Fiction Sad Drama

Francisca sat on the bed with a baby on her lap.She thought if Forgiveness could suppress the true belief of sowing and reaping.Her look depicted her as a woman of sorrow and she looked older than her age because of much weeping.

'I hope that you are going for the national identification number (NIN) registration at the Town Hall', a male voice spoke

'Yes but I don't want to lose you',

'But don't you pity me or am I your accomplice of what you did years back.All our babies are just dying despite the huge money we spent.May that baby survive cause if not....',he said

Tears rolled down her eyes.She stared at her baby who would be four months old in the next three days.She touched her baby neck which was extremely hot.She bath her baby, dressed her and laid her on the bed.Francisca also took her bath.She put on a scarf, long sleeves shirt and a long skirt which portrayed her as a born again christian.She carried her baby on her arm.The town reminded Francisca of her childhood and school days.The hall was filled with men and women.Francisca sat on an empty seat at the back.Three men in suit were registering the people for nin and the people were registered row by row.Francisca's baby who had been asleep opened her eyes and made to cry.

'I have to breastfeed her'Francisca said and stood up.She went outside the hall and looked for a quiet place to sit.

'Here is your baby cap',

Francisca turned to where the voice came from.Her eyes landed on an old woman who used to be her mathematics teacher in high school.Francisca discovered that her baby cap fell without her knowledge.She became scared and was reluctant to collect the cap.

'Thank you ma.I actually dropped it because I don't need it',she lied.'

'Ok',the old woman dropped it on the floor and turned to go.

'Mrs Jonas,do you remember my face?', Francisca asked.

The woman shook her head.

'I have been searching for you in this town for years but thank God I met you today', Francisca said again.

'I also came to register for the NIN',Mrs Jonas said.

'Please I know that you are the solution to my problem.I need your forgiveness', Francisca knelt down.

In her high school days,Francisca was nonchalant about her studies but Mrs Jonas who considered herself as a mother and teacher encouraged and disciplined her as a result of that.Mrs Jonas gave birth to an epileptic son after fifteen years of barrenness Francisca insulted and laughed at Mrs Jonas whenever she admonished and scolded her for being unserious.Francisca would mimic the movement of her epileptic son and Mrs Jonas would cry.

'You remembered?', Mrs Jonas asked.

'Yes. I remember and I admit that I have done wrong. I am so sorry',She wept.

Mrs Jonas sat next to her.

'I am facing the consequences of what I did.None of my babies have ever passed four months and this one will be four months old very soon.This child is my last hope or else I will lose my marriage.My husband and in-laws promised to dissolve the marriage if this child dies','

'So sorry but am I to be blamed for what is happening',Mrs Jonas said.

'Please forgive me.This child is my last hope',She wept.

'You are talking as if I am a doctor',

'What I am going through is beyond the hospital because l have been to hospitals and spent money, yet to no avail. Please I need your forgiveness. I was a fool.'

'I will forgive you but I have to go to the hospital',Mrs Jonas said

Francisca phone rang.'lt was myhusband.please forgive me,Mrs Jonas.'

'I will but first let's attend to our priority.Meet me here tommorrow',Mrs Jonas said and left.

Francisca arrived home and met her husband in an angry mood.

'Why didn't you pick my call?',He asked

'It is because I met the solution to my problem',She replied

'So, how did it go?Did she forgive you?', he asked.

'She was about to before you called but she asked me to see her tomorrow'.

He touched his baby,'So hot.Are you sure that this baby will survive'

'Don't say such.She will survive'.

'I can't endure any more.You will carry your cross because I can't partake in the punishment of a sin I didn't commit'.

'Francisca,I am desperate for a baby. I have tolerated what no man can tolerate',he said

'You are the best.A miracle will happen tomorrow and we will live forever as a family with our baby'

'I pray so',he sighed.

Francisca woke up the next day and hurried to the place she met the old woman the previous day but she couldn't find her.She searched for Mrs Jonas .

'Please do yo know any old woman by name Mrs Jonas.She lives in this town',She enquired

'I know her.She was rushed to that hospital yesterday', the passerby said.

Francisca scurried to the hospital that she almost fell with her baby.She met Mrs Jonas who was unconscious.

'I am here, Mrs Jonas.Please I need you to forgive me.I don't want to be childless', Francisca cried.

'I... I....',Mrs Jonas said and closed her eyes.

'She is dead', Francisca said and fainted.

Francisca saw herself on the bed in her house with her husband and baby.

'How did it go',Her husband asked.

'Our baby will survive'

'You don't need to tell me that the woman died'

'She forgave me in her heart',She said.

'How do you know?.I conclude that you are doing what any woman will do to save her marriage and I appreciate you for that',He said

'Thank you'

'You are aware that I never fell in love with you but I was forced to marry you.What could have preserved this union is a child but we have none.I said we have none because that child will be dead in less than thirteen hours.I have given you chances for four good times but nothing to show forth.So, what's the essence of our union without a child'

'What do you mean?,'Francisca said.

'Your loads are outside and there is enough money to take you and your baby to your parents house.The person I love and who will bear my child is outside.So,you have to leave for her to come in',he said

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