my shadow disappearing as the moon come up. Casting dark upon the park i was standing here. It had once been a new park, a bright and sunny day with the fountain flowing, but now, the fountain crumbling and dry, the grass stepped on countless times, now muddy and yellow. then i felt a drop, figures its always raining when i go out. Running home raindrops pelting hard on my hood then sliding off the side of my face. I tugged the front door and stepped home. Closing the door my grandma asked “ Oh you’re home Isaac do you want some porridge” refusing politely i went to my room in the basement and slammed the door. Years back before i had been able to convince my mum to allow me to live in the basement. We had moved my bedroom tv, sofa, fridge, microwave and bed downstairs. Collapsing on the sofa. Suddenly the door burst open my mum going down the stairs. “Isaac we need to go to the doctors, i dont feel well again.” “Mum, face it you never feel well and i doubt ibuprofen would be any help with your illness.” “JUST, DRIVE ME OKAY.” Hastily i agreed, though in my mind i knew that she would always be sick, she was weak ‘you are weak mum.’ I whispered as soon as she closed my door. I followed her to the car. We drove in silence when she said ‘Thank you for driving me to the doctors Isaac.’ “No problem mum, just wanted to help you now your all old and weak.” ‘What did you say to me’ “oh you know you can’t walk or do anything anymore” coughing half way my mum says ‘Isaac you and i are going to have a talk after my appointment later’ “What you are blaming this on me mum, you are the one who got herself drunk and almost died, you are the one who is injured and sick it’s not my fault so dont make it mine.” Suddenly my mum cried ‘ ISAAC KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE ROAD!’ I heard a honk and everything was pitch black. When I woke i heard beeping and low chatter. I looked around. I was on a white bed, my mum was next to me her eyes wide open, the memory of what happened before washed back to me. My heart pounded i tried to get up but I couldn’t. Looking down at my frozen arms and legs i almost cried in shock. i could see the bone popping out from my ankle and my arms were bruised blood oozing from my hands. i looked at myself through the mirror, my eyes blood red, my nose looked crooked, i had swollen lips and my once smooth hair was now shaggy and messy. ‘Ah, i see you woke up, my name is Dr Birgle. i wouldn’t try to walk if I were you.’ he says catching me attempting to stand. ‘ i have been sent to look after you, a few notices first of all yes i know you can see that your mum has died, its sad i know, you have also been in a coma for a few weeks and missed her funeral. Oh yes cant forget to mention you wont be able to interact with anything physical due to your injuries.’ i stopped listening because i felt pain my leg twanging and my head throbbing. Then Dr Birgle left. Finally, i had thought to myself. That night i had nightmares. Of what i had said to my mum the night we crashed my last words i replayed them in my head. ‘You are the one who got herself drunk and almost died, you are the one who is sick and injured it’s not my fault so don’t make it mine.’ But her death was my fault my heart was in guilt and regret. I sat up my arms and leg still bursting with pain. after the flashback, i couldn’t sleep knowing what i had done. When i finally came home my grandma gave me a hug. I went to my room and microwaved some Food. limping through the park i sat on the large bench i would always sit with mum years ago before she got ill. we would talk about my future schools and she would always buy me ice cream, then after she was diagnosed with cancer everything turned dark. She was another person, she looked sick her skin always so pale, never ate the only time we talked was when she needed something like a ride to somewhere. Tears flowed down my face as i remember what we had did together, i waited for the rain to come and cry with me but it never came instead i watched as the autumn crispy leaves flew down from the tree and landed on the grass. ‘Uh hi, who are you and why are you crying.’ I had been so in my thoughts I hadn’t realised that a young girl My age had sat next to me. ‘Hi my name is Isaac I’m crying because my mum and i had recently been in a car crash and she wasn’t able to survive it being her second one so I’m not really that happy.’ I replied “well I’m sorry to hear about your mum the same thing happened to my sister except she was taken away by a shadowy person, my name is Ashlyn.’ we talked about our dead loved ones i told her about how i have always wanted my mum to heal from her cancer , how sweet she was before and all about the sport matches i had been Watching. ‘So turns out i was wrong about the bet that Treesfolk would win the match instead Brickswell made a comeback winning 5 t...’ ‘the young couple watch the sun set and the leaves falling while twirling in delight and love, oh sorry did I interrupt you i was just thinking of the new book I’m planning to write.’ I would usually feel annoyed but i felt enlightened, during my pause of sports and activities i had been taking a liking to making books, one day i plan having the courage to publish them. Smiling i reply‘no its no problem Ashlyn, please read me one of your stories.’ She smiles back as we go through each of her work i compliment her art in literature compared to my fantasies she was amazing. i was born in light then dark had dawned on me but i guess now i have found my light again

May 04, 2021 15:36

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