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Black Suspense


She had taken too long to decide on hair and makeup , and what dress to wear. To make matters worse she had found a queue that had blocked her for half an hour in the traffic.

By now Martha was definitely late. Even if she had been admitted to the interview her being late would have made a bad impression. Since she arrived late, she had to wait until the other called ( summonses )had had their interview. The waiting time was tormenting.

“So, there’s our latecomer. It seems that you don’t care much about that job, given the delay with which you arrived” said the middle-aged man who was supposed to interview her or…test her. “NO! It’s not true!” Martha protested fiercely. “ I care very much instead! I am very interested in it! If I arrived late it was only because of the traffic I was in”

“Don’t fret, stay calm. I understand you were late because of traffic. But you live in this city and therefore you know the state of its traffic. So…” And the man fell silent, smoothing his mustache. “ Oh, I think I understand what you mean” Marha said impatiently. “ That I should have taken into account the delay caused by traffic and left earlier to balance any delays”

“Yes, that’s exactly what I meant. Now that we’ve clarified, we can move on. So you are interested in this job. Well, I have to ask you what work ( job) experience you have”

“I gave private lessons in literary subjects and sold encyclopedias at home.(door to door). I had also tried to set up my own jewelry business but I had to give up” Martha said.

“ Do you mean that you started making jewelry?” asked the man, with a tone of evident interest. “Yes, that’s so”   “And WHY did you give it up?” “Because I was not able to sell the jewelry I was making” “Oh, it’s really important that you know how to make jewelry. I don’t need to know anything else. The job is yours” said the man with a satisfied expression.

“Urrah! I’m happy” exclaimed Martha incredulously. “ But what job is it? I have no idea. The advice only required an age between 20 and 30 years and a good culture”

“ We are looking for staff for our chain of jewelry stores” Said the man. Martha was stunned.

“ But if I just said that I was not able to sell my jewels….”she said.

“ My dear, the fact that you haven’t been able  to sell the jewelry you made doesn’t matter. What matters is that you are well versed in jewelry….And since you are capable to make jewels  you must know them very well”

“When it’s like that I can only be happy about it. In fact, I’m thinking that…maybe I might be able to sell my jewels too in your shops” said Martha , all hopeful .

Shortly thereafter Martha began her job as a saleswomen in a renowned jewelry store. She was amazed at how and how much she was able to sell. So she decided to exhibit also the jewels she created in the shop. The jewels made by Martha were snapped up. They were so successful that overshadowed the other jewels on sale. Everyone wanted the jewels created by Martha and no longer had eyes for other jewels.

 The owners of the store's chain began to worry and they thought of finding a solution to what was an unexpected problem for them, since thy were no longer able to sell jewelry of important laboratories from which they had always sourced and that now were in crisis.

The owner of the store's chain decided that only one store would sell Martha's jewelry creations, which would not be present in the other stores.  So a single shop would be dedicated only to Martha’s creations.

The result was once again surprising. While the shop dedicated to the jewelry created by Martha was stormed by customers (buyers), the other shops remained deserted.

Martha was fired and so lost her job as a shop assistant, while the jewels she created were

Increasingly in demand and sold. Martha was very happy with what was happening to her, while in the jewelry workshops the anger and hatred towards her grew out of all proportion since she had defeated all competition. Hatred and hostility towards her grew to such an extent that Martha was kidnapped. As a ransom for her release the kidnappers demanded that she stop producing jewelry and putting it up for sale, since she was starving the entire category of jewelers. They were conditions that Martha did not intend to accept, even if she feared for her life. Meanwhile the police were looking for the hideout where the kidnappers kept her but they couldn’t find her.(it)

After all, these kidnappers were particular kidnappers, undoubtedly they were acting under the orders and at the service of the powerful jewelers’ lobby.  It seemed that no one could do anything against such power. While the search to find Martha continued, compromises with the kidnappers, i.e. with the jewelers lobby were also considered. A committee of Martha’s friends was founded which intended to negotiate with the kidnappers and therefore also with the jewelers to find an agreement that could allow Martha’s release.

Unfortunately a rift was created between the group of kidnappers and the jewelers’lobby under whose orders they had kidnapped Martha. While the jewelers’ demand continued to concern the jewels produced by Martha, the kidnappers also asked for a cash ransom for Martha’s release. While the committee of Martha’s friends seemed to have reached an agreement with the jewelers’ lobby, the kidnappers with their request nullified the result achieved which consisted of a collaboration between Martha and the other jewelers. Martha was supposed to make jewelry with them.

No one paid the ransom and Martha was killed. Hers corpse was found in front of the jewelry store dedicated to her jewelry. After her death Martha was praised by the jewelers’lobby, indeed she was almost sanctified by them. The other jewelers, the same ones responsible for her death , began producing Martha’s jewels which continued to be very successful. No one was tried or convicted for Martha’s death.,

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