This story contains themes or mentions of physical violence, gore, or abuse.

Green eyes shining in the dappled sunlight, she waits patiently. Sitting frozen, she continues to watch the young girl reading under the large oak tree. Taking note that her blond hair is beautiful and catches the afternoon sunlight, causing it to appear like spun gold. Soon, she thinks, I too will have hair like this. 

She has waited so long, and time is running out. She just needs to take the girl and be done with it, it should only take one bite and then it's done. It must be done, if she returns to the pack without her other half, she will have no choice but to be exiled. Having searched many moons for this young woman, she knew it was time. Everyone said she would just know, once she saw the human that was to complete her. To think, she had almost missed her, she shuddered at the thought. 

 She had been out hunting when she came across the young girl quietly reading under the large oak tree. She had sniffed the air and determined that the girl was no threat, and had been about to turn and continue on the path of the small rabbit she was tracking when a slight hum began in her blood. Stopping, she had turned back to the girl. After starring at the girl, for what seemed like hours, the hum had only got louder. The closer she got to the girl the more right the feeling became. She just knew that this girl was going to save her. The hum in her blood couldn't lie. She had found her other half. 

Then she remembered what she must do to obtain her other half. After the thought of what she must do next hit her, she began to pace up and down the path. She didn't want to do it, but she really had no choice and unbeknownst to the girl, she didn't have a choice either. It was the young woman's destiny as much as hers. Creeping forward slowly before she can back down, she shakes her head trying to talk herself into what she must do next. She sighs heavily and then freezes. 

The young woman glances up and says "Hello, is anyone there?" 

She sees that her eyes are the same shade of green as hers. This causes her to pause momentarily. Could she truly be the one? The crazy witch that lives with the pack told her that she would never find her other half and she would always be an outcast. She had never liked that stupid witch because she just smelled off, but the Alpha was bedding her so who was she to question. Being the only one in her pack that couldn't shift made her a laughingstock, and the butt of many a joke. Hopefully, that will all change today. The girl glances around her and when no further sound is made, she settles into reading her book once again. 

Taking a deep breath, her blood consistently humming in her veins she prepares to pounce, because the blood didn't lie. Did it? She tells herself this, as she lays low and focuses on the girl, who is unaware that death is so close. Her muscles tense, ready to leap in the air, she puts all her weight on her hind paws, ready to spring. With all her strength she lunges for the girl. 

Her sharp claws sink into warm flesh, and strong jaws clasp a tender throat. The girl lets out a silent scream and begins to struggle as hot blood gushes into her mouth coating her tongue. She closes her eyes and fights the urge to gag and spit the foul liquid from her mouth. Fighting her gag reflex, she continues to sink her teeth deeper, until the girl ceases to struggle. Once her kill is completely still, she gently lays the girl on the ground. 

The blonde hair of the young girl, she has just slain, fans out around her body like a halo. The blue-green tips absorbing the bright red blood that still sluggishly pours from puncture wounds on her neck. Lifeless green eyes stare at her accusingly. 

"I am so sorry," she whispers into the stillness, her voice tinged with sadness. "I had no choice; it was your destiny and mine." She looks up and lets a mournful howl loose. Her white coat gleams brightly and her ears twitch back and forth. As she watches the bright green ball of light slowly rises from the young girl's chest. The wolf changes the pitch of her howl and the ball stops and hovers just above the girl's body. Once the ball is suspended, she lays beside the young girl and begins to chant. 

The girl's body jerks and begins to twitch. The young wolf continues to chant louder as the body lifts from the ground and starts to glow. As she chants the ancient bonding spell, she notices that the blood is being absorbed back into the body and the puncture wounds are healing, as the ball of light is shifting and expanding.

'Almost time' the wolf thinks to herself. She chants louder, the intricate spell rolling off her tongue.

The girl's body is a burning ember of flames and the ball of light is glowing an iridescent green and blue. Just as the last drop of blood is absorbed, the brilliant light engulfs them both and explodes outwards merging the two into one, for all eternity.

'Finally, it is done.' The wolf thinks wearily as her soul and life essence and the girls slowly bind and weave together forever changing both their lives.

Finally, after years of being alone, the young wolf can now be respected in the pack, she is no longer an outcast. The girl will now be a part of the pack and she will have powers beyond her comprehension. Her death was just the beginning. The young wolf thinks sadly that life is full of swings and turnabouts, but none as momentous as this, because she is now the wolf within. 

July 15, 2022 16:00

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Betty Gilgoff
18:42 Jul 25, 2022

Kimberlie, I really enjoyed reading this story. Your young wolf character really comes to life through the struggle she has as she finds the courage to make the kill she needs, the description of how she knows this is the one, her sense of wanting to belong, to not be an outcast. As I read this it felt like it should be part of a larger body of work because you left me wanting more - always a good thing I think.


Kimberlie Luster
21:15 Jul 26, 2022

Thank you so very much for your kind words. I will consider writing more on the this subject. I have so many ideas for them.


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