The Dream I Thought Was True...

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Romance Sad Drama


Hi, my name is Violet. I’m a smart person as you would say, I don’t get in a lot of trouble. I haven’t been in the principal's office once in my life. I’m kind of a nerd as I would say too, I have this one friend whose name’s Joshua. He's the type to start a conversation and I would say he’s popular. At our school I get picked on a lot, sometimes just for being smart. I would mostly get called nerd or ugly. Well I know I don’t look like much. To be honest I mostly wear jeans and graphic tees. I’m kind of shy around people and I don’t really know how to make friends easily. 

I know no one likes me, like more than friends but sometimes when I get bullied Joshua would always defend me and tell the other person to stop. I wouldn’t say I like him but he’s alright I guess. Well Joshua has brown messy hair and has handsome blue eyes, he’s always smiling when I’m around him. All the girls fall for him, and me? I don’t really know and I already know I don’t have a chance dating him. 

There’s this girl, her name is Rebecca. She would always bully me or pick on me and guess what?!?!?! Whenever Joshua came near me she would always pull him away!!! I guess we weren’t meant to be… I just hope he falls for me!!!

Joshua POV:

I’m heading to the 4th period now, math… Violet looks so cute today…maybe I could hold her hand..? No, she probably likes Ash. Everyone wants to date him, and Rebecca she’s…um weird. But Violet…she’s something else, she's beautiful and unique. I don’t know how I’m ever going to tell her the truth…she doesn’t like me I know that for sure. Oh god…she just walked in…she looks beautiful like always. 


Ash: Hi.

Violet: Oh hey…

Joshua: Hey Violet!

Violet: Hey Joshua…

Joshua POV: She didn’t seem happy. Why was that? Did I do something? Probably did… 


Ash: Hey, so Violet after school…do you want to hangout or something?

Violet: Oh, um me and Joshua have plans already right Josh?

Joshua: Um what..? Oh right! Yeah we have to study for a test.

Ash: Oh…that’s okay.

Violet: Yeah, sorry about that…

Ash: Nah, it’s alright I’ll just be practicing for basketball so don’t worry.

Joshua: Hey Violet, don’t worry I’ll just study on my own. You two can study together and it seems like you two like each other.

Violet: WHAT?!?!-

Ash: I mean Violet, you are beautiful…

Violet: I-...

(Joshua walks away…saddened by what Ash just said)

Joshua POV:

I mean he wasn’t wrong…I’ll just go. I don't feel really well…

Violet POV: 

What was Ash thinking?!!??!?! He’s not cute, but Joshua is…



Violet: JOSH!!!!!

Ash: Hey dude you okay?!?!

Violet: Call the nurse immediately!!!


Violet: Call the nurse immediately!!!

(Ash runs to the nurse's room and calls her back)

Ash: Violet, is he okay? Are you okay?

Violet: I think he passed out…

Nurse: Let’s take him to  my room to rest.

Violet POV: 

What happened? Did I say something? What if he doesn’t wake up? That won’t happen right?

Joshua POV:

I can’t see anything…

Last thing I know is that I fell and couldn’t move…Violet came but it was too late…


Joshua: Ugh…

Violet: ASH HE’S AWAKE!!!

Ash: Oh thank god!

Joshua: Haha, sorry…

Violet: Get some rest would you…

Joshua: I can’t when there’s a beautiful girl in front of me…

Violet: Fine, I’ll just leave the room then!

Joshua: No…please don’t..

Ash: I should probably get going. I have stuff to do. Joshua, get better and get some rest please.

Violet: I think I’m going to head out too…

(Joshua pulls Violet’s arm and Violet falls onto Joshua…)

Joshua: I’m sorry if you don’t like me this way but..I like you very much…

(Joshua kisses Violet…silence…then Joshua pulls away…)

Violet: I-...

Joshua: You don’t have to say anything, I know you don’t have the same feelings, it's okay.

Violet: Josh…I do…I mean…I do like you that way…

Joshua: Stop joking around-

(Violet gently grabs Joshua’s chin and pulls him into a kiss…)

Violet: So…was I joking…?

Joshua: Violet…what about Ash?

Violet: We’re just friends don’t worry but what about you?

Joshua: Huh?

Violet: You and Rebecca…?

Joshua: Rebecca?! You know she’s just jealous right?

Violet: So you don’t like her?

Joshua: No, and never will. I only like someone at the moment…

Violet: And who would that be?

Joshua: A someone who means the world to me…?

Violet: Just say their name! (Chuckle)

Joshua: Fine, you. It’s always been you Violet.

Violet: For me, you’ve always been the one too.

(Joshua almost falls but Violet helps him from falling)

Violet: I think you should get some rest.

Joshua: Aw, you’re so boring.

Violet: Well fine if I kiss you will get some rest?

Joshua: Nope! Only cuddles! (Chuckles)

Violet: Okay, fine. 

(Violet joins him on the comfortable bed and cuddles with him)

Joshua: Always dreamed of this moment!

Violet: Oh shush, stop being a creep and just get rest already!

