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Tiana woke up at 9:30 in the morning with a big yawn and her thin blonde hair wrapped around the hair tie she forgot to remove before she fell asleep, just like she had last Saturday and many Saturday's before that. She goes to the bathroom and makes her way down stairs to turn on the kettle for her black tea, in the meantime she gets the can of cat food out of the fridge and serves up a heaping spoonful of Little Paws "Now with meat chunks!"

Like most people, Tiana is known for forgetting things like birthdays and names but never, not once, has she ever forgotten her dear calico cat. "Wilfred!" Tiana clicks her tongue on the roof of her mouth a few times. This is foolproof, what cat can't resist the clicks? Definitely not wilfred, he usually comes running and meowing like his life depends on it. Something was different this time, there was no sight of him and not a single meow. This had never happened before, Tiana understandably starts to freak out. What could have happened? She thought to herself. "Could he have gotten out? Well I mean... I haven't opened the door and all of the windows are closed." She starts to look all over the house, under the bed, in the closet, through the garage and finally out to the back yard. As she searched through the hedges she came across a hole, a tunnel like hole that seemed to go deep into the earth, she called for Wilfred a few times with no response. There's no way she was putting her arm in there. That "critter capturing" service magnet that her mom had stuck on her fridge would finally come in handy.


 *ring, ring* 

"Hello this is Curtis at Critter Capturin', how many I help you today?" 

"My cat is missing and I can't find him, can you help?"

"Ma'am we don't go lookin' for household felines"

"This is a serious matter sir, I can't just let my poor wilfred be lost in who knows where"

"Your poor what? Alright I'll send one of my guys out there. Is noon fine?

"Yes absolutely, the fastest you can be here would be appreciated. "

While she waited for noon to come around, Tiana finally got to drink her tea, it's usually relaxing but she couldn't get Wilfred off of her mind, and that weird burrow seemed so foreign, like nothing she'd ever seen. There's a knock at the door so Tiana jumps up, runs over and swings it open. "Oh. Can I help you?" Tiana says in a disappointed voice. "My name is Jeremy, Jeremy Wader, I'm uh… here to check out the water line in your backyard, your neighbor had a bit of a digging spree and well… there might be some pipe damage so I wouldn't recommend messing around back there" he says, handing her his business card. "Oh boy, yes of course, go around to the back, there's a gate on the side of the house. Oh! And look out for a cat, mine went missing this morning" He looked at her with a ghostly face "Yeah, sure. You got it Miss, thank you"

Tiana sits back down at the dining table, stressing out for a few good minutes about all that's happened. "You're too good for this" she thought. "Get up and do something" she decides to make the water line guy a tea. "Maybe he'll like it, maybe he won't." She sets out to the back yard, sliding open the screen door but Jeremy is nowhere to be found… he just up and disappeared too? Are you kidding? The dirt around the burrow was suddenly all over the place like something had gone in or something had come out. 

What Tiana didn't know for a fact was that something actually did go in, or rather someone. See, Jeremy wasn't a water line guy. He's an agent from HKO "Humans Kept Oblivious" an organization that keeps the peace within the connections of alien and human interactions. That hole in the backyard just happened to be the tunnel one of the most dangerous creatures to ever live, 'Invisello Mola' Anything that goes in had never been seen coming back out, essentially a black hole and Jeremy was sent in with top secret gear to find out where everything goes. Tiana didn't know it but her backyard housed the most incredible find that had ever been discovered. 

By now it was 12:30 PM and Critter Capturing was late so she called them back up and nobody answered so she tried again and still no answer, trying 4 more times and nobody picked up. Today was beginning to be far unusual. "I guess I'm going to have to feel around in there myself" She makes her way out to the backyard again, gets on her knees, rolls up the sleeve of her right arm and puts her arm in. There was a swirling and a darkness, Tiana blacked out. She woke up to a bright light and gasping for air. Regaining her breath as she came to. She wasn't in her backyard anymore, this place was like an island paradise, somewhere she was definitely not dressed for, as she was still in her pajamas. Palm trees, coconuts and hot white sand in between her toes with a view of the ocean. Which ocean? She wasn't sure. A little ways up the beach there was a water spicket with clean running water for drinking. There were other footprints leading away from it into the center of the island that was heavily forested. Someone else had been here. "Maybe the water guy fell in?" Tiana thought. "No...that's stupid. Well honestly Anything could be possible at this point." As she walked into the forest she could hear faint meows. "It's Wilfred! I know it is!"

"Wilfred! Come here kitty, kitty, kitty!" She ran to the right and the noise was getting faint so she ran to the left and she could hear it clear as day. She sprinted with all her life until she got to a big tree. There was a hole...of course. So she gathered the courage and hopped in feet first, it swept her away like a big playground slide. When she got to the bottom, there was wilfred! He was sitting in a basket crying out for help. Tiana scooped him up. "Oh, Wilfred what did you get yourself into?" It was a huge cave with dirt and leaves and little to no light from the slide she came down. There was something else though, a shiny treasure chest. Sparking gold with weathered wood. As she went to go open it with one hand, holding wilfred in the other it popped open! Out came Jeremy, remember him? He climbed out of it, took Tiana's hand and yelled RUN! He ran them towards a wall. "You're crazy!" Cried Tiana "Just trust me, run at the wall!" Replied Jeremy. They ran full force and popped through the wall as if it wasn't even there in the first place. It landed them right back on the beach. "We gotta go, get in the water and swim towards the sunset" "very funny, I have a cat. Plus you're not even a waterline guy are you?" "Ma'am we can talk about this later, if you care about yourself and your cat I'm gonna suggest swimming, now!"

She dived in with Wilfred and swam under the water, straight ahead, all of the sudden everything went black again, just like before. She opened her eyes, coughing up water and there she was… in the backyard where all of these shenanigans began. Right behind her was Jeremy with his hand out to help her up and Wilfred tucked under his arm. She stood up and grabbed wilfred. "What just happened?" Tiana asked "Maybe I can explain it over some hot tea?" Jeremy chuckled. Although she was confused, she agreed and they went inside. That night Tiana would learn about things she never knew were possible, but most of all she'd learn that Wilfred was safe, safe as can be.

February 25, 2020 05:54

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Madison Pinkey
03:05 May 10, 2021

Wow, I cant believe I wrote this over a year ago. If anyone ever sees this and has any pointers, I'll gladly take them😊


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