Thriller Fiction Sad

Trigger warning of suicidal thoughts


The sound was followed by the booming noise of thunder, as I nudged the door open. I was soaked from head to toe with rain water.

I barely had enough energy to get to the kitchen table, and slump into the old wooden chair. "Daddy, don't leave me. I'm scared." my 13-year old daughter's dying words rang throughout my mind, and I rubbed my face with my sweaty palms.

Sophie, my daughter, was all I had left after losing my wife 10 years before. "What am I supposed to do? My love is gone, my only source of happiness is gone!" I shouted, kicking the leg of the table and shooting out of the chair.

Tears streamed down my cheeks as I paced the dining room. As I looked up I saw shadows move across the living room. It was a memorizing sight, and I allowed myself to sit back down in the chair.

I became lost in thought, but moments later a howl echoed throughout the corridors of the farmhouse. Standing up for the second time, I scanned the stairwell. "Hello?" I shouted. The answer I was given was another blood-curdling howl.

I grabbed a flashlight from the kitchen counter, and traveled up the stairs barley breathing. I heard whimpering once I got to the second level of the house.

My heart raced as I followed the sound into....Sophie's room. As I drew closer to the room I saw a black tail flick around behind the doorway. I nudged the door open, and shined the flashlight onto the dark shape.

My breath caught in my throat as a pitch black wolf stood before. I was in horror and shock; I couldn't move a muscle. The wolf turned it's head, and it stared at me with glowing red eyes that had no pupils.

Reality caught up to me when I saw the wolf bear it's fangs and drool came dripping from it mouth and sank into the wooden planks. Nearly hyperventilating, I dropped the flashlight, and slammed the door shut separating me and wolf.

I stood there a few moments, foolishly thinking I was safe, and tried catching my breath, but I was interrupted by the sound of the wolf's bark, and scratching at the doorway.

I saw the base of the door start to wear out, and I sprinted down the stairs. As I turned the corner, and made it down the final steps I could hear the wolf break down the door and come lunging after me.

I ran out the door of my house, and headed toward the barn. However, on my way there, I slipped and fell faced first in the mud and I laid there dazed, tired, and weak for several moments.

The door behind me gave out a loud snapping sound, and I turned my head slowly around as I struggled to get back onto my shaky legs.

The wolf was only feet away; I I fumbled back up and continued heading for the barn. I finally made it inside, and climbed the ladder to the loft. I laid down behind a stack of haybales, and tried slowing my breathing.

I heard the wolf make it's entrance down below, and I peeked between the spaces of the haybale stacks. The shadow of the wild animal was casted upon the wall and soared across as it sniffed around hungrily.

I clenched my fists until they turned white. "Daddy?" Sophie's voice filled my ears, and I I clutched my head, shaking it rapidly.

"It's my fault Sophie, I should have found a cure." I cursed myself, tears gliding down my damp face. I then felt warm breath on my face, opened my eyes, and slowly looked up.

The pitch black wolf was staring down at me, bearing it's teeth at me. I jumped away from the wolf and shakily scurried back to the wall.

"There's no way you could have gotten up the ladder!" I exclaimed, as the wolf stalked closer. I stood up, picked up one of the haybales, and threw it down at the vicious creature, causing it to yelp.

I jumped from the loft, and I heard a snap in my ankle on impacts before feeling the stinging sensation flood my foot. I yelled out in agony, and limped through the rain trying to push forward to some sort of sanctuary.

I put to much pressure on my hurt ankle and I crumpled to the muddy ground in heap.

I gave up; right then and there I decided to not struggle to not try to escape my doom. I would be killed, and then I seem my family again.

"I don't know how you got into my house, or how you got onto that loft, but just go ahead and kill me now!" I sobbed, snapping my head around to come face-to-face with my animal stalker.

I stared, my eyes narrowed, into his glowing red eyes ready for my fate. "I have nothing else in this world, and if your so eager to end me, I won't make it any harder for you." I uttered, tears continuing to fall with rain drops.

To my surprise, the wolf just stood there looking at me and bearing it's teeth while growling. "Come on, already!" I shouted, trying to make it quick, but the Wolf stayed the same.

"Dad, don't do this to yourself. Please don't do this just because I'm gone." I heard Sophie say. The world around me froze, and I stood up in confusion. The pain in my ankle had strangely disappeared.

Footsteps sounded behind me and I spun around. "S...Sophie." I stuttered, staring at the young girl walking towards me. She looked just like she did one year ago when she was healthy and alive; she didn't look ghostish or scary.

"Dad, please if you do this you won't be able to live a full life. I love you Dad and I want you to grow and move on." she told me.

I averted my eyes to the ground sorrowfully, and answered, "You were the only source of joy after your mother died. I have nothing to live f-"

"You have everything to live for! Live for me, for mom. Live for the people who have comforted you. Please, just please, stay alive." Sophie exclaimed, breaking into a sob.

"If I do this, we'll be together again!" I explained to her, as I grasped her shoulder. Sophie looked at me with soft brown eyes that had always made me smile, but they didn't this time.

"Dad, if you let this wolf shadow you and consume your soul then you won't see us when you die." she told me. My eyes widened, my tears stopped suddenly.

"I love you Dad, so does Mom. You're not to blame for what happened to us, so please, I beg you, please live." I looked up again when Sophie said that, but she was gone, and the rain had started dropping on my me once again.

The wolf was once again in front of me, but this time it wasn't bearing teeth. Instead, when I looked closer, there were tears coming from his eyes.

This wolf was my shadow. My anger and sadness turned into this vicious creature.

I placed my hand on the wolf's head and whispered, "They'll always love us. We need...we need to move on. It won't be easy, and it will never be the same without them though. What do you say?"

I closed my eyes, and felt the rain stop dripping on me, but the sound didn't disappear. I was suddenly sitting upright in a wooden chair with my breath being held.

I opened my eyes, and found my hands holding a knife towards my chest. Full of sorrow, I took the knife and stabbed it right into the table.

The thunder continued to pound outside, and shadows danced upon the wall.

This house was filled with shadows, filled with sorrow, but hopefully with time and help. I can make it filled with light, and joy.

"For you Sophie, for you and your mother I will push forward."

May 05, 2021 04:31

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21:38 Jun 22, 2021

Wow. This story took me on quite the emotional journey. I felt for the father; he really loves his family, which is very sweet (and sad, and heart-wrenching, and quietly beautiful). A couple of critiques: 1) "It was a memorizing sight, and I allowed myself to sit back down in the chair." I don't quite know what "a memorizing sight" is--some clarification or a different word choice might help. 2) "Reality caught up to me when I saw the wolf bear it's fangs and drool came dripping from it mouth and sank into the wooden planks." "Bear" sho...


Phoebe DeNeve
23:01 Jun 22, 2021

Thank you for the critiques, and I'm glad you liked it. I was worried at first; I've never written a story that's this dark before, so it was a step for me.


00:06 Jun 23, 2021

For your first ever dark story, it's quite good! And it was a pleasure to read. :)


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