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Romance American Drama

'No, mother. I am not at that stage of my life,' said Ron to his mother.

'I know that son. No one is ready to take their biggest step in life. Ask your father about that. He was also shying away from this. Am I right?' said Ron's mom. She turned towards her husband and asked him again, this time with a louder voice.

'Am I right?' 

Ron's father calmly nodded his head in affirmation. 

'Tell your son.'

Ron's father switched his attention from the TV screen and said,' Son, whatever your mom is saying is true. Because after marriage, your wife is always right. And if you think that somehow she is on the wrong side, don't tell her. And if by chance you do point that out, immediately apologize to her and say that she is right and it is your mistake to think that she was wrong.'

Ron's mother was smiling on receiving the much-needed and always granted support from her husband. 

Ron was smiling because he caught the sarcasm behind that support.

After ten to twenty minutes of light discussion, Ron agreed.

Ron agreed to meet the girl that was going to be his wife. He did not believe in an arranged marriage, but his life had all the things sorted out for him. 

Here, Jane was also resisting meeting her future husband. Jane's parents also gave their cent percent to convince their beloved daughter to meet her future husband. Jane was not so fond of arranged marriage, but she agreed to meet the boy on one condition. They would value her decision, and it will be final. The parents were so keen to fix their meeting that they agreed to their beloved daughter's condition. The parents set the meeting, and the destination was the commonplace that bears witness to many modern love stories, often starting with love at first sight. 

Ron was about to sleep, but one task was pending, and he was not so keen on doing that. That task was to say good night to the girl that he was in love with. Ron was confident that he would marry that girl. Ron would spend the rest of his life with her. She was Ron's soulmate. But Ron was afraid to share this news with their parents. That is why Ron agreed to meet that girl that their parents thought would be the best fit for Ron. 

Ron always wished good night to his lover and indirectly sought permission to sleep. Tonight, he was not so keen on doing that. 

He summoned the courage and typed goodnight on their favorite chat app. 

'Good Night, my love.' Ron typed and placed the phone next to his head on the bed. He was about to close his eyes when the phone chimed. 

It was her message. Ron was surprised to read 'Hi' instead of 'Good Night.' It meant that she wanted to talk. 

He recorded a voice message saying 'Hi' with a lot of sighs in the end. He also typed 'Hi...' and sent it to his soulmate. 

'Why your Hi is like that of a depressed Ross from FRIENDS?'

'The news that you are about to hear is also filled with depression.'

'Then share it quickly because mine is also on a similar note.'

'I am going to meet a girl. My mother found her via some common family friends and she is insisting on meeting her. So, to keep my parents happy, especially your mother-in-law happy, I am going to meet her tomorrow.'

'Really, I am proud of you mamma's boy. But what will you say to that girl?'

'I will tell her the truth. I am in love with someone and I am going to marry her.'

'How rude of you my love. Can't you be more polite?' asked Ron's soulmate to love.

'How gentle can it be to outrightly deny someone their marriage proposal?'

'The boy I know that I fell in love with will figure out a way because he is the nicest of the gentlemen that I know.'

'Yes, then I think I should bring her flowers and deny her with a ring.'

'Very funny.'

'What was your news that you were going to share with me?'

'Oh yeah, that. It is not different from yours. I am...'

The cursor was blinking as the typer left the chat screen without bidding adieu. Ron and his soulmate were chatting on a unique chatting app with multiple features, and that feature made the app more popular. It was a real-time chat that had many features inbuilt, never seen, and never thought of before. 

The app had real-time typing vision where both users can see whatever the other is typing. An added feature included surrounding audio-video capture, that when switched 'ON' would transmit video-audio feed to the user on the other end. This feature made it popular as the person would feel that they are chatting with the other person by sitting near to them. Another feature was the common environment chatting. In this feature, the AI inside the app would identify the ambient sound from the surroundings of both users. Then it would automatically generate a tone from its library to match the voice level of both users to play it along with visuals. It would give an added enhancement to the chat.

Ron's soulmate opted for that feature, and Ron could listen to the audio from his lover's surroundings.

'Get ready to meet that guy. Dress what they asked for, and do not deny him the chance to marry you outrightly. Meet him and then decide, okay? advised her mom. 

'Yes, mom. Now, will you allow me to sleep?'


'Did you listen?' typed Ron's lover on that chat app.

'Destiny is cruel but don't you be cruel to that guy.'

'Yes and you too.'

'Now, will you allow me to sleep?'

'Very funny. Okay, goodnight.' Ron's soulmate typed to acknowledge the sarcasm. 

The next morning, Ron was ready to meet the girl that was about to get rejected. 

'First talk to her and then decide, Okay. And she will be wearing a pink top.'

'Yes, mom. Don't you worry.' saying that Ron left the house and went to the cafe.

When he saw her soulmate wearing the pink top, sitting there and waiting for him, he was more than surprised.

He rushed to her and hugged her. 

'How?' asked Ron

'Simple. I knew that you would not ask and neither my parents will initiate. So, I dialed my aunt who is a common family friend which you knew nothing about and here we are. My aunt and your aunt met at my clinic. They become friends during their treatment and they helped me.'

'That is why you were suggesting me to be gentle.'

'When I heard your 'Hi...' I was delighted. I knew that I found a soulmate who is not interested in meeting anyone other than me.'

'At least, you should have included me in the plan?'

'And miss this fun. The look on your face, when you entered. I will never forget it.'

'So funny of you. Thank you for setting this up.'

They got married. Jane gifted Ron the framed photo of surprised and delighted Ron entering the cafe and seeing Jane in the pink top. 

The entire family saw the gift that had a framed photo of Ron entering the cafe with flowers. Only Ron, Jane, and their aunt knew the real story behind the successful arranged marriage. 

February 17, 2021 09:05

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Elda Du Toit
07:09 Feb 25, 2021

Lovely story! I wish it could be like this for everyone. :-)


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