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Happy High School Romance

A letter is intimate

And so is your voice

This is fate

It is not my choice

I type freely,

Because of you.

Your my inspiration

And my lover too

I could write for days

About your gorgeous smile

Perhaps your funny charm

Or your lack of style

Like chocolate

Your love could fade away.

It seems so sweet…

I hope you will stay

Your tall and fun,

Someone to enjoy

I savor each moment

Like a cat with her toy

I love you.

So much that I ache

Without you it’s hard…

I quiver and I shake

I cry at the thoughts

Where I lose your embrace

Eventually going to sleep

Missing your grace

Like a burn to my skin

Your touch melts my hand

Like a printed mark

Or an everlasting brand

Your lips are soft…

So gentle and slow…

Take your time

And get ready to go

Not another word,

Get ready to start

You have me cornered

Stealing my heart

With serenity comes solitude

Time well spent

It is almost summer

But he is heaven sent

I can’t lose him

No…I will wait instead

I have strong feelings

They won’t stay dead

He is loving

And respectful to me

He is my world

This much I see

I enjoy school

Because I see his face

He sees me for who I am

Without ribbons or lace

Someone without makeup

And restricted from life

I may be love struck

And he may spread strife

But for now

He is gorgeous and kind.

A great combination

With memories that rewind

With his brown curly hair

And comforting eyes

I fear for my lack of defense

And his convincing disguise

He leaves me defenseless

Every time he attacks my heart

I do not care

As long as we do not part

Please don’t break my heart

Or leave me to pine

Love me more each day

Continue being mine

This is my last poem

Before spring break

Then I come back for six weeks,

Ready and awake

I expected him to fail

Or make a mistake

Dating half a year now

Not once did he shake

I tremble to his touch

And under his breath

His hand fits mine perfectly

Like I’m high on meth

Love accelerates

It never slows down

His eyes are beautiful

So refined and dark brown

I am only sixteen

But I hope this will last

I envy his kindness

And I know his past

His soul seems brighter

Much happier and content

He seems happy with me

And even hell bent

I now know serenity follows him

It’s appearance is very rare

With him comes a dream

I continue and I stare

I stare into the small mirrors

That pose as his eyes

I keep looking for a flaw

Or sweet little lies

In six months

I have found nothing but joy

Too good to be true

A very perfect boy

A boy with many flaws

But no disrespect

He loves me generously

Refusing to neglect

He kisses me daily

And now I feel good

He is why I don’t post often.

I receive more than I should

We go to the stairwell occasionally

To talk,and to kiss

His arms are warm…

I will miss all of this

I do not dress up,

Refusing to play 

Then I met him…

It changed my way

His body is tall,

So solid and tough

He is kind and gentle

Not getting too rough

He had his doubts

Wondering if I would leave too

I told him one thing

“Fuck no,I would miss you”

I cry if I miss school

This is how much my love has grown

I wonder what will change

As new fates are sewn

It is April now

And we reach the 6-month mark

No mistakes yet…

He acts like a shark

He never stops to rest,

Always on a trail

What is he tracking down?

Perhaps a piece of tail…

I believe this is false

Considering his respect

He loves me with his heart

While I collect

I will collect my share of love

As he gives more

I will give sixty percent back

While I continue and adore

He comforts me

In times that seem tough

Building confidence high

And teaching me to be rough

His touch is like a hot shower

So warm and so smooth…

Running over my back,

To ease and to soothe

His eyes reflect his soul

Too bright to admire

He loves me strongly

Increasing my desire

His heart pulses constantly

Falling into a beat

Embedded in his body…

There is plenty of heat

Love is not my visitor.

It is here to stay

A fact of life

And I am the prey

Someone defenseless.

Someone weak.

You have traits I cherish

And a heart I seek

Like the turn of a wrench

Or the twist of a screw

Everything has a purpose…

Mine is loving you

With each new line

And every little word

My inspiration is him

My voice will be heard

I write with inspiration

Telling about life

I know nothing yet…

I’m not his wife

I am simply his lover.

Someone to hold.

I will love him generously…

Refusing to be cold

His hand fits mine…

Like a puzzle finished at last

He has me obsessed.

What spell did he cast?

I am not bound to him,

I could go astray!

But I won't

I want to stay

He gives me confidence

Boosting me high

His love is my drug

Perhaps I may die

He teases me

And puts me at ease

I love his body…

So easy to please

He relaxes me mentally

And physically too

He loves my messy hair

And everything I do

I try not to impress

I try to stay chill

He shakes my world

Nothing stays still

We both live on the outskirts

So close,yet so far

Mom won’t take me

And he leaves a scar

A huge scar

Across my heart

I feel it strongly

Each time we part

My love goes deep

The question is "why?"

Should I break up before break?

Or break down and cry?

This boy is cherished

So special to me

I would do anything

So I could go see

To go see his face

And his wonderful eyes

I hope he is a saint

Not the devil in disguise

April 10, 2024 11:48

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1 comment

Vicente Batista
13:02 Apr 10, 2024

wow this is so deep and intense that I can feel your feelings from here, your feelings are raw


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