I Cross my Heart and Hope to die

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Suspense Sad Mystery

"Sleep. Go to sleep, my child.

Nora? Sleep.Β 

Hold on to Masha the bear for a while. Daddy will be back and everything will be fine."

"Wh...what about you?"

"I'll be here, right by your side. If you want anything, trust me, Nora

I won't leave you."



"Cross your heart, hope to die, stick a needle in your eye?"

She sighed.

"Nora, yes. I cross my heart, hope to die, stick a needle in my eye."

"Ok, momma, ok. I believe you."

"Thank you, Nora."

"Can you tell me a story?"

"Well, only if you promise to go to sleep after that."

"Yes, I promise. I cross my heart, and hope toβ€”"

"Ok, ok, I believe you, Nora. Now, once upon a time, there lived a brave princess named Nora."


"Yes, it is you. Now, Nora was a brave fighter, a loyal, beautiful, and caring person."

"I'm all of that?"

She chuckled.

"Only if you believe you are. Do you?"

"Yes, I do, momma."

"One day, Nora saw trouble brewing upon her kingdom. Everyone was yelling, arguing, fighting with each other. The common people were concerned by the royal family's odd actions."

"Then? Then what happened? Why were they shouting?"

She asked her momma.Β 

Nora is a curious girl.

"Well, that is what Nora wondered too! So, she set out and asked her royal guard what was wrong. He said that everyone wanted to be better than the other. Wanted to show-off."

"Why Momma?"

"Well, you'll see why."

"Just one more question. Can I ride a unicorn and have a magic wand that can make rainbows?"

"Of course, honey. So, after realizing what was happening, brave Nora set out on her unicorn namedβ€”"

"Ooh! I know, I know! Her name should be...Misty!"

"Ok, Misty. She set out on her unicorn named Misty. Using her magic wand, she made a rainbow appear in the sky. Now, what mostly happens after a rainbow?"

"Hmm, everyone becomes happy again?!"

"Yes, kind of. Well, after she did that, everyone in the kingdom become cheerful again. But, then it started to rain."

"Just like how it is raining outside?"

"Umm, yes, but a bit more peaceful. Now, the story's over. Go to sleep, Nora."Β 

"What happened at the end?"

"I guess, everyone became happy because of your rainbow magic, and when it started to rain, everyone spent time together in your kingdom!"

"Ok, momma. I wanna sleep now. Thank you for telling me the story."

"No problem My child, now get rest. You have a big day for yourself."

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door between the thunderclaps of the lightning. Her momma ran frantically towards the door.

"What was that?!"

"Oh, it's nothing, my child. It was probably just the lightning."

"Don't go! Please, stay with me! I'm scared."

"O-ok, Nora. I will. I'm sorry."

"Good night."

"Good night to you too, sweetie."

Nora had slept.

"Davis! Go get the door now, she's fast asleep!"

"Yes, I will."


It was a rainy, hot, and humid morning.

"Sweetie? Nora? Wake up."


"Now, wake up, now! Please, sweetie, we areβ€”"

"What happened Momma? What happened?"

"Well, yesterday night, the knock, they asked for your father."

"Papa? Why? What happened?"

"They asked him to serve for the army again. He has to go fight, but we are still in danger. We are not safe here. Well, you, my child, are not safe here."

Nora was confused. But, she quickly got out of bed to see the worst sight outside her window. Bombings, everywhere. Loud noises, buildings destroyed. Nothing felt safe for her.Β 

"Will you stay with me, momma? Stay right beside me?"

"No, I cannot. I'm afraid that I'll lose you. I will drop you at your grandma's flat. You will stay there."

"Why? What about you! I need you! I need you by my side! Please, momma, what about you?"

"The bad guys, theyβ€”"

She was trying to block her tears. But they rolled either way.Β 

"They want to kill everyone. Including children. I want them to kill me, but they will NEVER lay their filthy, cold, and gruesome hands on you, Nora. I cannot let that happen."

Suddenly, they heard loud whispers outside their small house.

