The Matchmaker

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It's been said that if you play with fire, you're going to get burnt. Well I don’t know who said this load of crap but whoever said this must be a wet blanket. In fact, I say mankind was born to play with fire, to study it, to even control it. Man should not fear power, but harness it. Creation and destruction go hand in hand, so we have a choice to make.  Do we jump into the unknown, and try to shape our future, or should we hide?    

I’ve never been one who runs from my problems. When my parents split up, I didn’t waste time crying. I helped my mom pack up boxes. I knew my dad, shortcomings and all, would still offer me a better future. He was in line to inherit the matchmaking business after all. My family has been in the matchmaking business for like three or four generations now. So it goes without saying, that I was expected to follow suit. It may only be worth a half a mill or so, but I have plans. Don’t listen to all those people claiming that “lighters” are somehow better. 

Speaking of matches, did you know that there are two many types of matches? Those that require a special surface to strike, and my personal favorite, strike anywhere matches. Both of which my family sells, if you happen to be interested. We offer the finest fire harnessing devices around. 

Back to the story. I knew my mom would be fine when she left. She was dating my friend’s dad at the time. I could take credit for this, but I wasn’t the one that gave his first wife cancer. He was lonely, and I was tired of my friend crying about his problems. His dad had plenty of money from the life insurance, and his mom wasn’t that great. Some people just don’t know how to make it in this world. I mean my crying friend, not his dead mom. Though she didn’t really make it to far. Maybe that’s where he got it from. 

My dad was fine, he needed to spend more time at work anyways. The business was close to going under at the time. So I guess I saved it in a way. Which is a good thing, since I have plans for it. 

Anyways, he remarried after a year. She wasn’t anything to look at in my opinion. However, her family had money, and when I say money I mean like they owned like five houses kind of money. I never cared that much for her so when she died in the fire, I’m not going to lie, I didn’t cry. We all have to die some time right?  

My dad could have used to money to grow the company, but he blew it on pointless crap. He bought the best of the best headstone, and casket. I remember thinking, she doesn’t care, she’s dead. I knew that I would never be like my dad in that moment. He lacked vision, and was afraid to make his mark. 

By this point I was a senior in high school, and I was working on the weekends. My dad couldn’t pay me much, for the work I did at the matchmaking factory. I really didn’t mind since I was really just investing into my future. Besides, I had a second job at the local theater. It was a job. Yeah it sucked at times, but I’ve been told that’s the way things are. I don’t do the whole, woe is me crap. So I made it worth my time. They didn’t see my value there, but I saw it. So, I made some extra cash on the side by selling half off tickets to kids from school. They gave me money and I opened the side door for them. Yeah they fired me when they found out, but I had built up a nice savings by that time. 

Did you know that if you invest just a hundred bucks a month you can be a millionaire? You have to start early and know what to invest in, like me. I’m going to be a billionaire someday. If you have money, you can have power, and if you have power, you control the future.     

Anyways, where was I? Oh yeah, just before the fire. So I just want to say that I did not start the fire. Perhaps one of our matches could have been used, but that by no means places me at the fire. For all I know it was a lighter that caused that fire. What I do know is that theater must have been made of some quality wood because it burnt long and hot. 

You see, if a match is made of good wood, it will burn strong but too quick. We always use the finest wood at the matchmaking company.  Other companies make matches out of cheap wood. Their matches snap or fold when striking. They burn too fast, or fade out too soon. If you ever need quality matches feel free to call me anytime.

I’m getting off track again. I don’t think anyone died in the fire, if I remember right. Besides, I had more important things to worry about.  I was busy moving at the time, so I didn’t keep track of local news. I was moving away to go to college. I thought I was going to go learn the secrets to being successful. Let me tell you something, college is a scam. The secret is you have to take control of life, and they only want to control you. I was not going to waste my time there. So after a semester I left that deadweight school behind.

Besides, I decided I could join the military. However, they denied me after a week of basic, and some physic evals. I really don’t care, it’s there lost. I’ve been applying to upper management positions, but I haven’t found the right job yet. I was living at my friends house or should I say with my mother so I had time to figure it all out.

Next thing I knew the cops showed up, and I was thrown in here. They say I killed my parents. They think I made them go to the factory and burnt it down. I mean come on, do I really look like that kind of person? I know I’m in line to get the insurance and all, but I didn’t do it. Between me and you, the jury can’t possible find me guilty right? I got money now, so I can get the best lawyers. My question to you is, “are you going to be one of those lawyers?”

August 23, 2019 00:38

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Matt Cobb
07:22 Aug 27, 2019

Hi Forest, we are in the middle of the process of reviewing entries, you'll be notified when we approve your submission.


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Forest Daniels
00:12 Aug 27, 2019

I wondered why my story is not showing up as one of the ten entries before I log in.


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