Coming of Age Teens & Young Adult Sad

Ryan was getting ready to attend a party at his friend John's place. When he was about to leave for the party, he heard a voice. It was his mother Joe's voice.

'Where are you going, Ryan?' ,asked Mother Joe.

'My friend John is throwing a party at his place. So, I am going to the party, Mom.' ,said Ryan.

'Oh ! Is that so? Ok. But, you must return home within 11 pm. ', said Joe.

'Ok Mom. I will be back within 10pm. Bye Mom. Love you', said Ryan and rushed out of his home hurriedly.

'Love you too son. Bye.' ,said Joe as she closed the door of her house.

At John's House,

Ryan entered into John's house and saw him dancing with his few familiar friends. As soon as John saw Ryan, he walked towards him and greeted him with a hug.

'So, I thought you won't be attending my party. You may have lot to study by the way.' , mocked John.

'Yes, I do have those. But, I thought of attending your party for a chance. Moreover, you are my friend that's the reason why I am here today.' ,explained Ryan.

'Ok my friend. Just forget about everything. We shall enjoy the party now.', said John handing over a Cigar to Ryan.

Ryan's along with John and his friends enjoy the party by dancing and smoking.

It was 10pm.

When Ryan prepares to leave the party, John stops him by saying that he has a suprise waiting for him. John asks Ryan and his other friends to wait and suggests them of a promising adventure tonight. John suggests them of trying alcohol tonight.

Ryan warns John not to consume alcohol as it may turn a person into an alcoholic but John instead of listening to him, suggests Ryan to give a try on it.

John and his other friends force Ryan to consume alcohol. Due to peer pressure, Ryan gives it a try and spends the night at John's place.

At Ryan's house,

It was 12 am and Joe was worried for her son. She tried calling Ryan. As he didn't pick up the call, Joe tried calling John. When John picked up the call, he informed her that Ryan might be staying in his place tonight and hung up the call. Even though Joe was relieved, she was worried for her son. Mother is always a Mother. She knows when something wrong happens with her child.

The Next Day,

Ryan returns home by 10am in the morning with a severe hangover.

'What happened, Ryan? Why didn't you come home yesterday?', questioned Joe.

'Nothing, Mom. Just friends insisted me to stay there.', answered Ryan.

'Ok. I am leaving for work. Go have a bath and take rest. Bye darling.', said Mother and left the house.

Ryan without listening to his mom's words slept on the couch silently.

Months pass by,

Ryan is an alcoholic now. His grades have dropped.

He doesn't attend his college regularly. He bunks his classes to play gambling.

After failing in his exams, Ryan in order to ease the pain starts consuming Marijuana. His health detoriates slowly.

After four months of consuming alcohol and marijuana continously, he becomes very physically weak and emotionally disturbed. He suffers from insomnia.

One fine day,

'Ryan, I am worried about you. I don't know why you're grades dropped suddenly. Your too look very tired. Is everything alright? If not please let me know.' ,said mother.

Her worries were visible in her eyes.

Without even saying a single word, Ryan leaves to his home.

He continues his bad habits and at an extent when he didn't have any money left with him. When his mother refuses to lend him money, he decides to steal the money from her.

During night, he sneaks into Joe's room and attempts to steal the particular amount. When he was about to open the closet, he overhears someone talking on the phone.

That was Joe. She was talking about her hope and expectations from Ryan to her sister. After overhearing the conversation, Ryan was completely heart broken. He leaves the room without taking the money.

He spends the night crying thinking about his mother's hope.

He decides to leave all his bad habits to fulfill his moypther's expectations.

The next day, he attends his college.

He was astonished of his friends behaviour. Everyone were ignoring him and praising John.

John was now the topper of the class.

'Hey, John.' ,said Ryan.

'Oh hello , Ryan. What's up? I don't see you attending classes regularly. Were you held up with some other work?', questioned John.

'That's a different story. By the way , how did you become so studious?' ,asked Ryan.

'Nothing special. Just studied as usual. That's it.' ,replied John.

After sometime, when Ryan is on his way to the canteen, he overhears John and his friends conversation.

'Ryan is an alcoholic and drug addict. Once upon a time, he used to be the topper of our class. But now, everything has changed.' ,said John's friend in a sad voice.

'Yes, It's his fate. If he wouldn't have attended my party on that day, then definetly I would have been the topper. I disliked him from the beginning that's why I thought of destroying his knowledge completely. Now, everyone hates him and loves me. This is what I wanted.', smiled John wickedly.

Heart broken Ryan leaves the college and locks himself in his own bedroom. He sits there crying uncontrollably as he couldn't believe his ears.

He thought how could a friend betray a person?

He realized he was in darkness. There was no ray of hope and light left for him to survive. There was not even a single hand to pull him from the darkness.

'If I wasn't an alcoholic,then I would have been really happy now. But, now everything is over.' He realizes how alcohol, gambling and drugs brought darkness into his life. He recalls how bright his past was before becoming an alcohic.

He recalls the lovely moments spent with his mother and ends his life by hanging himself to death not realising that he had a ray of hope and light to pull him from the darkness which was none other than his own mother.

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