Adventure Bedtime Christian

I’ve always loved the way the wind blows, sometimes it’s unpredictable which in my opinion is my favorite.  I love how the wind blows in all directions letting no one escape this windy mess…

“Darling, could you please come to the kitchen?”  I heard my mother calling. I guess my poem will have to wait until later.  

“Coming mom”

As I walked downstairs the familiar scent of cookies wafted into my direction and immediately I ran the rest of the way to the kitchen.

“What kind of cookies are they?”

“How did you know I was making cookies?” her mom asked.

“I could smell them.  So what kind are they?”

“Well, they’re sugar cookies and they aren’t for you they’re for your fathers employees”

“What? Why do dad’s employees need sugar cookies? Are you trying to butter them up?”

“No that’s not it, I'm doing it to be nice because that’s what generous people do” She argued.

“Fine.  What did you even need me for anyways?”

“I needed you to taste test the cookies but I can get someone else to do it since you decided to have an attitude.”

“Wait i’m sorry please let me do it mom please”

“I will if you stop acting like an 8 year old and start acting like a 15 year old.”

“Sorry mom I’m just gonna go back to my room”


As I walked back upstairs I wondered if maybe my mom was right.  What if I act like a child? If I act like a child at home then I wonder how I act at school.  I swiftly picked up my notebook and collapsed into the little nook in my bay window and furiously started writing.  

…trees like hands waving in the wind, everything swaying to the beat of the wind…I tapped my pencil on my bottom lip, I couldn’t think of what to write next.


“What do you want, Lia?” I answered my annoying 10 year old sister.

“Mom says you need to help me with my homework”

“Well tell mom that I’m busy and can’t do it”

“No, You have to help me and if you don’t i’ll tell mom and then you won’t be able to go to your boyfriend Mike’s house”

“Mike is not my boyfriend he is just a friend”

“Yeah, sure”

“Get out of my room!!”


As she ran away I couldn’t help but feel a shiver down my spine, how did she know about me and mike there was no way anyone could have told her me and mike swore we wouldn’t tell anyone not even our families.  But if mike didn’t tell her than who did it didn’t make sense and I didn’t know what to think about it but for right now there were more important things going on right at that moment and my boyfriend wasn’t one of them.  I was walking downstairs when my phone rang.

“Hello Ansley speaking”

“Hello beautiful”

“Mike, you scared me!  But I do have a question for you.  Did you tell lia that we’re dating?”

“What, of course not! I promised I wouldn’t tell anyone and I wouldn’t break my promise”

“Okay I just wanted to make sure because somehow Lia knew that we were dating and at first it didn’t make any sense because we had both promised not to tell anyone but then I started questioning if maybe it slipped out when you were talking to her, but now I don’t have to worry.”

“Wow that was a lot maybe you should calm down, and besides it’s not like your mom will believe her even if she does tell her”

“That’s the thing my mom will believe anything Lia says since she’s the baby of the family”

“Well if your parents do find out just tell them the truth and maybe they’ll accept that”

“I don’t know, I’ll talk to you later.  Bye”


As I hung up the phone I could feel a headache coming on so I sat down and tried to deal with the fact that maybe my little sister knows about me and my secret boyfriend.  I swear if she tells mom about us I am going to freak out because I have never told any of her secrets so she can’t tell mine. 

“Ansley!  Please come down here”

“Coming mom”

As I run down the stairs again my nerves start acting up, what if Lia already told mom, then i’d be in big trouble.

“What do you need mom?”

“Why won’t you help your sister with her homework?”

“Because mom, she’s in 5th grade she can do her homework herself”

“You can help her you are a sophomore in high school so you know more than she does”

“I Know but she needs to learn to do it herself she can’t have everyone always babying her she’ll never do anything herself if she keeps this up”

“Oh come on she’s the baby of the family what are we supposed to do”

“Treat her like a ten year old not a 4 year old.”

“Hey, do not speak to me like that, I am an adult and you are just a child you have no right to tell me how to parent my own kid”

“Geez i’m sorry I didn’t mean it like that”

“Just go to your room”


I ran all the way to my room and slammed the door i plopped down in a chair and started to scroll through my for you page on TikTok and saw some fan edits of Finn Wolfhard and sighed dreamily how I loved Finn Wolfhard he was gorgeous I swear I would literally scream if i had his complexion.  But now was not the time to be simping over a celeb. I should be working on my poem but maybe that could wait just a little longer besides watching Tiktoks never hurt anybody.  What is the worst that could happen, it would probably be nothing.  Just then my phone rang again.

“Hello, who is this?”

“Hey babe”

“Hi mike”

“So did things work out with your sister”

“Yeah i guess I mean she didn’t tell my mom and I don’t have to help her with her homework so I guess things are alright for now”

“Okay well I hope you have a goodnight love you”

“Alright love you too bye”

The phone call ended and I couldn't help but feel lonely. Sure, I had a loving boyfriend, a caring mom, A hardworking dad, and a nice but incredibly annoying sister, But still I felt like something was missing but I couldn't put my finger on it.  It just bothered  me i hated it but still it didn’t matter because I should be happy and content that’s what my mom is always saying or at least that’s what she’s always reading in her bible, my mom is a big christian we always go to church on Sundays, pray before and after meals, and she has us repent if we sin.  I don’t get mad I just wish she wasn’t a really big lunatic about it.

October 17, 2022 14:44

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Maddie <3
14:03 Oct 24, 2022

if anyone wants to work with me on this story just send a request or comment and i'll see what we can work with!!1


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Maddie <3
12:02 Oct 19, 2022

Thanks for 1 follower


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Maddie <3
14:45 Oct 17, 2022

okay so this story is to be continued I do have an idea for this story but I want other peoples inputs so if you would like to have a say in what I put in my story you are more than welcome to comment!!


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