Violet POV:

I daydreamed about this moment too…It finally came true! Joshua is really kind but when he finds out…



Joshua: Morning cutie!

Violet: Mhm…

Joshua: What’s wrong?

Violet: Nothing…

Joshua: I know something’s wrong now. So, tell me!

Violet: Nothing’s wrong..

Joshua: I know you don’t have to tell me.

Violet: What?

Joshua: You’re mad at me hm!

Violet POV: 

He doesn’t know yet thank you! Josh is so cuteeee!


Violet: Shouldn’t we be going to class..?

Joshua: Hey! Don’t ignore the question! Are you mad at me?

Violet: I will be if you don’t let me go!

(Joshua pulls Violet into another kiss they share)

Joshua: Okay fine, go. I’m going to go to my classes too!

Violet: Nope! You have to stay here! You need rest!

Joshua: I cuddled with you. I'm alright now!

Violet: If you’re sure then fine…

Joshua: You seem sad, what's the matter?

Violet: Nothing, really!

Joshua: Okay then…

(Violet gets her bag ready and is about to go but the nurse comes in)

Nurse: You’re free to go Joshua! Just remember to get rest and be healthy!

Joshua: Thank you nurse I’ll be heading out then.

(Joshua gets his bag and heads out the door with Violet. He walks Violet to her first period they hug and Violet heads into her first class)

Violet POV:

Time for stress haha…Well I don’t really know what I’m going to do after school today. Maybe hangout with Joshua? Maybe. I have to ask him something after the 3rd period.

Joshua POV: 

I think she hates me from yesterday…but she said she likes me, maybe she was just caught up in the moment…


Rebecca: Hi Joshua!

Joshua: Oh hi..

Rebecca: Hey, what’s wrong?

Joshua: This might be weird for you but is love hard for you?

Rebecca: Yeah, kind of I know the person I like doesn’t like me back but that’s okay that’s life right? (Chuckles)

Joshua: Yeah, I guess so.

(Rebecca holds Joshua’s hand…)

Joshua: Ahh!


Joshua: Ahh!

Rebecca: What??

(Joshua takes his hand away)

Joshua: Sorry but I’m kind of dating someone at the moment…

(Violet runs over from hearing him scream)

Violet: Everything okay?

Rebecca: Ew! Why are you here?! Me and Joshua were just talking now, leave, freak!

Joshua: Hey! Why don’t you leave? You tried to hold my hand and I’m dating someone at the moment and guess who it is?!?

Rebecca: Not this ugly roach!

Joshua: She’s not the ugly roach you are Rebecca. Just leave please you’re making everything worse on yourself so please if you don’t mind leave Violet out of this. And just so everyone knows, me and my beautiful princess here, Violet are dating!

Rebecca: UGH!

(Rebecca walks away stomping the ground like a mad lad)

Violet: You didn’t have to say that you know…

Joshua: I love you Violet!

(Joshua kisses Violet and Violet kisses him back)

Joshua POV: 

I said it! I said it! But…she didn’t say it back…well I kissed her immediately so maybe that’s why and she kissed me back too so does that mean she loves me too?

Violet POV:

Oh my god! HE LOVES MEEEEE!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!! 


Violet: I…I mean I love you too…(Chuckles)

Ash: (Claps) I knew you both liked each other. I mean love each other. (Chuckles)

Violet: Oh shut up!

Joshua: I’m going to skip class…my head’s hurting really badly again…

Violet: Here let’s go home to your place you need to rest anyways.


Violet: Here let’s go home to your place you need to rest anyways.

(Violet helps Joshua into her car and she drives him to his house)

Joshua: I remembered something, remember when it would rain and we would play in the water and get soaked? Then when we got back we would get in big trouble with our parents. (Chuckles)

Violet: Yeah, I remembered we used to write letters to each other. Those were really good memories.

Joshua: We can head inside now.

Violet: Okay, you feeling better?

Joshua: Yeah, kind of. 

(Joshua heads inside with Violet and Joshua lies in bed while Violet makes Joshua food)

Joshua: You remind me of my mom, she was my favorite person in the whole wide world!

Violet: So…am I your favorite person in the whole wide world now..?

Joshua: I think you need hearing aids. (Chuckles)

Violet: Oh now that’s just mean! You’re going to pay for that now Mister!

Joshua: What are you talking about? I didn’t say anything…I really do think you need hearing aids though. (Laughs)

(Joshua runs out of his room and outside where it starts raining and Violet chases after him until she slips onto him and they both look at each other and start laughing)



Joshua: So what’s my punishment? (Chuckles)

Violet: No kisses for a whole week!

Joshua: You really are mean (Chuckles)…but here let me see your hand.

(Joshua takes Violet’s hand and starts pulling her close to him and he starts dancing with Violet)

Joshua: I always wanted to dance with you, alone. Now, my dream came true so thank you.

Violet: You are such a creep (Laughs) and I kind of did too…

Joshua: Do you think we’re going to get a cold if we stay out here longer?

Violet: Just shut up idiot, you’re ruining the moment.

