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Human nature is generally a rat race!

Sadly, that is the well known behaviour of humans or simply life. Dating back to the rise of the twenty-first century people have adopted a weird and alienated lifestyle. 

We live our lives with clogged to-do lists, messed up desks with memos that dated back five years ago and the desktop crammed with files that were used ages ago and we drive ourselves to work everyday, every morning at the last minute. Then while you travel what do you see? Traffic! What do we do when we see traffic? Let's get real, we curse every person not knowing that it is actually not their fault. Well what a life! Many people get this burning sensation in their minds when they hear the truth.

Once, I was driving ten minutes into work and all I could see was traffic. Traffic here, traffic there, traffic everywhere! To tell you the truth, my mind was burning too but why would I want to create a bonfire in my head right in this beautiful spring morning. Anger is as simple as putting a battery into a toothbrush. It is that split second decision you make. Anyways back to the story, I waited and waited. Ten minutes passed by and I was already late to work. I almost gave up. Twenty minutes passed by, but still not an inch. My spinal cord started sending spikes of electricity. Thirty minutes passed by, and I started to realize that I'd already started to create a bonfire in my head. So I made up my mind. One hour in and I start scolding all the drivers around me.

“Whopping beasts,” I said to the driver in the car next to me.

He was busy staring at the phone, scrolling down on Facebook endlessly. I stare at him speechlessly not knowing what to say. 

As the traffic cleared away, I buckled up my seat belt and turned on my car but I noticed that the driver in the car in front of me was scrolling down on Facebook too. I raced towards him and knocked onto his window. As he saw me, he was frightened as a deer caught in headlights. I screamed at him. But hey, desperate times, desperate measures. I stomped towards my car and drove straight to my office.

Almost one and a half hours late, I returned to my office nauseated and tired due to traffic. I bash out my laptop and start typing like a mad maniac replying to hundreds of emails that I receive in a day. Looking at my desk gives me a sense of disappointment. Documents were flying all over the room and my to-do list lies pinned on the notice board unchecked. After a hectic day of work I finally packed up my bag and returned home. When I was returning home, what did I see again? Traffic!! I hated my life at that particular moment. 

“My god,”I say to myself frustrated.

“Traffic again!”

After half an hour caught up in traffic, I finally returned home and turned on the television and listened to the news and to my pleasure it said this.

“Traffic is predicted to be longer tomorrow than today.”

“God, not again,” I sat on my couch staring at the television host like I was almost going to gulp him down in one mouth.

To tell you the truth, my life has always been the same, just like this instance. My boss says that I lack efficiency as a result I’m unproductive and almost as lazy as a slump.

I called my parents.

“Son, how has your lovely day been?” They ask me excitedly.

“Well I was caught in traffic for one and a half hours and had a busy schedule replying to all the emails and my to-do list remained unchecked plus the worst case scenario, I had to face traffic again for thirty minutes straight!” I scream loudly, gasping every bit of air I had in my lungs. Here I am extremely stressed out and crying for mercy and being the awfully negative information bearer.

“It is because you lack efficiency son,” my parents say.

“What!” my brain starts tingling with some sort of static electricity. 

“That's exactly what my boss said!”

To be honest again, intentional living is not right up my alley. So, I decided to change things off a little bit and set a goal to be more intentional when I work. At that exact moment I got the motivation to change. All I needed was commitment and dedication.

First off, I start off by waking up early (not late as usual). By the way, it was not easy. I dragged myself out of bed and started getting ready for a harsh yet disciplined day at work. Then I drive off to work just like an early bird. As a result I avoided traffic which was my worst enemy and arrived right on time (just ten minutes early). I was listening to a podcast while driving. Sometimes, I like listening to my own intentions while driving. As I arrived at the office, I started cleaning the mess I had made during my worst days. The documents were slipped into files and files into folders and my desktop screen was boiled down to absolute perfection. Now, I was finally proud of my tiny achievement. Walking into my room, I get a real sense of pride that both my desk and my desktop screen are neat and tidy. 

“Everything starts off with a sharp axe,”I said to myself joyfully hopping in circles.

My life has not been the same since I started to live more intentionally. I started being more productive which resulted in a drastic change in my work progress. If you look at the statistics you can see a tall mountain peak growing and growing into the verge of success.

I tried my best to not get caught into the deadly trap named “Rat nature.” Humans were created for a specific purpose, not to live their lives as busy rats!

July 16, 2021 04:40

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Grigory Kisiljov
08:44 Jul 22, 2021

logically developed plot and a great conclusion


15:46 Jul 22, 2021

Thanks 😊


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Ashton Newland
20:49 Jul 23, 2021

Navitha! Great piece. It flowed well, I followed along with interest, and I agree with the end. Living an intentional life is more fulfilling. This is a believable and relatable story to many.


01:40 Jul 24, 2021

Yeah, I agree too. Intentional living is the key to a happy life. 😊 Thank you for your comment Ashton.


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