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The Dream


The kid slept comfortably in his bed. Dreams of cartoon characters filled his mind with pleasure and contentment. I just woke up. I have seen the world through his eyes, and the world is lovely, new, and full of marvels. Tonight I will depart. I have the stuff to accomplish, and sleep will not be easy for the next few nights.

Scott is a calm boy. He is 11 years old; He is very timid, introverted, and socially inept - all the essential elements for a terrible upbringing. He gladly spends his days in his room playing video games on his Atari gaming system. Some pleasure comes from spending time on such useless amusement. His imagination is enormous, and, like many youngsters like him, he is above average bright. However, he lacks the desire to utilize it. He believes he has the talent of premonition. You can frequently complete other phrases and often know when the phone is ringing and for whom. Glad you think this since your mind is more open than closed. There is hope for Scott. Like most children. His old Scott had an imagined boyfriend. He chats and plays with his buddy primarily because he is lonely. Unlike other youngsters, his imaginary buddy is genuine to him. Real enough to hear his friend's quiet murmur in his mind at times.

A few nights later, Scott woke up screaming and sobbing from a terrible dream. His heart was pounding rapidly, perspiration and tears; that is genuine fear. Scott recounted the tale of a dream, or more accurately, a nightmare. While he slept, Scott dreamt about himself when he was older, maybe in his twenties. She dreamt about driving a white vehicle and chatting to a guy who was seated next to her in the passenger seat. The guy had a faceless, hazy, indistinct face, and while Scott knew they were fighting, he did not recall hearing the words. The adult Scott in a dream, stopped the vehicle near a substation. Then both guys stepped out of the vehicle, and the dispute turned violent. Scott rushed away from his assailant. When Scott fell on the floor, the guy immediately stepped on top of him. The guy gripped his forehead, pushed his head back, and a knife swiftly sliced through Scott's neck. Here the kid woke up with the taste of imagined blood in his tongue.

After an hour and a little rest, they accompany him back to his room, put him on the bed, and say good night to him. After all, it was only a dream, and dreams are not real. Tonight's dream did not return for Scott. The recollection of the nightmare plagued him for a week. I know I was frightened, but fear is what drives me. Fear is sometimes essential to living.

The following week, the identical dream concluded with Scott's peaceful slumber. This dream continued repeating itself while I slept many nights a week for nearly a year, and all the details remained the same. He told his parents the contents of the dream again and got just a short message. His parents thought this was simply a phase. Over time, the kid grew accustomed to the nightmare and accepted it as part of his life. Then other things started to tint his dreamlike world. A new science fiction film called "Star Wars" occupied his thoughts and dreams for a time. However, it was only temporary, and soon he woke up every night with the vision of his "older self" with his neck slashed in his head. He felt agony when the muscles in his neck tighten. When he woke up, he tasted blood, although he mainly imagined it. However, occasionally it was genuine when he bit his tongue or face in a dream. The dream frequently continued on. I took care of it.

Almost nine months later, Scott's father, the policeman, asked for additional information regarding his dream. She recalled something about where her son's dream was. He appeared mainly interested in the intricacies of the substation. To the father's astonishment, the description of the location matched exceptionally closely with one where the city police were investigating: the abduction of two high school students in January and the eventual finding of the corpses in March near a distant electrical substation. Scott's father asked him whether he had ever been there in his dreams. The response was negative and that she had never seen him except in a dream. It seemed doubtful that he had really seen the location since it is a distant undeveloped region west of the city.

Scott was puzzled since his father had never shown any genuine interest in his prior nightmare. Even more perplexing for Scott was that his father spoke to him about the location of his dream as if it were a real place.