(They both start laughing)

(10 minutes later)

Violet: So…what should we do now?

Joshua: Let’s go inside and change (Chuckles)

Violet: Okay.

(They both go inside to change)

Violet: Don’t look perve!

Joshua: I wasn’t and you can change in my room I’ll go in the restroom (Chuckles)

Violet POV: 

We danced! Together in the rain! It felt amazing! I wish we were still outside dancing…

Joshua POV: 

I don’t really know how to explain the feeling I have when I’m around Violet. It’s a lot of emotions. I feel happy with her and I sometimes feel sad because I know what we have now won’t last forever…


(They both are in the living room)

Joshua: I’m feeling better. I'm not lightheaded anymore, so that’s good.

Violet: That’s good to hear!

Joshua: It’s getting pretty late should you be heading back now because of your parents I mean. They’re probably worrying about you not coming home.

Violet: Yeah, I should probably go. But I had fun today and yesterday, I’ll see you at school tomorrow!

Joshua: Before you go…

(Joshua gently grabs Violet’s hand and pulls her into a kiss…)

Violet: Josh! Like I said no kisses for a week!

Joshua: You were for real?!?!?!

Violet: I wasn’t joking… (Laughs)

Joshua: You can’t even keep a straight face while talking to me!

Violet: B- Because you’re cute…there I said it!

Joshua: Oh hush (Chuckles) I know you didn’t mean it!

Violet: I meant i-

(Joshua gently puts his hand on Violet’s cheek and kisses her)

Joshua: I know, I know. I’m a creep…

Violet: You aren’t you’re just really cute in different ways (Chuckles)

Joshua: Well you know…you could stay here…I mean if you want..?

Violet: I mean I wouldn’t mind that but would you..?

Joshua: Nope, I wouldn’t mind. I’ll sleep in the other room you can have my room if you would like.



Joshua: Nope, I wouldn’t mind. I’ll sleep in the other room you can have my room if you would like.

Violet: Josh, do you not remember what happened last night?

Joshua: What happened?

Violet: Nope! Never mind!

Joshua: So you want to cuddle again..?

Violet: I mean if you want…

Joshua: I’m okay with that…

(Joshua joins Violet and they both fall asleep. Joshua wakes up early so he could make Violet breakfast and surprise her with a gifts)

Joshua: I hope she likes this…

(Joshua heads into his room to wake Violet up and show her his surprise)

Joshua: Love, it’s time to wake up…

(Josh gently wakes her up and they both head to the kitchen where he made pancakes with strawberries and chocolate with a huge teddy bear)

Violet: Josh! When did you do this?!

Joshua: You know…you don’t have to call me Josh right..?

Violet: I like Josh better. But when did you do this?

Joshua: Today’s a special day…

Violet: What?

Violet POV:

OH MY GOD WHEN DID HE DO THIS IT?? LOOKS AMAZING!!!! And what did he mean “Today’s a special day”? Does he know? I mean who told him?


Joshua: I know a little bit about your secret…

Violet: What do you mean?

Joshua: Don’t play dumb. (Chuckles)

Violet: (Panic…) Who told you..?

Joshua: Your parents…

Violet: You asked without me knowing?

Joshua: I know you might hate me right now-

Violet: Hate you?! I’m mad at you right now!

Joshua: Look Violet I asked because I care about you okay?

Violet: I thought I could trust you.

Joshua: I know…I know you could die any second right now okay? I love you. I want you to be with me forever and always. And right now…I know you hate me…I just wanted to help okay? I woke up early so I could prepare this surprise for you but if you don’t like it I’m sorry. I mean if you don’t love me or whatever just know I’m sorry.

Violet: Why..? Why..why me..?

Joshua: I always loved you Violet, you're special to me so please don’t be mad or hate me…

Violet: I’m sorry…

(Violet starts crying and falls to her knees but Joshua quickly catches her)

Joshua: Violet watch out! I don’t want you to get hurt!

Violet: I’ll be okay…

Joshua: The disease is called ischemic heart disease right?

Violet: Yes…

Joshua: I know your time here with me is limited so I want you to live the rest of your time like you always wanted to.

Violet: I want to live it with you…


Joshua POV: 

I want the best for her…I don’t know why she would want me…Ash would be so much better…her time here is limited so I need to make her the happiest she has ever been. 


Violet: I’m sorry I didn’t tell you myself.

Joshua: Don’t worry I didn’t ask you how you felt if I asked your parents about you so I’m sorry.

Violet: Don’t worry, but we should eat before the breakfast gets cold. (Chuckles)

Joshua: Yeah, but I don’t know if my pancakes are good… (Laughs)

Violet POV: 

He’s cute at times. I mean I’m still a bit mad at him but that does really mean he cares about me…

JOSHUA! JOSHUA! WAKE UP! (Joshua finally opened his eyes and looked up)


Joshua: Yes.. Mrs. Holmes? (Goans)

Mrs. Holmes: I thought you were dead Josh! Gosh!

Joshua: Sorry Mrs. Holmes, I was just sleepy that's all..

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