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Sunlight sparkled, dancing on the smooth glass of the surface of the water. The day was warm to warmer. My 3 children frolicked in the ocean, amongst the reef and sandy areas. The scene was beautiful. There was no camera available, and if there had been, with my level of clumsiness, I would have dropped it in the ocean.

I stilled my mind, opening my eyes as full as I could. I memorized, within seconds each and every part of the vista. As I did this, I closed my mouth, breathing in deep, the scent of the clean, clear ocean. I took a memory photograph in my mind.

It is as clear today, 20 years later, as it is the day that I took it. All the physical photographs I have taken in my life, have been confiscated and eradicated by my enemies, who lied to my children. It's why I have not seen them in 19 years.

This photograph has been a source of great happiness for me because along with the image I took of my mind, the smell of the ocean is a memory of the emotion as well. It was a rare time in my life when I wasn't being trafficked for sex by a pathological narcissist or having to protect my children from the plethora of predators that were attracted to the energy like the flies they are.

I'm sitting here, struggling, trying to figure out how on earth I can add another 750 words to this story. As usual, I have labeled it as fiction, but there is more truth in my fiction than there is in the news.

My children would be in their 20's or maybe even 30's by now. I've lost track of time. When I had to give them up, I faced lies from the people closest to me. Those who were supposed to help me stabbed me in the back. I am sure if I ever see any of those snakes again, it will only be for them to retrieve their knives so they can plunge them deeper.

Where I was when I lost my children is not where I am now. I was raped, by the local police, drugged up by them, and trafficked for sex through people they had arranged to get close to me. The authorities who did this to me then used this excuse to relieve me of my children. 2 of my children went on to the narcissistic husband, who also trafficked me when I had been with him, along with him beating me often, and the other one went to live with a government-enabled pedophile.

As for me, I was left on my own, to fend for myself, kept on drugs for more than 15 years, and raped and used incessantly for sex, along with beatings more often than I care. It has left me with mobility issues, pain, and severe osteoarthritis.

I fought my way out of their control. The perps still hang about like a shit you forgot to wipe that gets stuck to your arse-hair. I released my drug addiction, one drug at a time, on my own, while fighting liars and snakes trying to keep me on the stuff, in order to control me.

The network I speak of is run by the police, well the Freemasons, really, who use the police, along with thugs and everyday people, to traffic men, women and children. They started on me when I was under 5.

People keep telling me all the time that the slaves are freed and that trafficking is banned. This is great, but in the next breath, they will use the words that used to work on me, to try and use a covert form of Neural Linguistic Malware to traffic me.

Since I became illuminated (not the fake Illuminati light), but the real, spiritual light of Jesus Christ, my mind changed. Jesus stepped in and released the bonds of mind control. It was hard, to begin with, but now, these people have no power in or over my mind.

I don't get angry. I don't hold grudges. I don't need to. It's not how God wants me to spend my spiritual energy. If I give negative energy to the perpetrators, it is taking the energy from God, which is where it belongs, if anyone or any part of this nightmare world is to be salvaged.

I don't care if people believe me. If people don't believe me, it doesn't make what I say any less true. A fact does not need belief to be real, only a falsehood does. I know when I come across falsehoods now because they do their best to repeat themselves over and over in order to convince me they are real.

I hope someone who reads this, about a mother's heartbreak and anguish, understands that they are in a position to bring about change and end the traffic program for others in this world. Children should be allowed to be children and not forced into sex for any reason.

Yes, for me to be trafficked at that age they had to have my family's permission and my family got paid very well. My energy paid for their lush lives and I have never received gratitude from any of them for this.

People need to start saying no to this white slavery of the Freemasons. It isn't right to swindle a child out of their future and then punish them for the wrong that someone else did.

God will hold my family accountable upstairs. God will hold my enemies accountable too. There will be as much mercy for them as they demonstrated to me.

Now, I will never have sex again, nor will I ever be able to formulate a relationship with anyone, because everyone seems keen to do me over for personal gain. I am grateful for the love of Jesus in my heart that I do not hate. For it is that, which helps me remain free.

So, I will finish this story, by once again, taking that beautiful memory photo, turning it over in my mind, and wish that my children would come to seek me so that they could find out about me from me and not the narcissists who delight in lying about me. But maybe, if they aren't seeking me, they aren't my kids and my genetics weren't strong enough to pass on to them to be good people and seek the truth.

I shall put that photo away now, and never look at it again.

May 01, 2022 03:58

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