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"You wanna do something fun?" Mya asked Rick.

"Like what?" He said. Thinking hard then suggesting they enter the talent show. It's their senior year in high school, and she wants it to be fun. "Ok but, don't ask me to sing or dance." He tells her. They talk two other of their friends into joining them. Although, it was the day before the organizers let them in.

Rick, an average student, loves comedy and is willing to do something funny. But Nina is a straight "A" student who doesn't really like dressing up in costumes is only participating because they are friends. Brendan tells them he be willing to do anything as long as he has fun. Mya suggests that they perform an act that people would remember long after they are gone. 

At lunchtime, all four students continue to discuss what they will perform. "I got it! Let's give them a killer show," Nina says. "Yeah, that might work with Halloween coming up," says Mya. Rick jumps to his feet and tells them he will be the killer. From that point, they bounce ideas off one another for a storyline. Only having until tomorrow to come up with an idea, Mya invites them all to her house to brainstorm.

A group of girls walks over to their table led by Carla. Carla Taylor, head cheerleader and long-term nemesis of Mya and Nina. "I see you geeks have signed up for the talent show," she says. "Keep it moving because no one has time for your shenanigans," Brenden tells her. "Doesn't matter you, guys don't have a chance at winning a ball of dough at a bread shop. The girls walk away tug on Nina's hair.   

After school, they meet up at a party store for costumes and make-up. Quickly grabbing a killer convict costume Rick is happy. Mya and Brenden eventually pick theirs. Nina taking her time to chooses hers, and everyone loves it. Moving on from the party store, they go straight to Mya's house. Coming up with an act, they proceed to rehearse in the basement. "I like the idea of mocking Carla," Mya says. Nina responds, "Girl, this is going to kill her and the other cheerleaders."

Rick, "Mya, you and I could get a better feel for the skit if we rehearse in the dark." She sarcastically tells him, "Yeah, but then I don't think you could perform." Over and over, they rehearsed until it was right. Mya's mother enters the basement and asks them how everything was and to see their performance. Afterward, she tells the kids that it's getting late and they should head home.

The next day the kids make their way to class in a kaleidoscope of youthful faces excited about the talent show later that evening. Mya taking her time strolls around promoting the show. In his way, Rick also promotes the show. "Run for your lives there's a killer on the loose attend the show and find out who." Many students in the school plan to see the show.

In the auditorium, three students and a teacher prepare the stage for the show. Constructing the background and setting up lights for the show, one of the students falls off the ladder and hurts his leg. The teacher and the other two students rush to his aide, lifting him to the nurse's office. In the shadows, someone watches them as they leave the auditorium. Then they creep out and set up hidden cameras to record and exit. 

Lunch period, the four of them talk about the show. "I think we could win this thing and beat Carla," says Mya. "I'm just down to have fun," says Brenden.

"I think we all are going to have fun," Nina tells them. Mya asks, "You bring your costume?" Carla walks past and yanks Nina's hair again. On the other side of the cafeteria, some of the football players pick on the nerds.

"Assholes leave them alone," Brenden yells. "What are you doing trying to get into a fight?" Rick questions. "Well    

here they come," Nina tells them. Marching over to the table, one of the boys pushes Brenden and gets shoved back. Trevor London, star quarterback of the varsity football team. "Hey, quit it, Trevor!" Mya screams. "Mya! I Still can't believe you broke up with me to hang out with these losers," voicing his thoughts. "I think you should leave before a teacher comes over here," Mya says. Trevor tells them that they are leaving anyway. Before walking away, he shoves Brenden again and gets pushed back. Half of the students applaud Brenden standing up to Trevor. 

Later that evening, an hour before the talent show, each group has a place to rehearse their performance. In the bandroom, Rick, Mya, Brenden, and Nina practice. "Ok, Rick, you know-how to make the entrance," Mya asks. "Yeah, yeah, yeah, I come in and act like I'm stabbing going to stab everyone in the auditorium," he says. Brenden says, "Then I come in and act like I'm going to save the day but don't." Noticing that Nina hasn't shown up, but Mya assures them that she will be there. 

As the sun sets over the city of Silverton, U.S.A., on Halloween eve, the residents have decorated their homes, businesses, and even cars. Time continues to draw near to the talent show. The cheerleaders rehearse their routine in the gym. Carla gives the other four girls step-by-step instructions. Then the lights go out. They all scream and huddle close together. Carla yells, "Stop playing Trevor!" Then orders one of the girls to turn on the lights. Amber tiptoes over to the door and flips the switch, and the lights come on. Carla repeats her call to Trevor, but he doesn't respond. In the center of the basketball court was a Jack o'lantern with a note on top. The girls gather around and stare at it. Carla picks up the letter and reads it, "Lift my cap and don't delay, pick one to seal your fate." Looking around, she demands that whoever left the pumpkin needs to come out, but once again, no one appears. "This has Trevor written all over it," Tiffany states. But Amber disagrees. She feels he is not that creative. Glancing at the pieces of paper inside, Carla stomps away and ushers them to get back to practicing. Amber stoops down, reaches in and takes one of the pieces of paper, and unfolds it, "You chose that's using your head, but for those that haven't are surely dead." Taking the note, she yells, "Boys are stupid."

