Speculative Kids Thriller

Once upon a ti...

She leisury splitted her mouth and slowly licked up her thin dark lips. I'm just kidding. She didn't do that. I mean she obviously did that, of course, by some reasons. Maybe she felt hot or maybe a drop of thick sweet brown honey flew down her chin, her neck. Oh, I'm just kidding again!

Sorry, that's difficult for me to switch from the stereotype picture in my mind of a beautiful young girl when I tape a word "lips". That wouldn't be so bad if the word was "lip", like: She slowly splitted her mouth and licked up her upper red lip, then her plump underlip. Curled ginger hears softly covered fluffy cheeks. Oh, again, I'm pulling your leg. To tell the truth she had cracked green lips, which she gnated nervously every minute. I have never seen her smiling because she hides teeth. That's rubbish! I always saw her laughing. The lips were green – that's the fact, but she always smiled. Her smile was brilliant – when she had came into the room everything was lighted around. A fresh, fragrant odour of blossoms followed her where she strode. She was named Green Lips. Her mother was a dentist.

They lived in a cosy house with an open view to lush meadow before clear light forest. It's ridiculous, but I can't remember her driving. She liked hiking: wore her favorite jacket, put on rubber boots and start pacing the wide. When summer comes, she liked to make campings with a bonfire, marshmallows and everything. I envied with her health – it seemed she didn't care at all but I didn't think she ever caught the flu. Not her grandmother.

Sometimes it's difficult to comprehend how much relative could be different. Without some gen features Green Lips and her Grandmother hadn't anything the same. The Grandmother always felt sick. Or at least she pretended that she was ill so never would say did she under the weather today for real or by a whim. That hasn't yet decreased her appetite: she could eat a pig on one seat. Without affording for physical activity Grandma grew width and all those sequences brought Green Lips to carry out for the old lady. That made a young girl more happy and the Grandmother more sore.

I think that a narcissism which inherent to the most people is a kind of disease by itself. Often people try to give a dime just to take a dollar. That leads to the attempt by over people to give a hand just to take a glory. There is usually no gratitude for sincere help but pretty often a praise for a pose.

Anyhow I was pleasant to see Green Lips was coming to and from her Grandmother before my view. Her gay walk and shining face raised my mood and soul. The color of her lips weren't unappropriated, opposite bright green lips made a charm, a feel of freshness and youth. She usually seemed to be on her own wave: tuned a melody or listen to something by earphones.

Every year a summer camp was open on a site near the forest. There stood timber cottages, club, office. Children had a good time were playing games and sports. A tiny garden produced vegetables and fruits. Green Lips enterprises in the camp as a garden keeper and as a guide. Of course she was been a splendid employee! She acted from her heart and that made things proper: children were happy with pleasures, a garden lushed with harvest. That summer Green Lips got the Grandmother treatment, took courses for college next year and worked in the summer camp.

I must say she loved nature. Like a Buddhist she never harmed a creature. She talked with trees and knew the songs of birds. Green Lips didn't get a reasonable decision but it seemed she knew the issues of the natural life. That grew from her childhood. If you live near the forest, you don't need to go to a zoo. If you can keep your ambitious you could feel yourself as a part of the environment, a friend of calm sober trees, a companion to little hedgehogs and curious squirrels. Children in the camp liked hiking in the forest with her. She smiled and blossomed.

One morning the Grandmother made a call. She had a terrible news: at the breakfast when she ate a loaf with butter and jam, an accident had happened. The Grandma spoke in a weak voice; she coughed and sniffed. The accident happened suddenly, and she didn't even set the issue than a big yellow fly swooped down into her open mouth and she so frightened that swallowed it! She needed help!

Green Lips had been pitier her Grandma. Maybe she knew something that no one else knows or maybe she just treated her as others – without prediction – Green Lips gathered a basket and started to her ward. The path laid through the forest and she liked the routing. But that day something got wrong.

On the middle of her trip where trees lived in a dense stirring dusk, she met a wolf. That was a wolf which looks like a skeleton. More than that: it could speak. Someone could say that wolves can't talk, but I think where was a conjunction: maybe a wolf could speak a-little and Green Lips could understand creatures talking a-little so somehow they got into connecting. The wolf was angry and hungry. It made some quiz to the girl and gave her a choice. The wolf could go to her Grandmother house and ate the lady, or it could go to the camp and ate a couple of children. Green Lips made the hard decision – although she acted as has lived her whole life – she let the wolf ate herself. I love her for that.

I'm keeping a book in my hands. This was my favorite tale in my childhood, and I remember it perfect. The lips on young girl's face on doodle depicted images were colored with green crayon. On the front page the title says “Red Riding Hood”, but I always call it “Green Lips”.

July 29, 2022 17:57

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