"The choices I make." By Ye Wint Aung

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Friendship Happy High School

My name is Calvin, Calvin Walker. I always ask my parents about what would be a better choice to choose. Ever since I was a kid, whenever I had a problem, I ask my parents to make a decision for me. Their decisions are the best, especially for me. Although their decisions are good enough to get me out of trouble or a problem I’m having, they are not going to be with me forever, so I started making my own choices, the best choice for me.

 It was a regular day at school; I was hanging out with my best friend Ryan. We were best friends since Kinder Garden. We stood up for each other and fix problems together. I always rely on him. I was having a problem at Kinder Garden with other kids, Ryan saw me getting in trouble and he helped me out.

While I was hanging out with Ryan, the school bully called Richard William came straight up to me. He came and asked me for my lunch money.

“Hey, nerd. Give me your lunch money or I will make you cry.” He yelled angrily.

I was always afraid of him so I surrendered and gave him the money without even fighting. He left with my money and my friend Ryan told me to stand up and make your own choices other than listening to a school bully.

“Come on dude, you can’t give him everything he asks. You’ve got to stand up and make choices of your own. You don’t have to listen to him because he will punch you!” Ryan said to me.

“You are right Ryan, time to face my fears and live my dreams.” I replied and went straight to Richard.

“Yeah, take him down tiger.” Ryan shouted.

I walked straight to Richard, I was scared he would punch me but it’s time to stand up and make choices. But the only choices in my head are either run while I still can or get punched.

“Hey, Richard. You want to give me back my money or…” I didn’t finish my sentence because he punched me. He left laughing at me.

I was ashamed of myself. I decided to tell my parents like I do as usual. It was very harmful when he punches me. My tooth almost fell out.

“That’s it; I’m going to make him pay.” I said to Ryan.

“How? Are you going to punch him?” Ryan asked.

“No, not like that my friend. I will take him to the principal’s office and make him get suspended from school or make him get detention.” I told Ryan.

“Really, that’s why you always get bullied. You always make your teacher or your parents deal with your problems.”

 “If you are always being a teacher’s pet and stuff like that, bullies will always pick on you. That’s the number 1 rule. And everyone else thinks you are a guy who can’t stand on his own. ” Ryan said disappointed me.

“I know but ever since I was a kid, I always listen to the teachers and my parents. They give me good decisions. I always choose the easiest decision, like making other people decide for my actions. Or let them choose which is better. “I said back to Ryan.

“Right now I’m telling you to make your own choices, decide which is better. Stand on your own man. My decision is to make your own choices.” Ryan said disappointed and left.

That was the day when I knew he was giving me a good advice to make me be a better person. Ever since then, I stand up by myself and make choices of my own.

I didn’t tell my parents or anyone about that situation. I wanted to make Richard pay and make everyone see that I’m not a teacher’s pet or a coward. Especially my parents and Ryan. So, I started to get mature and live on my own without getting advice or have other people taking care of a situation I’m having.

The next day

I was at school hanging out with Ryan as usual when Ryan left to get his snacks from his lunch box. I was alone at the corridor and as usual Richard came to get my money.

“Want to get punched or give me your money.” Richard said.

“Well Richard, I will gladly accept your punch.” I said back. It was a dumb idea, what was I thinking. But he was falling into my plan to make him pay.

“Well, good choice Walker.” Richard said and punched me in the face. It was very harmful but the principal was behind him, perfect timing.

“You two, come to my office.” The principal said.

“For you Mr. William, I will call your parents and you are in big trouble. And for you Mr. Walker, do I need to tell your parents about this?” The principal said.

“I think I can handle it by myself.” I said to the principal.

I made my own decision to not to tell my parents. Now time to prove everyone I’m not the old Calvin anymore. But how do I do that, the day at school was over. I walked out of the classroom with Ryan and I saw Richard getting into a conversation with his parents.

I can’t hear them from here but I know he got into trouble. I know I wanted to make him pay but it’s just wrong somehow. So I walked straight to Richard’s parents.

“Mr. and Ms. William, you don’t need to punish Richard for that. It’s fine; at school we joke around and have fun. He was just pretending to punch me as a joke but the principal thought it was a real punch.” I said. I got Richard out of trouble, I normally watch him get punished but I’m not the old Calvin anymore.

The next day

“Uhhhh… Calvin thanks for getting me out of trouble even though I punched you.” Richard apologized to me.

“It’s fine Richard, we cool?” I said.

“We cool.” Richard replied. “Oh and I wanted to repay you, you want everyone to think you are the new Calvin now, right.” Richard asked.

“Yeah.” I said. “Great, follow my plan.” Richard replied.

We went to the cafeteria and every one was hanging out there. And now it’s time for Richard’s plan.

“Oh no, don’t hurt me Richard.” I said a bit loudly and got everyone’s attention.

“Give me your money nerd.” Richard said. “No I won’t.” I said then I punched him softly but he pretended to get hurt badly. “I will make you pay walker.” Richard said and left.

“Way to go Calvin.” “Nice punch.” “Teach him how to be good.” “Beat him up.” “You rock.” Everyone was cheering; no one has ever punched or took Richard down. Now everyone knows I’m the new Calvin, I made friends with Richard and best of all, I don’t need other people to choose a decision for me.

From then, I think which decision will be the best for me. Thinking what will happen in the future if I choose that decision. Like this one, I helped Richard out of trouble and became friends and never get punched again. 

May 27, 2021 07:34

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Ayesha 🌙
03:03 Jun 01, 2021

I liked the concept of this story, a boy befriending his bully. But there were a few things that stuck out to me about this. One, in kindergarten a kid's vocabulary isn't this good. I would think he was maybe in fifth grade instead. Two, I would advise you to work on natural conversations. Just imagine that you were having this conversation, and read your work aloud to check for flow. Lastly, try to show instead of tell. But other than that, I thought it was great.


Ye Wint Aung
02:25 Jun 05, 2021

Thanks, that helped me a lot. I still have to go to school and there are so many projects and homework, so I think I won't be writing stories for a while. But if I have time to write, then I will. Thanks a lot. :D


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