Since the passing of my friend Freda Ray..it always perplexed me that she went to her Mother's house. Laid on the living room floor. Went to sleep and never woke up. She and her Mom had never been on the best of terms all through her childhood. As a matter of a fact she had gotten emancipated from her Mother's custody when she was 15. So at her repass I got a chance to meet all of her fathers daughters. It had never came to my mind that there were so many version of Freda Ray walking this earth. All of her sisters looked like her in different versions...

So as I drifted off to sleep that evening I dreamed I had been excepted to take a course at beautiful school in the country. Rolling hills and Valleys. Beautiful land scape I marveled at as I was being driven to the school. I was given instructions by the driver which way to my class as I was running late. As I entered the classroom I saw Freda Ray. She was teaching the class. Something she always wanted to do in real life. She looked so beautiful. She acknowledged me with a smile and pointed to my seat as she continued teaching. I just sat there smiling at her. Lost in my gaze I unconsciously lit a cigarette..and realized where I was. She politely said, "No worries just step outside." So I excused myself and headed outside. As I smoked I walked around to admire were I was and after a little while I realized I was lost. So the nearest building I could see was a hospital so I hurried down to ask for directions. As I approached I could see ambulances pulling in and the hustle and bustle of Doctors and nurses taking in the injured. But everytime I tried to ask for directions nobody acknowledged me. It was as if they couldn't see me or hear me. Becoming frustrated I looked up from where I came and seen the school. As I ran to the school I was perplexed because no one at the hospital answered my questions about how to get back to the school. As my hand touched the door a woman walked through the door and laughed at my shocked stare. As I entered the hallway I seen people walking and people floating in the air and this made me walk faster looking back at them. The classroom was locked and the people walkimg around me were all floating in the air. The look on my face had all of these people laughing at me. I looked down the hallway and seen Freda Ray beckoning to me to come to where she was standing behind a door. I started running towards her screaming, " Freda Ray! Freda Ray!" I got real close to her and said, "Giiirrrlll look at these M'F'ers their all floating!" She looked with me and whispered in my ear..."Where else would I be?" We looked into each other's eye's and burst out laughing. I was laughing so loud and hard till I woke myself up! And remembering the dream I realized that Freda Ray had allowed me to see that in the land of the dead there was still laughter & beauty where she is.

October 28, 2019 16:37

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