Lidel: Dear Diary.

Abe: June 7, 2020.

Ika: You'll never guess what happened today!

Lidel: Diary, I don't think I've ever been as embarrassed in my life!

Abe: I suppose to most people this wouldn't be an ordinary Saturday, but with my friends everything abnormal seems normal.

Ika: So, so so! I was with my friends Abe and Lidel, like always, and we were hanging out at the park. I'm never growing too old for the park. I love the swings. I managed to convince Lidel to push me.

Lidel: Ika convinced me to push her on the swings, which does seem a little strange, but that's just Ika. What's embarrassing is what happened later. Oh gosh.

Abe: The slide at the playground was overheating in the sun, and my legs kept sticking to it when I tried to slide down. Ika went on the swings. I am glad I wore a hat, because it was very sunny.

Ika: Of course, being out in the sun made me very thirsty. I should probably have worn a hat, but I forgot one plus it just doesn't go with my overalls, and summer is a time to dress how I want, not how school wants!

Lidel: It was hot out, so Ika suggested we go to the store to buy some icecream. I'm all for icecream, so of course I said yes. Abe agreed too. He tries to be serious, but Diary, I know that his weak spot is icecream.

Abe: I accepted the prospect of icecream when it was proposed. The only problem was, none of us had any money.

Ika: Well... I wasn't just gonna walk away with no icecream! No way Jose! So, well...

Lidel: Ika suggested we steal money from her older brother. Oh gosh, I really should have said no, but she's so energetic that it seemed like a good idea!

Abe: It was an easy enough plan. Ika and Lidel would distract her brother while I snuck in through the window. I am the quietest, so they nominated me. I also don't lose my head.

Ika: Lidel had a phone, she's the only one of us with a phone even though Abe seems more mature, so I told her my brother's phone number and we decided to prank call him. I've always wanted to prank call him. I'd even memorized his phone number for when I could get the chance.

Lidel: We hid in the bushes by Ika's back door. It was prickly and the dirt got in my socks. Ika dialed the number for me. She suggested I pretend that I was someone romantically interested in her brother. Oh, why oh why did I agree??

Abe: I stationed myself by her brother's window. He picked up his phone when it rang. I could see his piggy bank on the other side of the room.

Ika: So Lidel holds the phone to her ear and she gasps when my brother picks up. Man, I almost started giggling right away. I mouthed that she should go on, and she said "Hello is this Seymour?" in the funniest voice! It sounded like the voice of a magazine model! Hello!

Lidel: I wasn't that embarrassed with Ika there, it just seemed really funny! He asked me who I was and I just told him that I had always been fascinated by him, which made Ika giggle. I told him I had left him something by the back door.

Abe: Seymour left his room and I moved in. I removed the screen and pushed open his window then crawled in. His room was really a mess. I think I stepped on a dirty plate. When I become a teenager, I am not leaving my room that messy!

Ika: I swear, I almost laughed like ten times! I kept snorting into my fist. Lidel shoved me to make me shut up, and I shoved her back.

Lidel: Ika shoved me and I accidentally dropped my phone! It slid along the pavement, so of course I dove for it. But when I looked up from the ground Seymour was looking at me! He had opened the door and I hadn't heard him. He saw my phone and he figured it out! I felt so ashamed! He frowned, but then he just smiled cockily at me and agh! I'm sooo embarrassed!

Abe: I grabbed the piggybank and was making my way back across the room. My foot caught on a pair of Seymour's underwear and I fell. My chin caught on the window and I must have yelped. I dropped the piggybank out the window.

Ika: Suddenly there's this crash from around the side of the house and Seymour, Lidel and I go running to see what's up. At first I had a lot of trouble seeing what had caused the noise, but then I saw the pieces of Seymour's piggybank. His money was everywhere. Like, everywhere. It was in the rose bushes, in the grass, on the stone around the garden, everywhere!

Lidel: When Seymour saw the piggybank he started to get really mad! He knew that we had distracted him to steal his money!

Abe: When I looked up Seymour was looking in. He grabbed the back of my shirt and pulled me out. He said some pretty bad swear words that I will not record in my journal.

Ika: Of course he got my parents involved! Typical Seymour! And then I got a time out! I tried to explain that I just wanted some icecream, but they wouldn't listen. I had to help Seymour clean up his money, and Abe and Lidel too.

Lidel: I had to help Seymour clean all the money up. It wouldn't have been so bad if the garden area wasn't so small! I kept bumping into him, and just after I'd pretended to be interested in him! Gosh, it was awful! Diary, do you think he thinks I like him? Because I don't!

Abe: I put Seymour's screen back. I hope some bugs got in his room.

Ika: At least we were in the shade.

Lidel: Anyway, I don't think I'll ever be more embarrassed. Sincerely, Lidel.

Abe: That is my synopsis of current events.

Ika: Until next time!!

May 07, 2020 23:26

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