Love Spell

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Contemporary Lesbian

The moon is full and fat. They say it’s a supermoon tonight. When the moon is full it is a time for abundance and to bring what you want in. Bring a desire to fruition during a full moon. 

The clearing is lush and the grass is soft. The smell of pine and earth fill the air. With the moon so full and fat and close, it’s almost as bright as daylight. Cicadas sing their songs in the surrounding trees and the breeze is soft and warm. Night creatures are stirring nearby in the woods as twigs snap and bats flutter past, and an owl makes a lonely cry out. 

Sitting on a blanket in front of a tree stump, McKenna lays a patterned cloth over the stump. Candles are set up and slowly lit one after the other. White, for protection. Pink for love. Red for passion. Crystals are laid out next. Clear quartz for amplification. Rose quartz for love. 

It has been a month since her love had left. Walked a way and closed the door. A month since she waited for the return of love in her life. 

She lights the sage the bundle in front of her. The smell of burning sage mingles with the earth and pine. 

McKenna looks to the moon and asks the Mother Goddess to return her love to her. Bring her back. 

The breeze wraps itself around her warm, like her lost love’s caress. 

It’s been a month since anyone has touched her. This breeze warm, and gentle causes a stir and a longing- a reminder of how unloved she’s been. 

She pictures the love she lost. She pictures the long eyelashes and soft lips and the hands that once touched her with softness and tenderness. 

She sets the picture of love on the stump next to the candles. 

Reunite us. Bring this love back to me. She sends her will up to the moon and closes her eyes to seal her plea. Her arms wrap around herself. Remembering what it felt like to be wrapped in her arms. The arms she misses so much. 

McKenna’s eyes open and plead with the moon. Her silent partner in this night ritual. Hear me. Bring her back to me. 

She reaches into her satchel and brings out the herbs she carefully packed. Cinnamon, clove, and her plea carefully penned onto dried bay leaves. 

She makes a small fire on her tree stump and casts the herbs into the flames. Their fragrance adding to the smell of sage, pine, and earth- now sweetened by cinnamon and clove. The bay leaves pop and snap in the red orange flames sending sparks up in a swirl of smoke. 

She begs the smoke of the herbs dancing around her and raising to the moon- to carry with it her desperate plea of a reunion. Bring her back to me. Give me another chance. Let her always remember the love I have for her. 

The wind stirs once again. Enveloping her in the warmth of a summer night, so much like what it felt like to be in the embrace of her lost love. 

She looks again to the moon and wonders if she is looking at it tonight- missing her, too. Where is she tonight? Who is she with? Will she pause in whatever it is she is doing at this very moment and think about us? Remember us? Miss us? 

A twig snaps in the distance under the weight of another night time creature out there. A creature who is also relying on the moon to guide it. Another lonely cry from the owl somewhere in the surrounding woods. 

She sets the bundle of crow feathers with her plea tied with a pink ribbon around them on her makeshift tree stump altar. 

As I will it so mote it be. She begs the Mother Goddess in her image as the full supermoon above her. Bring her back to me. Bring her back to me, my love, my life, bring her back to me as I will it so mote it be. She chants it in her head, in her heart, in her soul and quietly from her lips. 

She feels this plea from her bones through her core and sends it up with the burning smoke of the herbs and the flames of the candles lit in front of her. 

Hear me. Feel me. I know you are out there. Look up at this moon and remember me. Miss me like I miss you. I know you are out there. Find me. 

Another snap of a twig in the woods. The rustle of branches and dead leaves on the floor. A small bunny bounds past the makeshift altar. 

Night creatures who are evading their daytime predators are alive all around her. Making their way and foraging. Finding what they need. She needs her. She needs to hear her voice in her ears, feel her hands on her body again. Feel her breath on her skin. 

Bring her back to me. 

Another snap of a twig in the forest. The sound of footsteps coming closer. 

I miss you so much. Come back to me. Love me again. Let me hear again, my name on her lips. 

Snap and rustle more movement in the woods around her, and a pop of the herbs in the small fire on the altar. 

A small tear slips down her cheek. Come back to me. Wherever you are, find me. Mother Goddess, bring her to me. Let her find her way to me. 

The warm wind rustles, and the twigs snap rhythmically with the steps of another. 

McKenna looks up the path leading to the clearing. 

The breeze shifts from a warm caress to a biting chill. Cold fingers touch the back of her neck. 

The fire on her altar has snuffed out and the chilled breeze takes the flame of her candles with it. 

She turns and sees her. Her love. Pale, and cold standing there in the darkness of the clearing. 

“I’m here. You asked of me to be here. I came for you.” 

“Will you take me with you?” 

“One day. But not today.” 

“Will I ever feel love again?”

“One day, when you are ready to let it in again.”

“Will we ever be together again?”

“One day. But not today.” 

“Do you still love me?”


“What am I supposed to do without you?” 


“Will you bring me another love? I’m so lost without you.”

“Let me go, and another will come. Release me.”

“I can’t.” 

“Release me. Let me rest.”

“I can’t.”

“Until you do, there will be no other.” 

“I want you, only you.” 

“You can’t have me. I’m gone.”

“Take me with you, then.” 

“No. One day. Not today.” 

“If I let you go, will I find you again?” 

“Yes. One day. Not today.” 

“If I let you go, will you know that I loved you?”

“I could never forget.” 

“Will I know love again?” 

“One day. Not today. But soon.”

McKenna grabs her cold hands in her own. Lacing her fingers one last time. Cold lips brush against her own warm pink ones. 

“I release you. I ask you, never forget my love for you. Bring me a new earthly love. I release you. And ask that you send me someone who will love me as you did. As I loved you. And when my time comes, be here for me.”

“As you will it, so mote it be.” 

She’s gone, the clearing is dark and McKenna sits alone and cold in the dark of the clearing. Looking up at the fullness of the moon. 

July 01, 2023 13:06

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Kathy Casteel
14:59 Jul 13, 2023

this is a very touching story and very unique. I love the chanting or incantation. I would be careful of repetition in your writing unless you are doing that to create a trance-like state. An example would be describing the moon as "full and fat", twice in close succession. Also there are some small edits that need to happen through out but if you are like me you write fast as the story just flows from you. In the 4th paragraph edit "a way" to "away." Just one example in a well written story.


Marisa Billions
14:38 Jul 14, 2023

Excellent feedback. Thank you! I appreciate it!


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Marianna Misko
01:54 Jul 02, 2023

As I will it, so mote it be ~ As you will it so mote it be~ I know those words well. Marisa, described the Ritual of Love perfectly, I could even smell the earth and herbs so clearly. Yet I had no clue her love was dead. Seamless ~


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