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“It’s our fifth Anniversary of togetherness,” Mona said with all her attention on Jack. “You had been so hard on me in those initial days, five years ago when I met you for the first time.”

Jack hissed light-heartedly out of his longing heart.

“Indeed!” he said and grinned his fangs eerily. “You must be dead now of what intensity I had attacked you that day. You must be thankful to Mr. Harris to save your life, mustn’t you?”

“Well… I did. I licked his cheeks. I was badly frightened: my heart was badly thudding inside and looked like it would come out at any moment. I hugged him tightly; he pampered me, patted my back, and fed me some cashews. Then I fell asleep in his warmth.”

“I saw it though through the keyhole, and I swear it was outraging for me to have you in front of my eyes munching cashews, whereas I had been closed in the next room as a punishment. I could do nothing except growling. It pissed me off when I realized you’ve been loved most in the family earlier it was me. I found nothing, so I broke the TV and hurt myself.” Jack sniffed, closed his big brown eyes to get over the tormenting story swirling through. “Oh! Mona, I had gone insane. I thought I was going to be dumped.”

“This is how I am. I could make anybody fall in love with me,” she swirled her long tongue in the air as she would lick an ice-cream. “Even look at yourself; you can’t live a day without me. I am as important as oxygen to you, isn’t it?” Jack couldn’t resist his sarcastic smile.

He grunted to himself, “aah... this white bitch again started boasting; she is very irritating, anyway.” She rolled her huge oceanic eyes back to crotchety Jack.

“So you’re pleading not to hear me. So, I’ll not be saying anything that will make you feel overwhelmed.”

“How do you know what I am thinking? You know black magic, don’t you?” he almost came on his feet when he saw her nodding to his question.

“This is how you made me love you? Damn, I didn’t even realize where did all the hatred for you in my heart had gone. You’re a white bitch with azure eyes I knew but a dexterous black magician, my god I didn’t even know.”

“Jack, what I think I should make a gigantic ice-ball of snow and cram it entirely in your mouth, at least you couldn’t speak the filth until it melts, but feel yourself lucky that Mr. Harris has locked the door from outside, and I've no snow, otherwise you would see,” she ranted cutely. Jack wanted to listen and read her lips when she was shouting, moreover he smiled when she said, “not the black-magic, but your big black heart like you became billowy soft. I don’t want to talk to you. You leave no chance in demeaning our sacred love. You always propagate our story in a bad way.”

“I was joking, dear, of course, it was me who proposed you first. I swear to Jesus. I didn’t intend to hurt you. I’d tell you where all my hatred had gone and how the spark of love ignited within me?” he ogled innocently on her black, brown freckles near her flat & chubby nose, her pointy face was cute to look it forever, and so was her delicate brown hairs. “I loathed you because you were never restrained to wander around, and I had been caged because I would lose my temper very easily. You would go basking in the sun with Mr. Harris, but he never bothered to ask me for a single time since you arrived in his life. After Mrs. Harris had gone, I always stood by him and he for me. But—” Jack sucked the sack of air and became red of inner dissatisfaction, and his eyes were blazing with grief.

“Do you remember how uncontrollable you became when I ate the meat of your bowl, you ran behind me to kill? Eventually, you cooled down, and we started our conversation again from the following night,” Mona was longing her past when an unusual sound down the street broke her concentration. “Every time you come to me, no matter where you’re when the thunder strikes and protects me. You’re the reason I found thunder strikes fascinating, albeit the same thing had frightened me the most.”

“Oh... Mona darling, these little, cute activities of yours made me love you. I felt the innocence in your face.”

“Can I ask you something?” Mona urged with diplomacy. “If you loved me, then why did you break my bowl, bed, mirror, and TV in my room, and I was accused of damaging household. The old Mr. Harris cursed me for troubling him so much in this old age.”

“I could tell you, but I thought it wasn’t worth considering. I did it to stop you. Mr. Harris had decided for a month-long vacation, he could take you with him, and I would rot in the hostel. For me it was indigestive the way he favored you and importantly I couldn’t imagine a day without you; I would die missing all your naughtiness, and your lick on my cheeks to refresh me. So—”

“Aww… and eventually he canceled the program just because of you,” Mona grunted. But before she could utter her next word, the cacophony on the door put her off the conversation.

“Mr. Harris is back,” Jack buzzed in merriment.

The door clenched and unlocked Mr. Harris with hunched back, and Scottish cap overhead came in followed by a bald young man. Mona and Jack jumped to bark at the bald man; both couldn’t cooperate with a new face—they needed time to involve.

“I’m sorry to disturb your gossips, babies,” said Mr. Harris in a jolly mood. “This is my guest calm down dude. Keep your love-talks on, I mustn’t have intervened. Let’s go to the next room, Peter.” Peter laughed and accompanied Mr. Harris to the next room. Both the dogs went calm.

“Brown and White like cookies with cream is Pormerian her name is Mona, and the black one is German Shepherd his name is Jack inherited all the aggression of Hitler himself, nay?” Peter laughed exuberantly at the humor of Mr. Harris.

“I love Jack as my son, he is very near to my heart, but my body surpasses the working years—it needs rest now. This old age wants sacrifices. So, I want you to take care of Jack as I did. I will look at Mona; she’s calm, so it would be easy for me to look at her. When I’ll die, take her as well with you, she is sweet.”

As Peter took Jack with him, the pain of separation coming through their eyes as tears. They couldn’t say anything, but barking recklessly. Jack and Mona again wanted to talk through eyes and convey the adieu message, but Mr. Harris snapped Mona between his palm and scampered towards the next room. It was a peculiar decision, but Mr. Harris was thoughtful for Jack.

February 04, 2021 20:19

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Ananya Ojha
17:56 Aug 04, 2022

Jus a word "awesome" ....


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Ann Metlay
02:51 Feb 11, 2021

This is hard to read. You must not e a native English speaker. Your word usage makes me stumble over and over. Like this: Damn, I didn’t even realize where did all the hatred for you in my heart had gone. You’re a white bitch with azure eyes I knew but a dexterous black magician, my god I didn’t even know.” I think you are trying to say: "I didn't realize what happened to the hatred for you that I held in my heart. You're not the white bitch with azure eyes I thought I knew! But I did not know you. Before I can help you with content, I ha...


16:59 Feb 12, 2021

Hey, Ann thank you for putting your efforts on reading my story. It was so thoughtful feedback. I am bit sad that you faced lots of difficulties while reading my story, eventually you left it reading that is highly shameful for me that I couldn't able to hold my reader. Yes, I am not native English speaker my mother tongue is Hindi. Anyway, thanks for you read. PS. If you can, please go through the entire story, end is surprising IMO.


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