No Luck for the Elite

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Christian Contemporary Fiction

Nobody knew when the program had started. It had started so far back in the past that it had been lost. There was evidence that even the prophets had undergone this program. What program is this? Gang stalking.

If you peruse a Bible carefully, and even your history books, you will see evidence of this program. Not much, of course, because the people running this business don’t like the light to be shined on them. In the Bible it speaks of fathers passing their children through the flames of suffering. You will see evidence of many prophets having been ostracised and cast out from society. There is evidence that even Jesus himself was gang stalked by the Elite of his time. And Judas? Well, isn’t he the perfect example of a stalker betraying a person for a few silver coins? What did that get him in the long run? There is a deeper spiritual meaning to scripture than the indoctrinated eye could ever perceive.

Ah, gang stalking. You know, the stalkers don’t like it when you call them stalkers. As one mentioned this last week, it isn’t ganging up to convince a stakeholder what you want them to do. These people will delude themselves with whatever words necessary to convince themselves that their bullying is acceptable. When I confront them sometimes in the round about way that I do they will plead innocence all the while using passive aggressive tactics to try and manipulate you. The fact they think I’m too stupid to notice because I don’t react makes me question their own level of intelligence and observation.

This program, then, has been going on for thousands of years. It seems to me, after doing a lot of research of history, that there are patterns. The program will continue for a couple hundred years, or even longer, becoming more evil as time passes. The people seem to believe that there are no energetic consequences of what they do. I know the masses don’t think twice. Knowledge of the consequences of real Karma is hidden from the public eye and spirituality is discouraged.

It might seem new age is the thing, but that isn’t real spirituality. It’s pseudo-spiritual bullshit. If a spiritual belief system does not teach accountability for your actions and instead tries to give you a quick fix solution, it isn’t about the soul, it’s about personal gain.

You wouldn’t believe how many Christians and Catholics I’ve seen participate in gang stalking. This makes me think they aren’t authentic in their love and devotion to Jesus. After all, didn’t he say “How you treat the least of my people is how you treat me?” If they are real Christians they are going to have a shock as they wait on Jesus to let them past the pearly gates and he reminds them how they treated him when they were alive.

It might seem like the Elite and their henchmen have a lot of luck. After all, they have all very strategically placed themselves in positions of power and nothing seems to be able to dislodge them. It seems like people are beginning to understand the truth about these people but no one is willing to say no or to put up a fight. Every last human being I have ever had any contact with has fallen into line. Everyone is a part of the pyramid. The Elite on the top and the stalkers at the base. Everyone is a part of that pyramid except me. And that is a blessing.

People don’t question themselves. People don’t ask the questions necessary to understand why they do things. This is a symptom of programming. People are subconsciously programmed, groomed, conditioned and trained, through msm, through peergroups, through all forms of media to not question themselves and just do as everyone else does. They are taught not to believe in the soul and karma and sewing and reaping.

The Elite believe. They make use of other peoples karma and turn it against them for their own devices. Spiritual energy is potent. A person who is spiritually pure and sitting in a state of grace (regardless of what has happened in their life) for a reasonable period of time is enough to begin to destroy the foundations of everything the Elite hold dear. This terrifies the Elite. They watch for souls that have the potential to do this and they take these souls in for military grade torture as children offering or threatening the family with things. The program these humans minds to engage in all forms of sin, based on external triggers. It’s evil. It’s cruel. I know it’s the truth because I’ve experienced it.

The problem is, if something is meant to be, not all the forces of darkness can change it. This is what Moses was about. This is what Jesus was about. This is what a lot of unwritten people were about. Every so often a soul is born into this world that is meant to help the entire planet spiritually evolve. The only way to spiritually evolve is to become accountable. (It’s a part of it. A small part, but vital).

There is coming a crux point in the human race and everyone can feel it whether subconscious or conscious. The Elite are bombarding us with things such as climate change, wars, terror, to give people a reason for this odd anxiety that most people feel but can not name. But it isn’t anything of those things coming for the human race.

It’s time to evolve.

It is time to evolve from animals into sons and daughters of God. As long as people are driven from their ego’s, enmeshed in addictions, in bondage to lust, greed, sloth, avarice, murder, jealousy, hateful words, gossip, slander, maliciousness, humanity ain’t going nowhere. The human race has a beautiful future, filled with an abundance of the most incredible energies available for use.

There is another way of being available to the human race and the offer is coming. If humanity chooses, yet again, to be little and belittle, the opportunity will pass for another thousand or more years, possibly longer. Climate change will escalate. Human miseries will exponentially increase.

And to evolve, one must understand karma. Then one must balance and neutralise their karma. Everything around us, everything we see on the news, everything is karma. Humanity has a massive karmic debt it needs to pay out. Other souls can not do this. The souls that create the karma must pay the karma whether or not they like it. I don’t pay another persons karma (I have an authority to do so, however. If one pays anothers debt, how will the other learn not to create a debt) and another person does not pay my karma.

It’s a job. It’s not going to be easy. If humanity can step up to bat, become accountable, pay out their karma, and step forward, the human race is destined for a glorious destiny where every single living human being has an equal opportunity. There will be no Elite and there will be no slaves. Everyone will be more like me, a free person who knows right from wrong, is accountable and leads the way by being an example of the kind of behaviour necessary to ensure the survival of the species.

Would you like to join me on the path of spiritual evolution?

Because the luck of the Elite is running out and the first people who will pay the penalties are the stalkers/slaves.

January 07, 2023 01:50

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