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Christian Christmas Creative Nonfiction

As I stepped outside I could see the leaves on fire in colors. Red, orange, yellow and brown all twirling on the ground . I thought to myself Lord I feel laughter with you . The twirling leave that dance in a ballet of joy surly remind me of how you cheer me up in this season. A season of giving of joy from the heart. Gifts reflecting laughter to the receiver and most surly joy from the giver. I use to cry because I had no money, now I rejoice because you will guide my ways. An embrace with a kiss on the cheek and a pasta salad as a side dish, or three bean salad or broccoli mixed with rice what ever the simple creation from my kitchen to accompany a banquet

our gracious host provides this time each year. I shake with happiness to await a delight from our secret Santa . Each year we draw names for a secret Santa to provide a gift for the adults that came to dinner and to gather among the little children blessed with a joyful event.

Let us Rejoice tonight the host says as the evening prayer is spoke. Rejoice with great happiness for the Lord has been born on this day in olden years. The Lord was born to save the world from their sins. The great redeemer to the Creator for eternal life. The leaves piled high outside. The swift snow blowing gently down the street. The Lord was born in the winter, in December. A month that His Father's Holy Spirit was pruning the plants, trees and bushes. Such a time showed God was not afraid of work for someday his son Jesus would prune the wicked from the good. The good would get eternal life, while the bad depart us. This is why we warn each other to do right we wouldn't want to miss them eternally .

I thought back of earlier this December month , when my sweetheart and I had only our social security to buy the tots gifts. Rent , utilities, water all take a chunk out of our Checks every month. Earlier this year I had heard of the Dollar Store. So my honey and I trotted over to catch a peek at what they had to offer. I was impressed to see action figures, stuffed toys for $1 and greeting cards .50 cents Surly the Lord is merciful on our budget.

The Good Lord not just prunes the trees of leaves but offers money from heaven for a light heart As the leave twirls in a colorful fire of colors like the glow of an amber beating heart so does the Lord tickle me and my home and grand children. Truly as the season of autumnal arrived it stays a few days to greet winter and grace the Lord with joy.

Thanksgiving had just passed. I recall the horn of plenty placed with autumn leaves as a center table piece. Seems the leaves are always piling up in the autumn. But to some they rake them up and jump on the piles of leaves. Others just do the chores or raking and frustrated the other leaves fall yet. Jesus never gets tired or finding people to help, or lending a loving hand. When we stray from God he forgive like the lost leaves to the pile raked. We give thanks for our fellow man and friends we've made.

Then the story of the Lord delights us to show the pruning of lost leaves in need of raking. You ever feel stray, lost, set aside?

Well Jesus is always with you. Just to help is his mission in life.

Raking leaves can be a chore. Why not offer to clean leaves out of yards. You could have your own job. and Christmas money . Christmas isn't a hill we climb with worry, it's a light hearted joy at the end of year to mark a New beginning in a new year. Gift giving is a beautiful idea for a year of good boys and girls. Toys are toys. A plastic car is a creation children love or small doll. But listen is you don't want to work free to get toys then ask what you feel is best $10 most would ask but you ask a little cheaper like $5 and you'll get more clients ( houses to help) As the evening ended, The grandfather had finished talking to the kids. It's almost time for bed .There was more things he had to say. The night falls and the stars are in the sky. He explained to the kids when you wish you wish on a star right, when You want to talk to Jesus you pray. You fold your hands and ask him anything, such as worry of other kids picking on you or to make friends and even to help with homework. He does answer prayers. You'll see. And don't be afraid of night the stars in the sky show you God is awake.

Jesus was born in the winter is true but there are four seasons of the year. Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Here is an interesting thing; Trees rest in the winter, bloom in the spring

through summer and prune in the fall or autumn .the seasons are meant for plant life. Everything under the sun has a season as with our emotional development .We were created individuals and with Jesus friendship we balance and can have life in abundance. If we get upset with ourselves we should realize like leave we are all out of place sometimes. Water ,Sun light, pruning both plants and mankind need. The Pruning of our heart is a creation of a right heart in us. A heart of love, compassion, understanding of others. If we search our heart we will find answers .And if we pray for others and our family we can hope they will change too. The power of prayer is love. Jesus said " if I had all things and I had not love I am nothing." Love is the fuel of life and it feels good too huh.

October 15, 2020 07:18

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Adebiyi Adedoyin
10:40 Oct 22, 2020

I love it. And that's the beauty of nature, only a fool will look up to the sky and say there is no God. 👋😍


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