The Quire Family Heritage

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Fantasy Speculative

Note: Just a random name I selected. I apologise to who it belongs to if you didn't want anyone to use it or if I used it in a way you didn't like. Please let me know if it really bothers you so I can do something about it.

When Lady Elizabeth May Rosewood married Sir Jasper Quire she did not know that she was about to change everything. It started right away once Felix Quire was born. Well, he went off and married Claire Moreau, and they had two children, Lindsay and Nicholas Quire. Lindsay never had children, however Nicholas married a young woman named Quinn and they soon had a baby girl named Maia. Later, she met a man named Richard Alodia, and they had three children. Marcus, Leah, and Eleanor.Β 

What I forgot to mention was that Lady Elizabeth Rosewood carried a gene in her blood from her great-grandfather Lord Maxwell Rosewood that allowed him to see glimpses of the future. This gene was passed all the way down the Quire family line but never shown before it reached Leah. And let's just say that with this gift, Leah Quire was no ordinary child.Β Β 

At first, no one knew what it meant when she saw fire when she looked at her best friend. Or why every time Leah met someone knew she would see all of their future. People figured it out after a while, but maybe it was dangerous! Perhaps she shouldn't be telling anyone their future at all.Β 

Lots of the time people thought she was lying. That she was making things up. But they believed her after she spoke of a virus shutting down the whole world and then it happened. They had to.

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