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January 10th. This day has made emergency feel lost in my thoughts even now and then I think about it. It's like a horrible tale that my grand mother used to tell me about a man whow lost his tooth in the jungle buy eating row oranges. Don't question yourself about a word am talking about because it very tiring when ever I explain to people of how much I want to stay in my present for the rest of my life. This has been going on for the passed eight years now. When made an oath to my father that i would marry before this day. Now it's here and there is no turning back or anything of that king. He might be ill right now but he is happy and for some reason, I thank God for this day. No matter how it makes me worry, it gives me a mixture of emotions. Both positive and negative and if you could watch me nowith, you could bast to laughters because I can't help cry and smile at the same time but still, there is no joy in me at all. He is making a hundred years today.

It's been quite a quick and blowing day, everyone tossing in circles. It's his birthday. Right now I know your wondering and asking yourself questions like, who is it? Or even why are so many people tossing? Round and round all with smiles on their faces. It's him, my father Arnorld, the king of Alabama. To my belief, he is the most beloved king in the whole world or even according to the smiles of all people around me. And to him, I can't tell what he thinks but one thing is for sure. He has waited for this day since ages. I can't tell if am happy for him or not. I just know that it's here. The day I never wanted to see and he was praying for it.

Today is one of those days when you want someone to come and abduct you for no ransom but just to take you away from something or even for the ground to swallow you. You might laugh when I tell you what my problem is and still call me a fool but that is what it is. It feels weird to be king right? But why ask myself? It's me, Francis the future king ofor Alabama and in a few hours, it will be my coronation. I don't have a choice, am the only heir to the Alabama thrown and everytime I hear people around whispering to each other like " he is the owner of the Crown jewelry." It makes me shiver and cry, I just can't put me in his grade, he is thousands of times a man and a leader than I am. I can truly define him as ireplaceable. I just lost to my own bet and in a couple of minutes, am who I am.

Everyone is overwhelming with joy, my friends seating on the front of rows, servantsunami fingerings out how am supposed to be dreused.

When the king arrives, everyone gets on there feet with there head bow down to him. His face glowing with smiles. His impression seeming satisfactory. He seats on his crown as he addresses the crowd. I can't breathe at this moment. He calls me up to his seat as he speaks. "I have been loved and cherished as no one can never deserve. Till today, the day that makes a pitch in my life, my one hundredth birthday. You still show me unconditional love." He looksat me as he continues, " right now at this moment, as I recall the day my son made an oath to me that if he gets a wife before this day, I wont force his coronation. But if he didn't, he will have to become king of Alabama and right now. He is wife free and king to be. What more do you want from a trustworthy king?" People cheering from the crowd. I couldn't get a wife or maybe am not good at looking around but that doesn't mean am not getting a wife. Remember, you can't be king without a queen. So, I am supposed to choose from women today during the coronation, who will be the Queen. I can admit that today is glitzy and full of pomp.

The king then announces that am the new monarch to his thrown as archbishop is asked to crown me and to his speech I have to repeat. "I subscribe to govern the pexpletives according to their respective laws and customs. I shall reign in righteousness " then the Archbishop crowns me with the jewelry. I am king . I have a lot of mixed emotions where I have to choosee which is which. At night during the ceremony, I have to give a speech as the newe king but in my heart, I feel like this is going to be for nothing. As I give my speech with my day by.my side, he suddenly starts coughing and faints instantly. Rushing him to his dwellingirlfriend as he gains his consciousness, he asksaid me to swear that i will never live my Kingdom unprotected. I have to do as he asks but as soon as I said yes, he paseed away. He left me with a world that is almost have no clue on how to deal with but I still have too. As they lay him down on his bed. I make a promise to myself that I will try to be as little as he has been. Because remember. Am a trustworthy king. He had promised me the day before the coronation that he would help me learn everything. Or maybe his one hundred turned home back to a zero. I feel unfortunate and still. All I think of is how he left inconsiderately. He shouldn't have left me alone. I had to burry him the next day and also declare myself to the new life into have to live. The hundredth year of his life went along with him.

August 04, 2019 18:18

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