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Adventure Fiction

It was not to be

It never was nor

Will it ever be.

Trista met with Saul but she did not know where it was. Aeons – she was lying down on sandy beach of “Zillionite”.  Here there were only nights. It seemed as though the sky was showed its brilliance generously. Why so !!.

The place was never had a sun. She had been transported from Earth to Zillionite for no reason. She had been unconsciously spending her time when on Earth. The more she thought of it, she was left with only questions than answers.

She recalled that there was a last meeting somewhere beyond her memory horizon. Was it when she was in Earth or before? A flash of a meeting where she could see a hazy figure – that of another woman fading into oblivion. She was trying to tell her something. But even when Trista tried hard to listen to what she was saying, the woman kept floating off like a whisper.  It was as though Trista was hallucinating but not really. Later she would realise that this was one of her mothers from that aeon.

There were a few flashing memory threads that she would get in Zillionite. One of these flashes was the name of that mother “Aadya “– the beginning when Trista thought of herself to be the seed born out of her.  A name that was vividly etched in her being. The night sky had disappeared but the relationship with this thread still remained. As though this wisp was taking her into a journey of herself.

Was it in Earth her existence manifest through Aadya? How did she come to be in Zillionite?

Which direction was she headed to? Plenty of unanswered swirling questions. When she felt that she had arrived, she felt herself tossed away, uprooted.

Trista’s second memory was that of the place where she had lived on Earth. It was tinged in red, almost a dark maroon. When the sun had shone it was as though there was blood all over. But it was not – it just was the hue of the ground and the sun reflecting it all around. Her only earthly possession that she had with her in Zillionite as a reminder was a crystal of red Jasper.

She carried a small bag with her at all times. It had been part of her on Earth. She could never get rid of it. So that was but on occasions the bag felt like a dead weight she was dragging along from somewhere.

Saul appeared wherever she went like a reflection. Mocking, teasing, bringing out guilty pleasure. His very presence was distracting and she would weave tales of fantasy around him. Not that he was not aware of her deep turmoil. Saul was clever – subtly noticing the coyness that Trista feigned. But that was the attraction. He did not how long the charade would continue but he enjoyed this to his own delight. When alone, Trista had a vague sense that she was being distracted from a purpose. A deliberate diversion in her journey somewhere. An interesting observation for Trista about herself was the fact that she had become more creative in Zillionite. She was amazed by the things she could do here as though there were second-hand by nature. Often Saul had caught her dancing engrossed. Trista never noticed Saul only at those times. But when she came to him, she was there in totality. They spent many hours together. Trista felt that platonic draw to Saul at all times. Whereas for Saul, Trista was fascinating. She seemed an illusory figure – one moment child-like and another moment, a very angry childish woman. Those were the times when Saul felt driven away. He would not see Trista for days on end and then would suddenly appear. And that day he had seen her lying down looking up at the stars. He came beside her and touched her brow…..

At that moment, Trista opened her bag and to her chagrin found a Citrine crystal beside the red Jasper.

The bag felt heavier than before…she thought.. somehow I have put this bag down.

Trista got up and walked into the dark night.

She found herself in another yellow space. Everything around seemed yellow. The name board told her she was now in “Mani”. Trista was almost beginning to get a vague sense of a journey now. She had not realised it till then though she was not entirely sure. It was like being propelled by an unknown hand, a force that she had to reckon with. And in stunned disbelief she realised that she could never go back to where she had come from. To Zillionite, nor to Earth.

Her bag had gotten heavier. She looked in and to her dismay there was yet another crystal. This time she came upon the Tiger’s eye. Uh Oh!! That force again propelling her… She had to keep going. Did she? She was becoming exhausted….but walked on to find herself in the most serene and greenest of surroundings. The place was lush and Trista could see rows of tall trees. There were plenty of fresh blossoms amidst the trees. She thought she saw Saul again or were here eyes playing tricks. But this Saul was different. He seemed more gentler, though his eyes had lost none of their sparkle and mischief. A more platonic look that was in stark contrast to who he was in Zillionite. Trista felt love encompassing her. A gentle, cool breeze whispering into those green trees that almost touched the sky. Saul asked her to sit below one of them, carefully arranging the space for her comfort. He looked at Trista sleeping peacefully and walked on….. Trista woke up and touched her bag. As she sensed, there was yet another crystal – this time the Rose Quartz. How lovely it was….She wanted to now let go of the bag. She could not find her Saul.

Yet her journey must continue… How many more crystals was she to find..Maybe another nine more. She could see the beckoning of the onward journey…and imagined she could see deep in space… She was transforming from becoming to being… Trista journeyed on with her little bag of crystals. She knew she had to find her Aadya - the Mother.

March 17, 2023 23:05

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1 comment

Sexy Gynoa
04:46 Mar 22, 2023

Awa, I like this story, treasure author!! do you have any social media ya, I would like to talk with u more plots!!!


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