and what he preferred to call it - his rapier wit. His alacritous and confound answers had always amazed her. His wisdom was consigning knowledge to her diurnally. Everyday passing with that disciple receiving heavenly words that Sage. She was so enlightened now that the clairvoyant could have clearly seen the light escaping from the crevices in her head. She was worried her head might explode anyday. 

 His traits were enigmatic yet charismatic. Droll instruments of her beloved, intimidated by ducks.

 "Scrambled eggs or pancakes?" he asked. 

Jacelyn could hear the sizzling of eggs - maybe that was pancakes - while descending the flight.

"Pancakes. Pass me peanuts?"

"We don't have peanuts."

"Yes, right there, in the left shelf."

"No, not in the salad now."

"I am personally going to let you avoid healthy victuals."

"I have a repugnance for peanuts."

"I have a repugnance for prevention of peanuts."

 "Jace, which is the most important emotion?" Jacelyn nibbled on her fifth pancake, forging an mystifying coalescence with scrambled eggs. JaceJio, sedented atop the kitchen counter, feeding himself with the fifth repository of salad, including peanuts. 

 "Emotion, that's quite tough."


"Not the most."


"By not taking egocentric essence of oneself in rumination, mirth cannot be proclaimed luminary of the clepe."

"My mind is unable to ponder to obscure emotions now."


"Oh. Tell me more about it."

"It is comprehending the life of others, including strangers, as vivid and complex as own. Emotions, in their entirety, are belle corollary of this fertile fire of Sonder. The warmth triggers perception of others' stars, and compatibility rises as phoenix, as a Heron. Sonder is the Stygian Ether, other emotions are but celeste, reaping omnipotent visibility. When that dark matter evaporates, how long do the celestials stay ostentatious? You seek further answers, love?"

"Okay, what's the least important emotion?"

"Again tough. Anger? Nah. Pain? Ah, pain is somewhere most important. Sorrow? Ah na."



"Okay. Why though?"

"Quite clear that sympathy is the most useless emotion. I agree I am contained with fancier words, but this fulfills its chore of insult. Sympathy is the most inviolable weapon against a nemesis. To desolate a being from Earth, to banish a mortal from being, to deduce self esteem is too less a part of sympathy. Motivate, if not, listen, not so, die than sympathize a beloved. Then?"

"Most important relationship?"

"Simple. With self."

"With self, and, not with a lover?"

"Jacelyn, is an entity most loved differentiated from self? Next."

"Most important color?"

"White, no color exists without it."

"Most important word?"

"That's a question."

"I know."


"And as a whole, not individually for you."

"I know that. Jacelyn word... Word. That is challenging. I kneel. Love? Cannot be. Faith? No. War? Strong? Fight? No."

"At last?"

"Hope. That is, well, for me the most important word. At the end of the day, we sleep with a hope of waking up tomorrow. That is the basis of survival. Hope will keep us alive. Forever."

"Most difficult time of life?"

"Most difficult time of life. That would be immensely dolorous, even to anticipate. Dry, autumn leaves embrace their mother; to protect her from tempestuous gelid, maybe, as hindrance to fresh, juvenile leaves. The tree enduring such ambience greatly exemplifies the given circumstance. Each footstep is a cicerone of the vice and the virtuous. And the land beneath each step ought to provide it with a due estimate. A lotus might kiss the dendritic cleave; scarlett coal might blister it. But when the foot is unaffected, when the floor is neither hot nor cold, but eerily perfect, is when the time is strenuous. What goes around, ultimately comes back. When it doesn't for a long time, the comprehension of constellations grows ardurous. Mundanes term that space as bad, remote from the power of distinction. They can be reasoned as the footprint of immense immorality, or as a normal phase in one's life. That stretch is Anodyne. 

 There are times when a being tastes maximal antithesis of emotions, particularly without a certain incentive. Uttermost pain, incompleteness, emptiness, loneliness, taking into consideration these are not physical. A vital duration for each being in existence, it assumes exceptional gravity. Learn the difference.

 That is enough for today."

 The ears of the enchanted disciple longed for more, lost in his words to be brought back by the silence. 

 "Just the last thing."


"How did Jace become omniscient?"

"They pay me in kind for preaching. You know, even I don't know. Inherited from dad, maybe? Or just gained it for you?" The consequence of his charisma was always the same. Jacelyn giving a timid smile in addition to an embarrassed eye-roll. And Jace chuckled, concealing his sunlit eyes with lids, nodding in disapproval, always.

"What is holding you back from enlightenment?"

"Jacelyn, enlightened don't need to practice penance below some tree. My hair give enough halo.

 Referring to the typical Sanyasa enlightenment, that's a queue. Don't you think that walking away from this eternal, heavenly love, will furthermore endarken me? And I need to take care of dad in old age, and can't give up on my combats. End of discussion." he said and landed his feet on the floor. 

"Going for a run." he turned at the entrance, feet leaping forward. Inertia had the front towards her. 

"Will join you in five."

 The milieu was beyond her insight. Jace was feeding some birds calmly floating in the pond. Had it been regular birds, or even pelicans or eagles, most to vultures, paramount pterodactyls could she expect. She was more shocked than amused.

"I can understand that you hate ducks, but to feed them gunpowder is cruel." She sat next to him, mimicking his cross-legged posture. 

"Peanut powder." He laughed. Making Jace laugh was a matter of pride in itself. 

"You should be sober at daytime."

"I had a crater full of peanuts, and my enemies deserve some too." He said as he slightly stroke the head of a small duckling with three of his fingers. 

"And they are safe for them?"

"That is why they are ground. And I still hate peanuts. And will not eat them, unless the ingredients are peanuts, roasted with long speeches on nutrition, and nourished with a plethora of love, by Lynlyn." Lynlyn was a locution of mockery for Jacelyn. "And I also tested them on Alec." Alec was his confidant since infancy.

"Let's go home now?" She finally said as she saw a duck waddling towards him. His movement was brisk enough for her to declare it superficial. He walked apace and ultimately had to slow down for Jacelyn to catch up. 

"Yeah sure." he said. "Ducks are scary. Let's go home before they start serving Jace in their diner."

October 10, 2019 03:59

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