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(Otherwise known within esoteric circles as pop's slop Potchki pastiche thicker than Pudd'nhead Wilson).

Analogous to a baby suddenly aware with inquisitiveness, puzzlement, unbridled world wide webbed wonderment regarding his immediate physical world for the first time, I too felt (not ironically enough) silenced, slack jawed, and spellbound upon initial lifetime behind bars. Youngest ever locked up prisoner released after being sequestered away in solitary confinement (consequent being conceived inside uterus teen mom prior to her mistaken arrest) prior to former prenatally cared for infant since conception within prospective mother also latter Seventh Day Adventist. Thus recently implemented legislation emphatically stated, neither life of unborn child (within the uterus), nor newly minted mother could not be jeopardized lest mayhem would give Bedlam run for money and steep competition to boot. Slipshod gordian (otherwise known as fallopian tube) looped, knotted, and jimmied (by Whittaker) death row conviction decreed more'n half a century ago predicated, prejudiced, prereleased with untimely questionable (mostly damning, incriminating, obliging dame in family way) i.e. pregnant quite evident while in utero destined and bound behind bars. Mother dearest birthed finicky, gangly healthy boy while she got incarcerated violently shanghaied into criminal lifestyle. She got fingerprinted while heavily sedated for first degree manslaughter (purported father of little boy) despite absent body of corpse (dissimilar to habeas corpus), thus necessitating allowing, enabling, and providing emotional, physical, and spiritual succor to her newborn. He who did not get named Voldemort (nor any other character from Harry Potter voluminous saga rivaling Tales of Gilgamesh subsequently could not be separated without creating ear splitting wailing ruckus constituting unusual reedsy challenging situation involving momma and her beautiful baby. Finally after offspring expended his existence inextricably barred, a great hoopla occurred when guilty party pooper unequivocally, inextricably, biologically linkedin attaining arbitrary legal age of eighteen, the original death row (if spoken fast sounds like Jethro) tolled sentence. Quite complex head office (spoken rapidly mistaken for edifice), more so upon head and shoulders - with more tangles than Abby Normal brain of Frankenstein. Now be so kind and skein knee up to me and think about untying bajillion dreadlocks to approximating locating exit stage door left Möbius strip not very helpful analogy. What nasty, short and brutish circumstances sported quite admirably, managed impeccably, foisted unfairly courtesy series of unfortunate events (think Lemony Snicket, or don't, I really couldn't care less, the mere peanuts paid for this writing contest) upon fountainhead borne by female parent, yukon lichen to Atlas shrugged. Both first time jailbait mom plus grown son simultaneously released injustice regarding being imprisoned until thee end of time. Said (unexpected heroine), not addicted to heroin received best birthday and/or holiday gift ever when latest jury awarded monetary reparations, plus expressed sympathy, nobility, generosity, et cetera her tortured harsh gaol ling existence commuted to null and void courtesy forensic science, and earning and strong as Samson son book and made for television rights, who undertook unexpectedly received gratitude donned incognito as Mother Earth abused, shackled, violated, et cetera. While trumpeting climate change (invited to join bandwagon by none other than Greta Thunberg, a diminutive gal, whose vibrant words of urgency reverberated around the globe. More foolproof analysis involving forensic science plays significant role on cusp of second decade into twenty first century. Forensic scientists comprise one of the most invaluably important illustrious aspects of criminal investigation. The aforementioned playing field of forensic science draws from numbers of scientific branches, including physics, chemistry, and biology, with its focus being on the recognition, identification, and evaluation of physical evidence. Said latest revolutionary strategy war applied toward wrongful conviction. Said wrongful conviction definition defined as conviction of a person accused of a crime which, in the result of subsequent investigation, proves erroneous. Persons who are in fact innocent but who have been wrongly accused, convicted and jailed by a jury or other court of law.

Apropos to analogy of caves (see Plato's Republic) both strapping grown lad in tandem with beatific babe (temporary role reversal, whereby offspring serves as protective parent, while young mother mid wifed into respective recipient receiving tender loving care), whereby each with absolute zero objection relied on the other for emotional, mental, physical and spiritual support. As iterated with opening sentence both unfairly sequestered for so long, that neither knew intangible appurtenances to function within so called (or soak halled) societal behavior. Either one emergent out protracted unnaturally prolonged very restricted imperfectly squared off helluva cell block. Similar to Plato's chained victims, whereby the cave ala prison represents superficial physical reality. ... The chains prevent prisoners from leaving cave i.e. dark dismal dungeon like getup represent trapped in ignorance, cuz thee dang chains stop them from learning truth. Similar to this aspiring scrivener, I too wrestle with encumbrances that disallowed healthy development as details described as communicated courtesy second person singular.

