Sad Speculative Fiction

Whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh

Beep beep beep beep beep beeeeeeeeep beep beep beep beep beep

“You’ll be fine” I said softly carefully wiping the tears before they fell on Mike or rather Mike’s sleeping form

I hold his hand and he tried to hold mine tight and let’s go

“Today is Thursday the 21st of March 2021 , yes you guessed right it’s our Human Rights Day and yep I don’t feel like going anywhere but sit here with your handsome self(beeeeeeeeeeep beeeeeeeeeeeeeep) stop blushing Handsome I don’t want you messing the tubes and calling the Doctors here and cutting my hours short you belong to me and no-one else remember? (holds my hand tight) Okay what do you want to hear first, news, corona stats, celebrity news ,weather, personal and royalty affairs ( he holds my hand 3 times before relaxing) Okay let’s see what’s in the celebrity news.

 AKA’s Keenan Forbes fiancé passed on after she was suspected to have jumped of the 5th floor of her hotel room sad news is that she was only twenty three and had so much to offer the world,

Kanye West and Kim Kardashin are divorcing after six years married, uh talk about day spoilers uhm what else in the celeb world

 oh Somizi is flying high and demanding the best on the menu he recently became the number 1 bookseller with over a million copies bought in a span of a month for his new cooking book imagine the guy is doing wonders

Next is weather

Weather has been going cray cray and we are not sure what to do as you know that April is usually Winter but that seemed to have shifted with the introduction of this goddamn virus it’s Summer , Autumn and Spring and a little bit of winter in winter and it all goes back and forth that we don’t have weather services after the news since it’s never accurate , we now look on the sky and use our little information from our Geography lessons and hope for the worst fully prepared


SAA and SABC are on the verge of board dissolving and maybe foreclosure of these boards and co operations

State capture enquiry is at its peak and more damning evidence is heard every day and it’s clear to all how tightly sewn corruption is

Covid-19 stats

Total cases 1 580 000

Total recovered 1 510 000

Total deaths       54 417

By mid-may we’re expecting the 2nd roll out of the vaccine where the focus will be on the elderly and most vulnerable and to finish the healthcare frontline workers who did not get vaccinated on the 1st roll out

Royalty affairs

The King His Royal Majesty King Zwelithini Zulu is no more after contacting covid-19 and failing to fight its symptoms such as severe headache and flu like symptoms and its sad to see that rarely a week after his demise the Municipality now wants Royal Lands because the King is no more and when his wives cried it was so painful as if one was related to the King or knew the King intimately

And for your soapies

Khushi is a hair away from finding Arnav , she’s found the recordings of Angela’s foul and other foul plays Shaam planted all over the house. Aunt Manorama has become Khushi’s ally and as much as they are close to uncovering Arnav’s Kidnapper they are also in danger as Shaam will rather kill then allow himself be caught, he has no feelings for Angela , he loves Khushi but he adore Khushi more but he would rather Khushi than lose all the money Angela is wrapped around, talk about a lazy and heartless bum (I yawn)

Scoot over buster I want to take a nap  before I share my personal affairs  and don’t get any ideas I am tired and Doctor said you must rest ( he tightens my hand a bit and let’s go)

 Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep

Calm down Buster Oh I will call the Doctor to give you the sleepy pill and you will miss the rest of the updates, okay (he squashes my hand and let’s go)  Nice rest grumpy

I open my eyes and I am surprised to see that it’s dark as is total darkness covers the room I reach for my husband and grab his ice-cold hand. I place my ear to his chest and hear or imagine a faint beat , I rush to the door and scream

“Nurse , nurse , my husband, the lights, please hurry” I screamed until I ran hoarse, centuries later a Nurse strode to the room, with her torchlight on, looked at my husband and faced me

“Its load shedding the power will back on after two hours” she said and shrugged

“Do you think you might have a backup power source?” I asked

“We have two out of six generators, which will have trouble powering the whole place, fifty two incubators, seventy dialysis machine, one hundred and seven life support machine if that’s not disturbing the lights went off while the doctors were amist a brain surgery and God knows if we can afford the lawsuit that will be thrown at us should the patient lose his life before you ask we had less generators because we’ve never had load shedding and the four were faulty they had to be replaced” She left

I ran to my husband and listened to his non-existing heartbeat and mused at the knot of the hospital sheets in his hand and I have to thing whether he wanted to grab my hand or he wanted to remove the life support machine from his body

My bag falls to the floor and the contents clutter all over as I try to return all the items inside my eyes land on the sonogram my gynaecologist gave me that morning and blame my self for not telling him earlier

Maybe he would’ve fought to meet his daughter

I’ll name her Sunshine

Lights return and the Doctors crowd my Husband


“ Time of death 19H30 pm”

May 06, 2021 09:16

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