A week later, Scott's father took him on a trip; during the drive, he questioned his son again for specifics about the dream; he asked his son if he believed he knew the guy who was in the vehicle with him was the response negative, he also asked if he knew any older high school kids called John or Cindy. Again the response was no. They stopped on a dirt road, and Scott's father urged him to confront what the kid was doing. Scott's father started the vehicle and went a bit farther, and stopped again. He glanced at the child and asked him to describe the location in his dreams. It was simple for Scott because he had made that fantasy come a hundred times closer, never changing, always the same, and powerful enough to calm him down.

Arouse fear. The location, a substation with eight towers adjacent to a dirt road, was walled off with barbed wire and a palm tree on both sides of the building, as seen from the street, to the right of the substation. As Scott described the location, his father's eyes widened. He instructed his kid to turn around and gaze out the vehicle window. When Scott did that, he shouted and started to sob. This is the location of your dreams.

On the drive home, Scott's father instructed him not to tell anybody where they were going. He instructed her not to speak to anybody about the dream. In fact, she did not want him to discuss it again. He performed what his father instructed him to do. For the following seven years, the dream persisted, and Scott never addressed it again.

Scott's parents relocated to Arkansas when he was eighteen, and he moved in with his closest buddy Kevin. He had recently completed high school, and it was time to get a career. He went into a video rental business and decided to apply for a job. Fortunately, he obtained the job, but it was a tough adjustment for a timid introvert to deal with the public. Scott was awkward in virtually every element of the encounter. Nevertheless, he managed to retain his job, and within six months, he became a branch manager.

One day at work, Scott met a customer, a thirty-year-old blond guy called Tom. If there was a complete opposite of who Scott is, it was the guy, an outgoing person who was comfortable chatting to people he did not know. He did not even know, yet Tom possessed a degree of confidence that Scott had seldom seen. When they first met, Scott's face must have said, "What the heck is this?" As Tom stated playfully, to watch the response.

Scott and Tom became buddies quite fast.

Their relationship became deep enough to spend nearly every night of the week with Tom's family, eating supper and watching movies via the video shop. Tom is married to Vicky, a lady from a wealthy local family and around the same age as Scott. Tom's three sons. He was six, five, and three years old. Their relationship altered Scott in ways he had not anticipated. He grew more social and acquired a lighter sense of humour. He was no longer scared to talk to strangers.

Additionally, Scott had acquired the confidence and desire to attend college part-time. He even dedicated himself to coursework. In the last several days, though, a faint and irritating noise has set in his brain while he slept.

The dream, or rather the horror, persisted. Details have stayed primarily constant throughout the years, with one exception. The attacker's face started to take on details; the waking, the racing heart, and the night sweats became a nocturnal event; I saw the child, now a man, and the awakening in his brain; this is no ordinary dream.

Although Scott believed his relationship with Tom was tight, he could not help but notice tiny characteristics in Tom's personality that he had never noticed before. Tom liked his wife but is highly insecure since she hails from a wealthy family and maybe elderly. As a husband and provider, he felt inadequate. He had little trust in his marriage and was offended anytime a guy gave his wife Vicky attention, whether simply in a professional or informal contact.

Three years later, Scott is ready to finish his second degree. When you work full-time without parental or financial assistance, the process may be slow. He is a cheerful young guy. A person transformed. At the same time, you sense that something is awry. Sleep still comes every night, sometimes twice every night. Over time, the buzzing noise he experienced in his sleep grew severe. He was no longer imprisoned in slumber, and now he heard it while he was awake. In June of \s, Scott's parents suddenly volunteered to pay for his final two years in college. He wants to obtain a degree in journalism. The nearest school to provide this degree is the University of Florida. He pondered the idea for a month and finally decided to accept it.

 If her life stayed the way it was before working in the video shop and before meeting Tom, she would never make a decision. With his election, he will depart the only city in which he has resided. Twenty-two years old. After a few months passed, he grew depressed. A week later, he traveled to Gainesville, waiting for him in an unknown future. However, the decision is correct. I make sure he knows about it.

