Little Impurrfections

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Friendship Holiday Fiction

"Remember: this is for the best, Carol," said my husband as we parked our family car by the front door of Iowa City's local animal shelter.

It is a week before Christmas and it was extremely pack at the shelter. People were coming in and out of the shelter, getting their desire pets or dropping them off for a visit or whatnot. Raymond and I are here for only one animal and that animal in particular was a cat. We originally were going to give Trevor a dog but considering he hasn't shown any responsibility, my husband and I decided to get him something else entirely. However, now that we were here about to give our one and only son a fair punishment, I was contemplating in the passenger seat.

Raymond went out of his door on the driver seat and I continue sitting there in thoughtfully. He gives me a concern look before shutting the door and asks: "You alright, my love?"

I snapped out of it and replied to him: "Yes Ray, I am. I'm just don't want Trevor to hate me."

Ray proceeds to sit back unto the driver's seat and asks me for my hand as well as my full attention. I stare into those brown eyes and charming face as he responds: "Trevor will never hate you. You're his mother."

I only half-smile before replying: "Yes, but he's not getting what he wants, and I have always promised him I'll get what he wants."

My husband patiently goes: "I get where you are coming from, Carol, but we must stay firm. We both don't want to raise a spoiled brat and that's unfortunately what's happening with Trevor."

I sat there for a moment before responding: "Yeah, I guess you are right. I think I'm ready now. Let's get our son a cat."

Raymond leaves his seat and shut his door as I done the same. We both walked towards the front door with our arms hooked as people continue coming in and out of the shelter.

Once we went through the entryway, a friendly greeter with a colorful clipboard welcomes us with a bright smile on her face: "Hello, I'm Kathy, and what can we do for you two this morning?"

My husband replied with a smile: "We have come here to get a cat for our son this coming Christmas."

"Oh, what loving parents and a splendid idea for the little guy. It seems like everyone is getting the same idea. Let me go check to see what variety of felines we have today. Please give me a sec."

Raymong nodded: "Sure thing. Thank you kindly."

Kathy then went to the front desk where there was another employee. I couldn't tell what his name was considering his nametag was far away but he seemed like a kind gentleman. After waiting for a minute or two, Kathy comes back and says: "I've got good news and bad news. Which one would you two like to hear?"

Raymond and I looked at each other and I responded: "I hate bad news so let's get it over with."

"Well, the bad news is that we only have one cat left for adoption," the kind greeter replied.

My husband and I were in shocked. "You serious?" I asked.

Kathy nodded before replying: "Yeah, it seems as though everyone wants a cat for Christmas."

I next go: "So what's the good news, Kathy?"

"Right, the good news is that it's a very sweet cat and he's a recuse."

"A recuse cat?" my hubby asked.

Kathy face hardens: "Yeah, we actually just found his little guy a day ago. He had no collar and was going through our trash looking for food. Poor thing was straving. He doesn't even have a voice."

"A voice?" I asked.

"Why yes, the cat doesn't meow. He tries but nothing comes out. We believe that it is a birth deflect or someone had abuse it that he had lost his voice."

"Poor thing," said my husband as I lightly nodded in agreement.

"Would you two like to see him?"

"We do," I said without hesitation.

Raymond and I then followed Kathy down the main hall and turn to the left where a door was in the way. On the door said: "Cat Shelter" with all kinds of cat stickers and signs among it. Kathy opens the door and asks us to follow. We proceed to walk through the door and there were cats everywhere in kennels from left to right. There were kennels as far as the eye could see. Straight ahead was a play area for visitors who want to play with these felines.

"I thought you said that you only had one available?" I asked politely.

"I did," replied Kathy as she slightly turned her head. "These cats are reserved to different homes on different days. If you look closely to that tag on their kennels, you can see they are picked out."

I looked at the nearest kennel with a tag that said: "taken" sure enough. Kathy really knows her stuff. Inside the kennel was a baby kitten with orange and white fur. Judging from the tag, her name is Ember and she is only a month old. You can bet heart warmed up as Ember comes over with her adorable little meow.

"Awww, ain't you the darnest cutest little thing," I go while I slid my fingers to pet her as she rubs against her kennel.

There came a cough and a voice: "Carol."

I looked at the general direction. That cough as well as that voice was my hubby as both him and Kathy were waiting there patiently for me.

"I have to go, sweetie. It was nice meeting you. Hope your new home treats you well," I whisper to Ember. I then walked towards Raymond and Kathy as we continue down the row of kennels.

Eventually we came to a kennel at the far end near the play area and that's is where we saw him. He was a desert lynx cat with gray fur, pointy ears, white whiskers and a small head. The little guy acquired black stripes upon his furry gray body and wore blue eyes along with a short tail. I looked at the tag and it says he was only 3 years old and the note about his lack of voice. He came up by us as he rubs his body against his kennel asking to be petted even though we heard no noise from his mouth. I of course was starstruck and reach up to pet him. He completely melted into a kitty puddle once I touched him.

"I noticed on the tag that he had no name. Does he have one?" I asked to Kathy.

"Oh, we haven't gotten this guy a name yet."

I then turned to Raymond who also reached up to pet the cat's gray fur. He looks at me and asks: "So, what do you think hun?"

I smiled and replied: "We'll take him."

"Excellent, I'm happy to hear that. Now, what will his name be then?" Kathy asks as she brings out her clipboard.

"Mute. His name will be Mute," I said as I scratched my son's new cat by the ear which again cried joyfully but nothing came out from it's mouth. I really do hope Trevor will love this cat as much as I do. In just one week from now, we shall find out.

February 25, 2023 01:08

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