Who's this mysterious women?

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Fiction Horror Suspense

Roger back into the siding, which is also played as a yard, the little Avonside has been operating passenger trains on his railway for 4 years now, but things have been tough for the little Avonside and his crew of staff.

Being a nice sunny day, Roger was hoping that his owner, Mr. Walsh would end the passenger train early, since the hot summer heat it's almost too unbearable, his coach Mary was enjoying the sun, summer holiday is popular in his area at Welwyn Garden City, the siding was cleaned up for the passenger trains and cold drinks, scones, and ice cream, Roger has been doing well for the past 4 years doing this service, and now with the summer season is busy, Roger and The Lover's Train could take a breather.

Roger looked around at the passengers eating their goods on the hot summer's day, as he scanned through the passengers, Roger could see a woman, eating a Kickerblocker glory, the little Avonside could see that the woman was wearing a grey trenchcoat, a sexy one by people standards, she has nice long brown hair, and probably in her 30s, Roger did see her on the train, which is odd because he scanned the crowd this morning, and couldn't see the woman, it was strange indeed.

"Mary," Roger called out to her, "Did you see this woman going inside you today?"

Mary was asleep, taking a nap, she woke up and saw the woman that Roger was talking about, she told him no she didn't, which is now very odd that she's at this railway, mostly the food is only if you buy the tickets, which cost an extra £3, Roger could see the women walking away from the station area, the little Avonside looked as she was disappearing in the distance, he looked at the table, and notice a 5-pound note next to the spoon, it was very odd for the little Avonside.

"Who was that lady?" Mary asks Roger.

"No clue," He told her, "But she just has a free meal without buying a ticket."

"Do you think she's a beggar or homeless?" Mary suggested to Roger.

"I don't she is," Roger replied, "Her nice clothing and looks means she has a home, a job, and money, there's no way she could be homeless."

Roger didn't see the woman again, today's work was successful, and he was glad that it was nightfall, cool air, but The Lover's Train was needed, 2 years ago with the Great Slump hitting hard on Mr. Walsh flour mill business, it's the only way to make some money for the team.

As Roger was waiting for the client, Roger looked around the dark night abyss, but since it's very dark, and everything that's black blends in, including Roger and his Royal black and gold lining. Even though what he's doing is illegal, but at least Roger could see the night sky and the activity in his area.

"How many this time?" Roger ask Mr. Walsh, who was tending his fire.

"Two," He replied, "If we're lucky we might get a big tip."

Roger sighed, he hated doing this, but he has n choice, he looked around the area, he squinted, he notices a figure, in the darkness, thanks to some of the street lights, he could see the figure walking around, like almost taunting him, but being dark and the street lights only helping so much, it was hard for Roger to see.

"I see someone," Roger told his coach and Mr. Walsh.

Mr. Walsh looked a bit skeptical at the little Avonside, but as his owner looked at the darkness, the same place where Roger's eyes saw it, he saw it too, it was very odd, Roger was right, but they still have a job to do, which Roger hope that it didn't interfere with The Lover's Train.

"I don't know what or who is over there," He pointed at the black figure, "but I think work is about to start."

As the clients came, Roger waited until the all-clear signal is ready, a train like this is usually depending on the prostitute, but it's usually more than an hour.

Mary hated this part of the job, but it brings money for Roger and her, so they have no choice. The thumbs-up signal from the guard outside, who's on patrol for any police automobiles in the area, Roger sighed left the station, he didn't blow his whistle, he just started operating.

Roger usually goes backward and forwards, which is mostly a good thing about having a short train like this, Mary groan in disgust when she could feel the bouncing on her frames, she wished that this night will be quicker, Roger puff along the dark rails, it was a simple thing that can bring some good revenue.

As Roger stop to go forwards, a woman screaming like bloody murder, and she came out of the coach and standing naked and shivering like she saw a ghost, Roger was surprised, in fact, most of the crew were surprised, the women came up to Mr. Walsh, still naked, and telling him that she saw a ghost, she was breathing heavy and scared, which Roger was worried a bit, a ghost? The little Avonside was even confused as well.

After the boss came and calm her down, Roger's crew looked inside of Mary, the inside of the coach smells like sex as obvious, but they didn't see anything, which was very, very odd, they ask the woman what did the ghost looked like.

"T-T-Then ghost has a grey trenchcoat," was the only thing she said to the crew.

Roger felt his tiny wheels froze, he felt scared, he could feel the coldness throughout his cab, wheels, and whistle, Mary, on the other hand, look like she saw a murder right in her very eyes, now Roger realizes something, that the women weren't alive, she was a ghost, a ghost that was eating a Knickerbocker Glory alone, Roger was nervous.

After the client paid the women paid and gave Roger's crew a £300 tip, it was ready for another run, but Roger stared at the same darkness that he saw the black figure, and the question he asks himself is; Why are you here?

July 09, 2021 22:28

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