I Won’t Miss You

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Coming of Age Drama Suspense

Well, that was dramatic.

Davey watched as her TV fell down with a thud on the floor. Her couches were flipped over and most of the glasses in the kitchen were broken. Her glasses lay cracked on the floor, next to her smashed laptop. A bouquet of different colored roses laid on the floor, crushed underneath things.

Her boyfriend, Micheal, had just left not too long ago, leaving the silence in the air deafening. He had slammed the door in her face before, sort of making her want to chase after him.

That afternoon, she had came in to her house and still everything normal. Nothing was upturned and words weren’t being shouted at her. Micheal was off of work now, probably stopping by the gym and picking up dinner.

Davey’s notifications on her phone continued to ding and she ignored it, cursing to herself. She left it on the table.

Her day was already rough as it was. Her boss had just got finished demoting her because he claimed she wasn't “into it” enough. She wanted to call Micheal but he didn't answer. As always.

It seemed that he was occupied when Davey needed him the most.

Davey pushed those things out of her mind, though and went to her bathroom to take a shower. Her hair kept falling into her face so she reached into the drawer and felt around for a hair tie. Instead, she felt something tiny and rough.

She pulled out her wedding ring.

The diamonds shined in the bathroom light. She remembered when Micheal had proposed to her. It had been at a park and Davey was sitting on the bench when he got down on one knee. Davey looked around to see if anyone was watching. They weren’t. Davey pushed the ring back towards Micheal and shook her head “no”. The look on Micheal’s face haunted Davey for forever.

Over the course of the next years, Micheal continued proposing to Davey, hoping she would say yes. She finally did, when it was in front of her friends and family. Her smile could be seen for miles as she walked around the room and showed everyone her new diamond ring.

Davey put the wedding ring on her sink and sighed before taking her shower.

While Davey was in the shower, Micheal walked in the house. He was sweaty from his workout. He was juggling Chinese food in one hand and roses in another.

“I’m home, Davey”, He said, walking through the house and setting things down. “Where are you?”.

”I’m in the shower!”, She called out.

Micheal smiled and sat everything down. He walked in their room quietly and began freshening up. He went back in the kitchen and began setting out their food. The roses sat in front of Davey’s plate with a candle lit beside it. Finally, they would be able to spend some time together since Micheal was constantly working. Micheal knew that Davey was feeling neglected so he wanted to show her a little love.

He dimmed the lights down and went over to the TV. Where was the remote? He heard the shower stop.

I’ll just have to play it from my phone, he thought.

He started to look for his phone but saw Davey’s sitting right there on the table. He began to look for mood setting music when another notification popped up on her phone.

When are you coming?, the text read.

A confused Micheal scrolled the other text and his hand shakily raised to his mouth.

Is he there yet? I want to come see you.  

                                                             He’s at work, come get me.

Davey, you belong with me and you know that.

                                                             Stop texting me, he’s almost here.

Leave him, today. Ill come pick you up.

I love you.

                 I love you, too. See you In a sec. 

Micheal slammed the phone down on the counter.

“Micheal, what are you doing?”, She glanced down at her now broken phone.

“I’m sorry. I-“.

Micheal started swiping the food off of the counter.

“I did all this for you! And this is how you repay me?”, He said angrily.

“Micheal, you weren’t there! I needed you and you weren’t there!”, She yelled back at me, starting to get upset.

”Don't give me that excuse! You should have talked to me!”, He barked.

She bent down to examine her phone and her glasses slipped off. He stomped over to her and slapped the phone out of her hand.

“What? You want to get back to “this”?” He said and motioned towards the phone. 

“Your sick”, She raised up and stood with her arms folded across her chest.

 Davey didn’t notice until later that he had stepped on her glasses.

”You don't want this relationship as bad as I do”, He said, pacing back and forth.

Davey thought to herself for a second. All the times she faked laughed at his jokes, pretended to be happy with him in front of people. The way she wiped her her lips after he kissed her. The time she downloaded a dating app and talked to strangers for hours about her problems because he was at work.The way she left her wedding ring in the drawer when she went to work. It all added up.

”You're right. I don’t want it. What I want is for you to leave”, He stared at her for a couple of seconds.

”Leave, Micheal!”.

That’ when the rage began and he started destroying what they once called home. She knew he was going to get angry but not start recking the house. He left with a slam of the door.

She walked to the back and pulled out her fully packed suitcase, wheeling it into the living room. She pulled the hair tie out of her and shook it out. The perfume that was waiting in her purse seemed to spray itself.

Davey pulled out her backup phone from the couch cushions and started texting. She smirked while texting her.

”He’s finally gone. Come get me”.

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Akshara .
09:23 Dec 09, 2021

Suspenseful! Very entertaining! I love how both of them had problems with their relationship, but neither of them admitted. Very well written! :)


13:27 Dec 10, 2021

Thank you so much! I had never even thought of it like that! Much love to you🌸


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