The Land of Fairytales: The Tooth Fairy Gets Lost

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Bedtime Drama Fiction



Easton stood on a rooftop and peered at what looked like a million little lights. He scratched his head. How had he landed at the wrong house again? Father would be so disappointed in him. Easton felt like a failure. He leaned back against the chimney and studied the map Father had given him during training.

Jack’s first lost tooth was due at Pearl’s Refinery by sunrise, or the magic power needed to keep the Land of Fairytales alive would disappear.

This was Easton’s first assignment as a tooth fairy, the same position Avery, his father, held for decades. His father was the best tooth fairy in centuries, highly respected by the Land of Fairytales’ citizens.

Closing his eyes, Easton tried to recall his mistake. He’d flown north for half an hour then shifted east. He was in the correct town, but this street map was confusing. Should he take Main or First Street to reach Banks Boulevard? When he opened his eyes, Peter stood beside him.

“Peter, how’d you get here?” Easton asked.

“How else? I hopped,” Peter answered.

“You’re not on duty until Easter,” Easton said.

“I have responsibilities besides Easter,” Peter replied.

“Like what?” Easton asked.

“You have so much to learn.” Peter shook his head.

“Like how to read this map to find Jack’s house,” Easton said.

“I go every Easter. Take Main Street to First Avenue, then left on Banks Boulevard. Jack’s house is third on the right,” Peter said.

“Thanks.” Easton flew towards Main Street.

At the corner of Main and First Street, he noticed bright lights in the distance. He recalled his father describing Krampus, Dracula, and the Big Bad Wolf, but this didn’t fit those descriptions. Gathering his courage, Easton flew towards the lights.

“There’s Easton,” Santa said.

“Is that Santa?” Easton asked.

“It’s the reindeer and me,” Santa replied.

“Christmas is months away,” Easton said.

“We have responsibilities besides Christmas,” Santa explained.

“Like what?” Easton asked.

Santa chuckled. “You have so much to learn.”

“Are you headed to the North Pole?” Easton asked.

“The sleigh is broken, and without the maintenance elves, our situation isn’t good,” Santa said.

Easton studied the sleigh. “If we tighten this bracket, I’m certain the sleigh will work.”

Reaching onto the sleigh, Santa revealed a red tool bag. “I never go out unprepared.”

Easton rummaged through the bag, located the perfect wrench, and in no time, he’d fixed Santa’s sleigh.

The reindeer exclaimed, “Thanks, Easton.”

“You’re welcome.” Easton glanced at his watch. “But now I’ve forgotten the way to Jack’s house.”

“We go there every Christmas,” Santa said. “Follow First Avenue. You’ll see Banks Boulevard. Jack’s house is third on the right.”

“The magic power in Jack’s tooth disappears at sunrise.”

“We’ll give you a ride.” Santa hopped on the sleigh.

Riding with Santa was an honor. Only the most prestigious citizens ever rode in the magical sleigh.

“Any closer, and we’ll confuse the children. Fly straight down. You’ll land at Jack’s house.”

Easton waved and flew straight down, landing in Jack’s backyard.

Easton tiptoed down the hallway. While Jack slept, he slipped his hand under the pillow, found the special tooth, and replaced it with shiny coins before heading out.

A storm brewed towards the south, moving towards the Land of Fairytales. Easton hoped to beat the storm home.

Easton’s wings were heavy as the wind blew against his back. When Easton checked his pocket, the tooth fell out and drifted down.

The land below was covered with tall oaks and pines. Easton feared he’d lost Jack’s tooth. He flew down in search of the tooth, but a white flash zipped past and dropped the tooth in his pocket before he reached the land.

“Stork, is that you?” Easton asked.

“Yes. Now, hurry home,” Stork replied.

“I thought you only delivered babies,” Easton said.

“You have so much to learn.” Stork flew away and disappeared.

Mustering all his strength, Easton tried to fly home, but he couldn’t go anywhere.

Easton’s eyes welled with tears.

“Don’t cry.” A woman dressed in flowers appeared beside him.

“Mother Nature? Is that you?” Easton asked.

“I calmed the storm, so you’d get home by sunrise,” Mother Nature answered.

“You only handle the weather for humans,” Easton said.

“You have so much to learn.” Mother Nature disappeared in the sky.

Easton sped home faster than ever.

When he entered Pearl’s Refinery, he thought he’d arrived in time, but Pearl greeted him frowning.

“You’re late,” Pearl scolded.

When Easton removed the tooth from his pocket, the tooth once bright with power now dimly flickered. “Surely, there’s still power.”

“The decision belongs to the Land of Fairytales’ board of commissioners waiting next door,” Pearl said.

He’d heard rumors of the board of commissioners, the elders in the Land of Fairytales, who made the important decisions.

With his head down, Easton opened the door. He missed sunrise by nearly a minute. He disappointed everyone, especially Father. Easton placed the dimly lit tooth on the board of commissioners’ table.

“He’s not ready.” Father Time’s deep voice bellowed out.

Mother Goose peered over her glasses. “He needs more time to study the books.”

“Avery should provide the boy more training.” Peter Pan said.

Easton’s face blushed in embarrassment. A dozen of the Land of Fairytales’ elders discussed his failure.

“The boy’s simply not ready.” Gingerbread Man shook his finger.

Santa cleared his throat. “Easton isn’t a boy. He understands his responsibilities. Though he was late for his special task, when Easton found us stranded, he took the time to repair the sleigh and rescued the reindeer and me. Easton understands the Land of Fairytales’ most important assignment―helping one another.”

“No more chattering.” Cupid stood, raising an arm. “Let’s vote.”

Easton squeezed his eyes shut while the elders voted.

“All who vote nay, raise your hand.” Cupid paused. “Now, all who vote yay, raise your hand.”

When Easton opened his eyes, the once dimly lit tooth on the table now glowed with magic power.

Easton stood proudly as Santa made the announcement. The Land of Fairytales’ board of commissioners named Easton the official tooth fairy for the world.

November 06, 2022 21:41

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Stevie Burges
09:32 Nov 07, 2022

I thoroughly enjoyed this story, it was well written and kept bouncing along.


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Marty B
04:08 Nov 17, 2022

I liked the story! IMO, the 2nd paragraph, 'Jack’s first lost tooth...' would have been a great first line- it would have set the stakes to drive the story.


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Delbert Griffith
09:13 Nov 10, 2022

I really like your fairytale stories. They all have something to say. And I have so much to learn...


Melony Beard
11:23 Nov 10, 2022

Thank you so much. I really appreciate you reading them. I know they are quite different than most stories posted here, but I love to write them. It brings me a lot of happiness.


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AnneMarie Miles
16:28 Nov 08, 2022

Oh wow, this was a sweet retreat. Brought me right back into childhood. You could make this into a children's book! The repetitive "you have so much to learn" makes a classic children's book hook. I enjoyed this so much. I'd been wanting to go into a little fantastical space in my writing lately and you've inspired me to consider it again. Thanks for this delightful read! It was a smooth, feel-good and easy story.


Melony Beard
18:55 Nov 08, 2022

Thank you so much! I'm actually in the process of working on one childrens book now. Should be published in a few weeks. I also had this story in mind for one later down the road


AnneMarie Miles
19:02 Nov 08, 2022

Congratulations! I have long since wanted to write a children's book. It is still on my bucket list. You clearly have a talent for it. Be sure to put a link to it in your bio when it's published. I have a little one who loves books! 😊


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Mike Panasitti
21:33 Nov 07, 2022

This story did not skip a beat. I'm usually not game for fairy tale fiction, but I was able to empathize with Easton's struggle every step of the way.


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