American Crime Sad

Jane’s mother came in. Her mother, who worked as a gynaecologist. Their daughter was laying down on her dad’s lap watching a show. While her father was using his phone. 

“Hey,” Regina called. Timothy put his phone away and beamed.

“Hey gorgeous,” Regina and her husband kissed. Regina kissed her daughter on the cheek. 

“Your brother almost killed a patient in the OR today. I had to tell him off. Now, your dad’s telling me off!”

 “Timothy showed his wife the messages between him and her father.

“Just ignore him. I think he’s irked about my brother not getting a job. You and my brother are the same age. You’re already a cardiologist and my brother’s just doing his internship now under you. He’s most probably embarrassed,” she responded, sinking into the chair. 

“Well, that’s too bad that his daughter was just the most beautiful girl in the same class as me in med school,” They both giggled.  Their nine year old daughter glued her eyes on the television. 

“Jane, bed time,” her mother answered, going to bed. 

“No! I don’t want to sleep,” the girl grumbled, her eyes glued to a coyote that was running away from a boulder. 

“We can watch the show tomorrow. Come on, Jane. I want to play the piano as well,” her mother replied, sighing.

“You can play the piano but I don’t want to sleep,” the girl answered her mother. 

“Jane, go. Mummy’s drained. Go be a good girl, Jane,” her father politely said. 

“But Mummy can do what she wants. I just don’t want to sleep,” the girl exclaimed. Timothy brought his wife to one corner. 

“Regina, just let her be. Give her some time. Go play your piano. I will be with her downstairs answering your father,” She laughed. 

“I’ll be down in thirty minutes, doc,” she winked at him while going up the spiral staircase. He winked back at her.   She went into her music room and played the piano for thirty minutes.She looked at the clock thirty minutes had passed. She rushed. Then, she went down. 

“You ready now, Jane?”

“I don’t want to sleep, Mummy please,” the girl replied. 

“Jane, it’s ten thirty.  How about we have a nice warm bath and then sleep?”  her mother answered, tidying the girl’s hair.

“No, I don’t want to go to my room,” 

“Jane, what’s wrong with you? What time are you going to sleep?” her mother yelled. She switched off the television. Timothy was about to say something. 

“ She needs to sleep! No more extensions and that’s it!” The little girl started sobbing. He knew that his wife was ferocious. 

“Regina, she’s equally my daughter. So please use the word our daughter,” 

“There’s something in my room. It came to me last night when you put me to bed,” the girl sobbed.

“Jane, there’s no such thing,” 

“Listen to here, Regina,”

“What is it? Come and tell Daddy,” the girl ran on her father’s lap. Her eyes were full of tears and mucus.

“I was sleeping last night and I saw a woman and child beside my bed. She was there. I’m afraid,” 

“I don’t have time for all this crap!”

“Why can’t you listen to your daughter?

“Stop crying now, Jane. Calm down. Regina, get a glass of water,”

 Regina came with a glass of water with a slice of lemon in it. The girl gulped down the water. 

“Your dad and I can sleep with you tonight. Come on Jane. You’re just imagining. You have school tomorrow,”

“Regina, there’s no need to send her to school tomorrow. She’s not feeling very well,” Regina sat down.

“Can you shower her? I just need to do something in her room,” Timothy carried his daughter upstairs.

“I don’t want to sleep! I don’t want to sleep! Don’t bring me upstairs, Daddy. Daddy,” the girl began sobbing. 

“I’m going to shower you in my bathroom. Jane, stop crying now. You’re going to get a fever,” He brought her to the bedroom that he shared with his wife. She entered the bathtub. 

“I'll be back in a bit,” Her father left the bathroom. His wife was downstairs preparing a warm soup. All of a sudden, they heard their daughter screaming. They both ran up leaving the soup to boil. She was in the bathtub. Her head was submerged inside and her legs were moving frantically. Her dad immediately carried her out and wrapped her around a towel. She coughed, sneezed and sobbed. 

“The woman’s son pulled me down. I don’t want to sleep,” She continued crying. All of a sudden Regina’s father called. 

“Dad, I don’t have time to hear you gossiping about my husband. Peter is just careless.Don’t expect Timothy to treat him like a child,” Regina yelled. After a few moments, Timothy came.Regina was covered in tears.   

“Regina, calm down. There’s nothing to worry about. I’m here with Jane and you. Stop crying,” Regina’s father heard what his son in law answered.

“Hey, the guy who is  trying to be a loving husband to my daughter!” the man yelled. 

“Mr. Irwin, Regina is tense. Jane isn’t feeling very well. I would appreciate it if you would stop yelling at my wife,” He cut the call. 

“Timothy, I’m so exhausted. I just came home. Jane is sick. 

“She’s in her nighties. I gave the aspirin,” Regina walked towards the room. Jane was sitting on the bed shivering. Regina ran to her daughter and grabbed hold of her. 

“Are you fine?”

“Mummy, I don’t want to stay here anymore. The lady and her son. Mummy. Take me away,” the little girl sobbed. Her father sat on the bed. 

“I’m going to ask my dad to take her to their abode. Please, Timothy. She’s getting cranky. Her temperature’s rising because she’s not sleeping. Please,” he looked at his wife. Her eyes were full of tears. 

“Sorry, no. I don’t trust your brother and his girlfriend in that house. Your brother’s girlfriend is a scrub nurse. I don’t want to send my daughter there,”

“Timothy, why are you doing this? You always feel that my brother will harm Jane. I know he is your intern but don’t do this to him. He’s my brother and his Jane’s uncle,

“When I yelled at him today in the OR. He was full of anger. What if his girlfriend does it? I yelled at his girlfriend today. What if he takes a knife to take revenge? Regina, you know how precious Jane is to me. She is a miracle to us. You know that we lost our son and,” 

“I want to call a seance,”

“Regina, you’re a doctor!”

“So? What does it mean?”

“You are practical,” They both started yelling at each other. 

“I now wonder how I fell in love with you,” Timothy yelled. All of a sudden, Jane sobbed and said.

“Daddy, Mummy, Grandad made me do this. He wants Mummy and Daddy to fight. Then, you'll separate. He’ll get Mummy married to someone.  Jane answered sobbing.

“Why did my dad do that? Where’s my phone?” She found her phone. She called her dad.

“I know he’s not the right one for you. We’ll get you married to another man,”

“Dad! Dad! Why did you do this?” she screamed. 

“Listen to me!”

“I hate you! Just leave my family alone! You brainwashed my daughter! Why?” Before he could answer she cut the call.

“I’m sorry that very mean phrase. You know I didn't mean it,"

"Yes, I didn't. Sorry for all this accusation. Love you,"

"Love you too,"

March 25, 2022 13:45

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