Scott had hardly slept in the past several nights. He would wake up every time he neared REM slumber. His skull exploded, and his ears continued buzzing. The night before relocating, his body went into a deep slumber. The dream repeats with more intensity than any previous time. Past tense. Voice blockage other than acute tendonitis is clearer. Polling. Slurred speech. Then, the three words "I know what occurred" came out clearly from the voice he knew. In his dream, Scott unlocked the vehicle and found Tom seated next to him. The remainder of the dream became apparent; it became evident who the assailant was. I woke up now and cannot sleep at all.

Annoyed the following morning, Scott packed his final items into the trunk of his white Buick Century. He immediately noticed that his vehicle was highly similar to the one in his dream. Why didn't he understand that at the time he purchased it, I thought of another idea? As dread started to build in his heart, he plummeted from the city. He swiftly handled all his affairs within a few hours and said farewell to a few acquaintances. However, he did not do as intended. Come over and say farewell to Tom, Vicki, and the kids.

Four hours later, he arrived in Gainesville. As he drove, the noise in his mind gradually faded. She got the keys to her new apartment from the rental agency and started to unpack many of her things. He was weary and concerned, so he sighed: the rest of the furniture had to wait till tomorrow. This is the first night Scott has slept in years. There is a dream, but it lacks the intensity gathered during the previous eleven years. The first time I heard Scott's entire speech, it led Tom to commit himself with a knife. The following morning, Scott woke up to discover that he could not maintain his relationship with Tom. The dream is gone forever, leaving just the pieces intermingled with the horror.

A year later, between two semesters, Scott went to his hometown to see friends and go to the beach. He will not see Tom, but destiny has another idea. Tank Scott, I have heard his name. Tom parked in his vehicle. Scott's heart leaped quickly, nearly panicked. "Can I disturb you for a few minutes?" Tom inquired in a different tone than usual. "Of sure," Scott responded. Tom stopped beside Scott's vehicle and asked him how he was doing in school. After a few minutes. Tom then questioned Scott why he departed without saying goodbye. Scott did not respond. Then Tom added, "I don't know whether you realize it, but Vicky asked me to divorce the day you left... ... I thought about all sorts of weird things... I assumed you were together, that's why she wanted a divorce. I know this is not true today, but I am happy I didn't meet you then. What do I want to do to you. "

Scott went back inside but attempted not to reveal any outside decorations. Now he understood the cause behind the dream. They concluded their discussion and split up, vowing to stay in contact, but that did not happen.

Scott walked to the grocery store to splash water on his face. His heart was still pounding, and he felt dizzy. His body felt like it was on fire. He pondered what destiny it would have been for him if he had never left town to attend. However, it was foolish to question since he already knew his answer. The dream location, the spot of the murder of the two teens years ago, is the same. He discovered that the website was no more than a mile away from where Tom's father operated the commercial tree nursery and landscaping company. The two accused Mexican migrant laborers, who were condemned to life imprisonment, clung to their confession of innocence years after their incarceration. 

Tom had worked with his father at a childcare facility since high school and would have been twenty-four at the time of the adolescent killings. Scott then returned to his thoughts on the persistence of the dream and how it had altered the conclusion of what it should have been. Anticipate this potential future? He thought to himself. He glanced in the mirror on the wall in front of him and did not recognize himself for a minute. While pondering, she smiled for a minute but then realized that she was not smiling at all. I pondered all of this on my face for years, particularly on this face in the reflection.

I am the echo of what is to come and the hint of what the future has in store. I am the shadow with no substance and the whisper with no form in your thoughts. I am dread, life, and the eyes that blaze in the darkness of your thoughts. You see me, I know you glance in the mirror, at that instant you see a face that is yours and not yours, you may comprehend the gift you got today, but you will never realize the effort that has been done to alter—the path of destiny. I am part of you who perished that day. A tiny bit that spanned the abyss of time and occupied a piece of your our psyche. The message of the future that could only emerge in a nightmare. The rest of 'your life is yours, have a happy life, since now I shall sleep in the distance.

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