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Its 9:30 Pm. Perfect time to go out and watch the stars. There so beautiful I said to myself. I have to bring everything with me. I could just stand here all nite. In the city you hardly see the stars. While for now I'll just go and grab a chair and a cold tea from my friedge. I honestly prefer hot tea but it's do hot out this summer. I'll also get my phone and a lawn chair. I have to spray my chair. With alcohol spray not the type you drink. Rubbing alcohol because of covid. Im the only person that uses it but just for health reasons.

I'll set my phone for one hour. I came out here a day early before my family. The cleaning lady doesn't even no yet.

I have my drink and maybe an audio tape.

I could sit out here all nite for now I'll just set my phone for one hour. I love looking at the stars It's such a nice evening. There hasn't been a nice evening in a long time. Even if there was we were mostly in lockdown since March hardly went out. When ever I did go out it was never at nite. Only for emergencies in the early morning.

Since covid came and change the world. I'm pretty safe here I'm on the beach right near my Beach House.

Theres a small corner no one goes to. I no about it because I live here all summer.

Ok my phone is set for one hour. I came here to relax and meditate. Every thing been so stressful everywhere.

I love it out here at nite I don't need my sunglasses or hat. Which makes it more desirable. I'm wondering if one hour is long enough. I'll soon find out.

I don't want to read an actual book. Then I can't look up at the stars. I'll listen to something on audio. I almost forgot to spray my chair with alcohol because of covid. Not the alcohol you drink. My hand are cleaned with sanitizer. I have my cold tea time to relax.

Oh my it's already been an hour. Feels like I just got here. Darn, it's my phone or alarm. No it's both. There's a text, it's not advertisement. I better read it.

From the cleaning lady, Libby.

I need you to come back to the city tomorrow, because I am emergency, well more of a surprise. I don't want to tell you by text or physical.

Ill message back.

Is it serious?

No no she said"

"I don't want to scar you but I really need you here. It really can't be discussed over the phone. I guess you should have brought me with. Maybe I'll come with you tomorrow?

" I no but you no how much I like the stars"

"I no please just this once. Come back couple hours please! I have my bags packed for tommarow. You're beach house will be spotless. "

"Okay, it would be nice to have some company"

"I'll expect you around noon."

"Yes probably before that"

Ill go inside I said to myself. Just one more look at the stars. It's late enough,

I shouldn't really be out here alone.

Last year I had my friend Daisy and her boyfriend Tom. I felt uncomfortable in my own beach house. They were only here for nine days, I didn't invite her this year. Since I barely got ten minutes to look at the stars. Of course they sleeper most of the morning I was like a cleaning lady. Thank goodness it wasn't more than the nine days. Enough about the past I'm going back in. Tommarow going to be an early start.

I'm going to make some hot tea and put on the television to help me sleep.

For some reason I can't seem to sleep. Maybe I should count sheep? Make warm milk?I don't have milk what am I thinking. Just close my eyes for a couple of hours.

Okay it's finally the morning. Got to get up and shower. Find something fast to wear make some coffee and get on the road. I want to try to miss traffic.

Ok it's 6:50 am not bad I'm in the car putting the radio on 6:80. I haven't been watching the news or listening to the radio lately.

Weather update and of course traffic is last.

Wow it's already been a half hour. Okay my coffee is getting cold. I'll stop and get some breakfast and hot coffee. That wasn't bad seven minutes to be exact. Back in the car. Oh no where did all this traffic come from?

Of course a car accident.

Good thing it's not rush hour. Wasn't too bad just a half-hour. I'm running late I'll pull over get one more cup of coffee and text home.

"Every thing is okay I should be there in one hour. "

The rest of the drive went well. I'm home. I opened the door.

" I'm back, what is so important you couldn't tell me on the phone?"

"Your solarium.

Look it doesn't it look different to you?"

"One minute I better wash my hands for 20 seconds first., Okay let me see!"

I said.

"Everything looks the same you painted the walls.

Thank you."

"Oh my!

Its the wall paper if the stars on the ceiling. How lovely. It's perfect for when I'm not at the beach house."

"Thank you so much"

Libby said

" I see why you enjoy that so much it's relaxing after a couple of minutes."

"Okay so we're both going back now?"

Yes of course. I just want half hour to mediate. If you don't mind some music?"

"Sure of course enjoy"

This is one morning I won't forget. I'm going to write this in my journal.

I am happy I got a new journal last week I'll be using it this summer. Especially this summer is a summer to remember with happy memories

The End

Inspired by writing contest.

July 23 rd 2020

Ellen Urowitz

July 23, 2020 14:53

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Fanice Angatia
04:43 Jul 30, 2020

The grammar seems unedited.


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