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Lovely laid down to relax for a few. She had been up since 3:45 am and it was now around 2:pm. As she went into a light meditation, she had visions of the Hidden Black Poet. Her memories came back to her perfectly clear and she could see herself as a little girl sitting on her mother's bed looking up at her with so much admiration. How deeply she was in love with her mother's eccentric character.

She saw herself saying out loud to her mother. Read it again Mommie! read it again! Having the brightest smile on her face as she waited for the profound words to come out of her mother's poetic mouth. The Hidden Black Poet replied, Ok baby here we go! She then raised her arms up with her hands stretch out to the Skys and bowed- rising back up she was looking at Lovely straight in her excited brown beautiful eyes then said.

The Black Hidden Poet began to read...


Your skin speaks...

every language in natural tones.

Your hair glows all tints and textures.

Your eyes mold in various shapes

and sparkles the intensity of different colors.

Your body is alluring

full and tenderly prolific.

Your mind is broad with universal lessons

wise with mother-wit

You are earth...

for the Creator placed in your veins

a drop...of all humanity.

Like your sister: Sheba, Ann of Ashanti and Cleopatra,

you are beautiful unique.

Though the world remains insensitive to your worth

in the manner of Queens you fought and may still walk alone,

reminiscent of mighty kingdoms compassionate and wise.

Make no excuses for that strength

just keep love alive in warm deeds

and radiate a smile that shows...

Before her mother said the last sentence Lovely sat up on the bed on her knees and grab her mothers neck and they both said together.

We are all one...at one with the universe.

The Hidden Black Poet then walk over to her record player and put on one of her favorite songs by Neil Diamond and the instruments played so beautiful as she began to twirl around the room in a circle so gracefully on her tip toes like a beautiful ballerina singing his song


The Black Hidden Poet began to sing...

Lost on a painted sky

where the clouds a hung for a poet eye,

you may find him, if you may find him

there on a distant shore

by the wings of dream

through a open door

you may know him

if you may


The Black Poet sang Beeeeeeeeeeeeee and it hit the heavens.

She went on singing...

As a page that aches for a word

Which speaks on a them that is timeless

And the one God will make for your day

Sinnggggggggggggg she sang at the top of her lungs

Shaking the earth

As a song in search of a voice

that is silent

And the sun God will

make for your way...

The sound of the beautiful instruments touched her soul and made her twril even faster. She finished that song and laid on the bed out of breath. Lovely was enjoying every moment intently, and said Mommie! Can you read to me again. The Hidden Black Poet said. Not now Lovely I'm too tired. Lovely looked at her mother with a sad gloomy melancholy face and replied. Mommie Please, please read to me again one more time please?

Without hesitation the Hidden Black Poet said to her which one do you want to hear now? Lovely jumped off the bed happy as can be and said. Some live Some die. No! no!

Not that one Africa! No! no! not that one Mommie Captivity! Her mother looked at her and said Chile sit down and let me read the one, I feel like reciting. You know, I like...

THE IMMINENT FALL its a poem about love and, I like love. They both smiled at each other and laugh a bit; but Lovely could not wait- as she loved to hear the sound of her mothers acting voice; along with having great pleasure as she watch her express ever single word.

The Hidden Black Poet began to read...

In the raw of existence between storms of pain and

thundering agony

You held my hand near the sprightly tree

As wind played hymns to the imminent fall.

Miracles to splendor made of flips and harps...

You were the strength of will altering the cold volition of the

whipping air

A warm smile, wit...and logic as decisive

As the gleaming blade of a guillotine at rest...

Entertaning moods as fanciful as imagination flight

Mischievously ebbing to the sanctity of pure transparent eyes

You...were...a gift of God's

Your touch promised love eternally

As we walked over the grounds of my childhood

Winds whispered of beautiful beginnings with

flutes and harps...

Now... thoughts of you are flowing through the

soft sweet nectar

Of a long August night.

They both said the next sentences together

Trees are chanting " Don Quixote! Don Quixote!"

Somewhere in Camelot...and the wind like mocking...


Weeping...moaning all around my head:

"I Pagliacci...I Pagliacci..."

Somewhere in Camelot...

and I felt the raindrops mixing with my tears

In that dark old park of beginnings

where you once held back

the fall.

Lovely know that this was it- the party was over so she hug her mother and said one last one please Mommie. The Hidden Poet looked at her and replied, I am going to make this short and sweet; but, I want you to study the words and keep them close to your heart as you grow.

The Hidden Black Poet began to read...


I do take full responsibility

For everything I do

For somewhere ahead of this emotional avalanche

I had an opportunity in choice to go another way

I could have moved a minute faster in another direction

Said...yes...or even no...with severity

However slight my actions have compounded agony

I had a choice of this or that many-many times

Along the way...

Now Lovely, I choose to not to read another dame poem tonight!!!

Lovely woke up from her short nap and rolled over to picked up her mothers book Rhythmic Rays and to her suprise it was open to page 8. LOVE IS A MOMENT and she thought in that moment of all the wonderful moments she had as a young girl listening to her mother the Hidden Black Poet read, sing and dance to her while she sat on her bed.

The Black Butterfly and the Oak Tree

April 19, 2022 00:02

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