These whispers soon turned into knocks.

Then, before the two knew it, they kicked the door and barged inside the house.

These people were big, brutal, tough, buff, scary-looking. Worst of all, they had scars on their face. Their hands were filled with weapons, drugs, and their fingers were stained with dirt and blood.


They were yelling, and soon, started splitting up, searching the entire house.

"GO! Hide under your bed, Nora! Please, listen to me! Also, remember, I always loved you."

"But...what about you?"

"They will attack you, and you will be risking your life! I just want to know, before I die, that my daughter is alive. That she is safe. And that she is in good hands. I want to be reassured of this, which is why I am pleading with you to go hide. These men are very dangerous and will harm you. Just like they did to your father.


"Yes, he's dead, but he fought for the country, for peace, for justice, and for the right thing. I want you to be just like him when you grow up. Strong, bold, brave, loyal, honorable, and courageous."

"You mean, just like the story?"

"Oh, what story honey?"

"Remember? The one you told yesterday night, about princess Nora?"

"Yes, of course! I want you to be like princess Nora. Be like her. Be bold, Nora, and remember that you can do great things."

Their footsteps were getting louder and louder as they were getting closer.Β 

Each time the two took their breath, they let out a fearsome sign, that they were going to kill you, no matter what.

"I'll be safe, and I want you to hide now, Nora."


"I promise."

"Cross your heart, hope to die, stick a needle in your eye?"

"I cross my heart, hope to die, and stick a needle in my eye."

~The End~Β 

February 11, 2021 22:23

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I feel like this story explains itself. Also, dedicated this story to an amazing person named Nora K. Go check her out y'all! :)


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Moon Lion
19:29 Feb 12, 2021

Firstly, congrats on NINETY TWO AWESOME STORIES??? Also, your bio is amazing, it says so much about you, and your passion for so many things (I love drawing too! But I suck at playing the violin:)). This story was heartbreaking ahhh. There were so many things that got me, how parents have to shield children, how children deal with horrible things like war. I loved the elements of sweetness like unicorns though, it made the sad parts that much worse. I wish it had been a bit longer, I would've loved to see you really flesh out everything, but...


Ah, I LOVE to receive rare comments like there! Thank you so much for your kind words about my bio! I love to read your stories too! :)


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Asha Pillay
01:06 Feb 12, 2021

Your story is brilliant! And your descriptions are just great, it's like the story is unfolding right before your eyes


You have such a poetic comment Asha, thank you so much!


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Nora K.
23:21 Feb 11, 2021

Hey there, Haripriya! I am so, so lucky to have a friend like you! Your kindness and benevolence means so much to me, and I am so gratefully privileged to have the honor of reading the brilliant and beautiful stories you have shared with us all, you are so gifted, and your talent in storytelling and poetry has flabbergasted me. You are amazing! We are all so lucky! This is breathtaking! Moralities and values of family and friendship are expressed through such a superb flow of exhilarating phrases and paragraphs. It is beautiful, profound, ...


Oh wow...thank you so much Nora!!!! I love your sweet comment! Also, no problem! It was my pleasure! :)


Nora K.
13:52 Feb 18, 2021

You are so, so welcome! :)


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Nancy Drayce
20:18 Feb 16, 2021

A very sad story! And it was beautifully written! It was very emotional and raw, oh I just loved it. The ending, "Cross your heart, hope to die, stick a needle in your eye?" "I cross my heart, hope to die, and stick a needle in my eye." When I was getting close to the ending I was wondering if you would mention it and you did and that was a very strong ending! Amazing story! πŸ’™πŸŒŸ


Thank you so much! Also, oops, I gotta fix that! But, thank you so much! :)


Nancy Drayce
21:49 Feb 16, 2021

I didn't catch anything that needed to be fixed? I meant that I Iiked that repeated, like her daughter said, and then her mum... 😁


Oh, so sorry! I sent you the wrong message! Oops, so sorry about that, again!!! But, thank you so much!


Nancy Drayce
21:54 Feb 16, 2021

No problem πŸ₯°


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