"Hey! Good evening. Tonight it's all about fun. I'm your host, Mrs. Dunlap. Alright, each act has four minutes to perform. The winner or winners get two hundred dollars. The loser will get to spend eternity in a coffin. So are you ready for ghosts, goblins, and to be scared out of your seats?" The crowd dressed up in all kinds of costumes goes wild. "Ok, coming to the stage first act is "the Mummies and batties."

Six football players are hanging out in the boys' locker room joking around until two showers come on. One of the boys suggests they go and facetiously scare whoever is in there showering. Trevor and the boys charge into the shower area and find no one there. Trevor gets mad. Hearing the door close, they rush to it and discover a Jack o'lantern with a note on top. Snatching it, "Here's the play, it's fourth and one, you could win with a kick or run. It's a trick play or not at all chose wisely, or it's death to you all." Laughing, Trevor reaches inside, grabs a piece of paper and, gets his hand caught in a mousetrap.

Screaming, he yells at the other players and tells them to find whoever is messing with them. 

The talent show continues, and cheerleaders practice for the last time before they are due on stage.

"Let's go!" Carla says, attempting to get them to perform their best. Tiffany excuses herself and goes to the bathroom. After taking a seat, someone enters the bathroom and slides a note under the stall door. "Hello, who's there?" She yells, picking up the paper. "One chance was all you had, now you will die, but I will you laugh." Tiffany calls Trevor again, "Shit Trevor, stop playing! You need to grow up play too much." Opening the door, she is stopped cold by someone wearing black from head to toe. Panicking, she screams then pushes the person. Not moving, she gets stabbed, sending her back into the stall, then gets stabbed again until she dies.

"Coming to the stage is Rick, Mya, Brenden, and Nina," Mrs. Dunlap announcing them. Rick runs through the aisles, pretending to stab students and squirting ketchup on them. Brenden enters the auditorium chases him. He runs on stage and grabs Nina. "Oh, Mr. Killer, please let me go," Nina says. "Let her go! or I'll shoot!" says Brenden. Mya enters the stage and begs the sheriff, played by Brenden, not to shoot her husband. "Please arrest that cheerleader for acting like she's smart." Nina steps away from Rick and says, I'm Carla, I'm a cheerleader, you wanna see me cheer." The crowd roars in laughter. Then they do a cheer mocking the cheerleaders. In the end, Nina turns around and shows a knife in her back. They exit the stage as Carla and the other girls get ready to go on. Grabbing Nina by the arm, Carla tells her to remind her to kill her later. 

With excitement, the boys from the football team, ease their way to the auditorium. when another JaackoLantern appears in the middle of the hall with a rose in its mouth. "Someone's gonna get it for real," Trevor says. Then Bobby points to the end of the hall, to a person in all black. Trevor tells them to get him, and the boys begin to chase whoever it is. After a few minutes, the boys meet back up and get ready for their performance.

The cheerleaders finish their act and wait backstage for the boys to perform. "I can't believe Tiffany bailed on us," Carla says. "I've tried calling her, and she has the nerve not to answer my call." Amber utters, "She went to the bathroom, and maybe she has problems." "Amber and Nikki, go find her," Carla commands them. The two girls go their separate ways to look for Tiffany. Nikki heads to the gym calling out her name. Opening the door, she flips the lights on. "Tiffany," as she steps across the floor. Halfway through the lights go out, she stops frozen. Using the flashlight on her phone, she surveys the darkness to see who turned off the lights. "Who's there." Flashing the light again toward the door, she notices a figure walking toward her. Screaming, she runs in the direction of the other exit. Reaching the doors, she can't get out there are chained locked. As the figure gets closer, Nikki starts to cry, scream and beat on the door, but no one comes to her rescue.

Bobby the only of the players who didn't return to perform, continues the search for the person in black. Peering through the window of the science lab, he turns the knob and the door opens. Entering the room, he whistles for the individual to come out. Seeing a lab closet door cracked, he swings the door open and is pushed into it. 

Not able to prevent the door from being shut behind him, he gets locked in. He tries banging and kicking on the door, but it's no use. He tries calling Trevor but to no avail. Suddenly a gas starts to fill the closet until it overtakes him. The last call he ever made was to his girlfriend, Nikki.

Amber walking into the bathroom, calls Tiffany's name, stops by the mirror, and fixes her hair after she doesn't respond. Going into a stall, she finds one of Tiffany's earrings. "Tiffany" then again "Tiffany." She goes and cautiously checks the stalls. She stands in fear of what she might find on the other side of the door. Slowly inching the door open with an eerie sound, there is Tiffany covered in blood. Amber shaking and crying darts, from the bathroom, and runs into Mya. 

Locating a teacher and a security guard, they tell them of Tiffany's death. After notifying the authorities, the Halloween festival was canceled. No one was permitted to leave the auditorium for safety reasons. The police found Nikki's body chained to the bleachers, her throat had been slit. They eventually found Bobby's body in the science lab closet. In his hand was the murder weapon, stained with the girls' blood. Drawn on the chalkboard was a Jack o'Lantern with the words "Happy Halloween" written under it. The case was, as Open and Shut, Bobby White was the murderer. That was last year. October 8, 2021, the football coach stumbled upon, Carla and Trevor handcuffed, together behind the football bleachers with their wrists and throats cut. Oh yeah, I almost forgot a Jack O'Lantern, was also found on the fifty-yard line with a note inside, which read, "LET'S DO SOMETHING FUN, LAST YEAR WAS A TREAT. DON'T GET TRICKED THIS YEAR, SEE IF YOU CAN FIND ME!"         

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