Though not jailed in the true sense of the word, he endured three score years of solitary confinement. Thick cement walls topped with razor wire no match against invisible barricade. Though unnamed subject imprisoned since birth, the option to exit never exercised. No high crimes nor misdemeanors ever committed, nonetheless blistering, lacerating, withering psychological punishment larded out. Fear to challenge comfort zones nsync with subsequent, (albeit debilitating panic attacks) served as analogous electric fence. Appellation as momma's boy, the middle offspring and singular male progeny would be an understatement. His passive demeanor ideally matched domineering mother, who purportedly meant no unconditional obedience, nor unfair, asked, or unlegislated age appropriate demands. She rarely seemed cognizant imposing marshall (mathers) law, and a sneaky supposition (assessing retrospectively courtesy hindsight - always twenty/twenty), her genuine sum mothering love linkedin with passive persona pinioned perfect mortise and tenon metaphorical fit. When just a wee lad, he evinced happy go lucky foot loose and fancy free characteristics. Indestructible foundation regarding inescapable impenetrable palpable, (not visible) barrier secured upon advent of quite quiet boy quantum leaps greater than being shy. Née socially withdrawn more accurately, closely, and emphatically describes an exceptionally profound social dissociation, particularly among guys and gals, peers, fellow classmates, et cetera born within baby boomer generation. Aversion to commingle, flirt, interact... with school age kids, whether elementary my dear Watson, junior, senior, and even countless college campuses he attended. Barriers to fuel friendships, fraternize, familiarize, et cetera in short order figuratively cooked his goose, yes obviously before he came vegetarian. No surprise, incessant, implacable, and inordinate verbal brickbats figuratively fell upon his undersize (height and weight wise) challenged physical self. Deficient with musculature might in tandem with absent defensive reflexes, thus lent himself as pitch perfect token baa baa baa (no kidding) "scapegoat."

Reluctance arose when he gently nudged courtesy elder and younger sibling (both non twisted sisters), genuine affirmations got securely grafted upon his every fiber and sinew. Hesitation venturing even small number of odd steps engendered immediate (ohm aye dog) resistance. Far back as he truly can remember (for example learning abc's and 1,2,3's) seemed accompanied with palpable doubt. Inferiority complex an understatement doggedly nipping at figurative (once again) heels of his truly. No shortage of positive words spoken o behalf of family, friends, Romans... during crucial formative years, yet even before the age of ten, he felt smarted with worthlessness. Such hardened sentiment and abysmal abomination regarding his very existence (cue absent faith no more) undermined potential success toward self. Failure actually became fulfilled prophecy. Abnegation, years into prepubescence linkedin emasculation, begat full blown ostracization, (no idea till just now such word existed). Unsure what precipitated (trumping, reigning, pummeling...) psyche with what a raw recruit (particularly Marines and Army versus Air Force, Coast Guard, and Navy) would endure. Just as an aside. The Marines boast longest and toughest basic training, at thirteen weeks long with more than seventy “training days” in a period of twelve weeks. Deep irrevocable messages discouraged ambition. Inadequacy triumphed against ordinary efforts to prove, rather test strength of character, mettle (not very heavy), worthiness, et cetera. Every endeavor provoked an automatic reflex to compare any feeble innate talent with most gifted student. Lame (if any) effort got made to disprove lack of skill within most every subject, plus lunch and recess. Absolute zero supportive services prevailed (more than a half century ago) to assess, diagnose, identify, qualify/quantify, or zero in on behavioral maladies. How blissful, cathartic, fantastic, kinetic la de da... therapeutic to witness profound manifestations resultant involving his youngest of deux darling daughters, now grown with greater stock of emotional, mental, physical, social, cetera bonding more than himself at approximately same age. Unlike his truly developmental delay evinced within her first year after birth activated intervention at home plus (when she attended preschool) totally subsidized predicated as needs based services. Analogous to total mortal kombat, she throve as finds her papa (him) overjoyed her impressionable most vulnerable life stages exempted bullying, (not tolerated within Lower Merion school district), nor witnessing his precious progeny descending into hopelessness triggering metaphorical internal tectonic cataclysms. Yes, a quasistellar vicarious zealousness, (albeit peppered with understandable enviousness) arose that necessitates gratitude. Extensive needs based resources offered and paid for courtesy Medicare/Access hubble reedsy out of this world (widely webbed) wrought wonderful wish wool worth more than fine spun gold.

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