I'm pretty sure I'd rather be anywhere but here. Whoever invented the notion of going against your will to be there for a friend or anyone must have had nothing to do or maybe the circumstances were accidental. I honestly don't understand why I am even ranting about all of this in my head. I haven't come up with a perfect excuse of not attending Vicky's party because I am her friend and that's what friends do. I'm hoping the place turns out favorable at least. Its just a whole terrible experience to be uncomfortable in a place that's not making you comfortable. The driver brings Ashley back to the reality that she dreads so much on times like these. Ashley pays the driver and murmurs a thank you. "Hey universe I want to make a new friend tonight" she uttered to the empty sky except for a few dark clouds that were forming. If only Ashley had turned behind a little bit she'd have noticed the boy or man dressed in black uttering the same words to the universe. How cliche is that?

She walks into the hotel confident like a model to the receptionist. "Hello, I'm here for Vicky's party" she says "Second floor down the hall on your right" replies the receptionist. "Thank you" Ashley walks to the elevator and presses the button to the 2nd floor. Once again if she hadn't been so engrossed on her phone she would have noticed the gentleman casually dressed in black enter the elevator before the doors had closed. The universe was already answering Ashley except for her ignorance for the opportunity. How on earth would she find a new friend if she kept checking on the status updates her old friends posted. The elevator doors open and both of them move out. Ashley now more conscious of the surroundings notices that someone is following her. Maybe that's another guest for Vicky's party. It wouldn't hurt to stop and talk to the person. Ashley turns to find the gentleman retreating to the left disappearing round the corner. "Universe couldn't you at least allow me to see the person that was following me. Or maybe the person wasn't worth it"

She enters the lounge only to find it empty except for the DJ, the waiter and waitress waiting for guests to arrive. She would have walked to the reception to inquire if this was the exact place if she hadn't seen the balloons on the right side of the room glowing with Happy 2in4Vicky. She walks to the balcony to call Vicky to find out why she wasn't there yet. Vicky informs her that the time had been adjusted to half an hour later and apologizes for not informing her earlier. Ashley checks the time on her phone. It is 7.20pm and she has to wait for another 25 minutes before the rest of the guests arrive. Great another party where she has been early. "Way to go universe" she rolls her eyes. Ashley decides to stay at the balcony now staring at the half moon and stars starting to appear glowing in all colors. If she'd been so alert she would have heard the footsteps that were approaching her and she definitely wouldn't have been startled when the gentleman in black said "Beautiful view right?" "I'm sorry , I didn't mean to startle you" he smiled at her. "It's okay I'm good now" Ashley smiled at him and looked back at the sky. "I bet the view is better at the rooftop" He nodded in agreement. 

"I'm Blake" he said as he held out his hand. "Ashley" she said and shook his large hand. His handshake was firm Ashley thought. That couldn't go un noticed. "Are you also here for Vicky's party?" He asked.

"The place is quite empty. No sign of the birthday girl. If I hadn't noticed you I'd have thought I was in the wrong room" Ashley laughs

"How did you know I was here for the birthday party. I thought I was underdressed for today"

"I happened to follow you from the elevator. Till I branched to deal with nature's call" he smiled when he saw her ease. "Where are the rest of the guests?"

"They should be here ten minutes from now. Vicky forgot to tell me arrival time had been changed."

"Makes the two of us" he said. "Would you care for a stroll to the rooftop. I'm pretty sure this party is starting at eight" Ashley agreed and they headed for the elevator to the rooftop. As they walked side by side Ashely couldn't help notice his looks, composure and physique. And most of all the fact that she was comfortable talking to him. He just had good vibes that her intuition definitely recognized. Thank you she murmured to the universe as she gladly accepted the gift it had presented to her.

Ashley notices Blake looking at her and she quirks her eyebrow. "What's going on in that mind of yours?" "I'm curious to know how you became friends with Vicky." "I'm her sister actually. So that would be since our first understanding of the people around us." Blake looked shocked "I could have never guessed Vicky had a sister like you. You guys are parallel. You seem like the calm and collected one while she is.." 'The wild one?' Ashley offered. "Exactly. I still can't believe it." "You'll get used. You aren't the first person being shocked. So how did you become friends with my sister." "We were both late for our very first lecture at campus, sat together and have since been friends." The city clocked chimed Eight which reminded them of the party downstairs.

The lounge was now filled with people. They headed over to Vicky's table and offered their presents and birthday wishes. "I see you've met Blake already" Vicky noticed "Yeah. Thanks to him I'd have been bored. You also forgot to remind him of the change in schedule." "Thanks Blake for keeping my sister company" Vicky replied. The MC announces that it is time for dinner and then cutting the cake and the after party at the beach. After the cutting of the cake,Blake offers to take Ashley and three of Vicky's friends to the beach.

Blake and Ashley soon find a secluded place next to the fire for the night and sit. Ashley comes up with the idea of random questions to check their compatibility. Here goes the first question for both of us. 

Do you believe in fate, destiny or that things happen because of our actions? "I do believe in destiny" said Blake. "Me too actually. We all are destined for something or people in our lives." "Pretty spiritual huh?"teased Blake. Ashley laughed and said "Next question?"

If you had to lay your life for someone. Who would that be? "I'd go for my mum." "Not your girlfriend?" "I can't lay my life for someone that's never existed" "in that case I'd go for my dad." She said as she blinked at him."Now's my turn to choose a question" said Blake

What part of your body do you find most attractive? "My eyes I think" she said as she rolled her eyes. "I back you up on that. You have really beautiful eyes." "Thanks. What would you go for superman?" "All of me" he said. Blake stands up to model around the bonfire. "Good for you and the girls"

Which female character would you be. Romeo's Juliet or Darcy's Elizabeth. "I'd be Darcy's. I'm not a fan of romantic tragedies" "I thought so too." Blake said. 

What's your favorite series of all time? "F.R.I.E.N.D.S" they both said. "Oh my God! My favorite was Rachel among the girls and Joey for the guys" "How you doing?" Blake said as he imitated Joey's catchphrase and they both laughed.

"Can we stay friends like them forever?"Blake asked. "On one condition." "Which is?" "We find other four people to make the group complete." She added as she blinked at him. "Deal?" She questions "Deal" he answers. Blake offers his hand to seal with the deal and instead is hugged briefly by Ashley. "We should probably join the others for the dancing and drinks" says Blake. Ashley nods in agreement and they walk side by side like old pals to the rest of the group.

Well turns out the universe definitely wanted them to meet.

May 08, 2020 10:39

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