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For the first seven years of my life, I have been the one and only child. When I told that I was going a big brother in the spring of 2000, of course I was naturally excited when I first got the news.

My brother arrived at the last day of the year 2000, everyone was so happy that he came out all healthy and well. The same could be said for me. I was finally a big brother to a little guy. However, I was quite jealous with all the attention my little brother was getting after a good month or so.

Like, it's funny to think back that I once thought to myself that he was my arch nemesis. But that all eventually changed as I grew older obviously. This general happens to any siblings as far I've been told. First you are happy to be one, then the instant they come out, you feel differently, but over time, you love your sibling unconditionally.

This is a story about two brothers as the best of friends.

My brother and I have been the best of friends for as long as I can remember now. Sure, we have our fights, bickering and disagreements, but at the end of the day, we always made up by saying: "I love you bro, even though you are a pain in the ass at times," while giving one each other a hug of reassurance.

I honestly don't know what my life will be like without my brother. All I know is that my life would be extremely dull without him and I couldn't ask for anyone else to be my little brother. He has always been there for me as much as I have for him. Us Sorce Bros have stuck together.

I always have treasure the moments my brother and I share together. Either it's by simply watching anything on YouTube, binge watching an certain anime, eating fastfood from either McDonald's or Wendy's, taking a Walmart trip to get some snacks, playing a video game (either being a classic or modern type of game), going to see a most recent movie, jamming to some tunes we used grow up listening to (mostly 80's even though we weren't born in that era, we were both musically inclined), or even wrestling until one of us summits (I used to have the upperhand back in the day, but nowadays, my little bro is a little stronger than me, just "a little").

There has never been a boring day with my brother, and I'm sure he feels the way too. Even our mutual friends can testify that you can't have one Sorce brother, without the other; you need to have both! The Sorce Brothers are the life of the party after all!

The two of us brothers have been through a lot over the 20ish odd years. With us moving into different addresses around Waukesha, to our Papa passing away, with our birth parents getting a divorce, to endless heartbreaks, with some school shenanigans, on top with different personalities clashing from each other, etc.

But throughout the hardships, shortcomings and trials, we always have made it through together because we were and always are a brotherhood of team. I know I may have not been the perfect big brother, but I surely do believe I did the best I could do, even if you got me annoyed at times. Even through my knucklehead moments, I always knew my brother looked up to me (even though he too can be a knucklehead at times himself). It just takes one to know one is all. It runs in the family anyways. Don't let anyone say otherwise.

"G.J." was actually the same name I gave him as a nickname since we were little. I forget when but it had to be when the both of us were in school. I gave him that name considering my brother always had loved his middle name as much as his first name. Afterall his middle name was one of our grandfather's name. Nowadays he don't use it as much, but with me, I still do regardless. It's my name for him, no matter what. Even a couple of my friends use the name too and my brother isn't bother of it at all, not one bit.

Even though he's taller than me by like a few inches, I'll always be the older brother to him. No matter how much taller he gets, I'm still one he looks up to (or with this case: looks down to but you all can catch my drift).

I'm very proud of the man who my little brother is becoming. He's becoming a complete gentleman with a heart of gold, kind soul and intelligent mind. G.J. is a very humorous and generous person that I know out there. He is someone I whole heartly trust with all of my life, next to few other people. I even made one of my characters, Joseph Tavf from "The Blacksmith's Nephew", slightly based on my little brother in a way.

It is all thanks to my little brother who inspired me of becoming a leader nowadays, especially considering I always had look out for him and his best interest (even though he relatively does the same thing with me, so even leaders to be looked out for). While my brother is unsure what he wants for a career as of now, his future is nevertheless bright for him as I'm sure he will continue to accomplish his achievements. As I've always said once before: "the sky is never the limit to anyone who tries to reach for the stars especially those who still got imagination". For the sky is neverending and there is stars are just within our grasp.

G.J., if you are somehow reading this (either online or book format), thank you for taking your time to read it and know that I love you as well as know that I'm always be there for you, no matter what. You're my best man afterall and I couldn't ask for anyone to be as such.

Please promise me: to never give up on any of your dreams and ambitions for they are unlimited to those who believe. Just know that I'm only one phone call away, so please don't hesitate to call, text or message me whichever platform it is. I'll be there for you, whenever you need your brother, friend or both. You will always be my best friend as much as my little bro, even when we get much older and until the day we die. For our friendship is as much strong as our brotherhood for we both have been through thick and thin.

I mean every word I said and I hope it all made you cry in a good way. You can bet that I'm crying as I wrote all of this for you, buddy.

From your older brother: Sean A. Sorce.

June 13, 2023 00:40

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