Everyone stood frozen in their places, they could not believe who stood in front of them. With guns pointing at Noah’s head Esra had finally made her move.

My day started off as usual, the first bell rang and we all ran to our classroom. Mr. Fitsbell, our class teacher was a mean and ill tempered man. One second late to his class and your whole week is ruined. Anyway I got to class before he showed up so I was safe but I could hardly say that Ersa. She was probably locked n the girl’s bathroom again. Esra transferred to my school and especially my class 6 months ago. She had pretty long hair, a bright smile and a positive attitude which is the reason she became their next target.

By “their” I mean Noah and his friends, they made her do everything from getting food to doing their assignments. Whenever Ersa spoke back the girls would lock her in the bathroom or beat her up badly. There were only two ways out of this mess, one transferring out, and second dying. I tried to help Ersa like I did the girl before her but they never learn and always try to fight back. Before Ersa it was Hannah, I got her to agree to transfer out but at the last moment she jumped from the school’s rooftop and died. I guess she couldn’t take it anymore but dying is always too extreme.

Back to today, Mr. Fitsbell walked into our class and stared at us before he started the roll call. Except Ersa everyone was here.

“Where is Ersa?” Mr. Fitsbell enquired.

“Sir I saw her running into the girl’s bathroom. Maybe she’s still there, trying to skip your class” Noah had replied with a devilish grin.

“Isabella, go check the girl’s bathroom for her and be back in 5 minutes or else you will also suffer the consequences as well.” Mr. Fitsbell commanded the girl nearest to the door.

Before Isabella could leave her seat the school emergency bell rang. Everyone half happy and half worried followed Mr. Fitsbell to the door. He pulled it with all his might but the door didn’t open, the rest of us started to scream but our floor was probably empty by now.    

 I’m not sure how long but the door eventually clicked open. Ersa stood right under the door frame, she stared at us and that’s when everyone started to walk out. Ersa didn’t move from her place and blocked the exit.

“Move out of the way Ersa, it’s the emergency bell” Mr. Fitsbell said with authority.

“I’m sorry Mr. Fitsbell but today I’m running this class.” Ersa had said without a shred of fear.

Ersa had gestured someone outside and then two men twice the size of everyone entered and shoved everyone back in. Ersa then locked the room from the inside and stood in front of everyone. Now that I think of it she had a different outfit on something that made her look older and scarier. I had positioned myself in the corner from where I could see everyone.

“Why are you looking at me like that, you knew this day was coming? Right?” Esra had commented.

And then she pulled out her gun and pointed at Noah. I could see Noah shaking, no matter how tough he tried to look in front of a gun even he was scared. Ersa walked right and left pointing the gun at each and every one of us but she had stopped at me.

“Emily. Don’t look so scared, this gun won’t kill you or anyone here. It’s just a precaution. So let me tell you guys something. I’ve been in this class for 6 months and in those 6 months you…” she pointed at Noah and his friends “…have beaten me, locked me in the bathroom and turned me into a lackey” she explained.

“Ersa, stop this non sense” Mr. Fitsbell had said in anger.

“I will Mr. Fitsbell if you let me explain…” Ersa continued with a smile “…Ok, so where was I? Yes. I’ve been here for 6 months as a student but I’m actually an undercover detective. If you don’t believe me here is my badge.” Ersa had pulled out her badge to show us.

Half of us were relieved, I can tell by how relaxed most of the other students were.

“Now tell me do you all remember Hannah?” Ersa had asked and all of us nodded our response.

“Well good…” she continued “…you remember she had committed suicide but that wasn’t the case. You see we, I mean my team, had found evidences that proved that she was being abused and we also found drugs in her system. Now we had interrogated her family, people she was in contact with and everyone except you guys.”   

“You think we killed her or gave her drugs? You must be insane? Where do you suppose we would even get drugs?” Noah enquired.

“Ahhh Noah. The drugs I’ll explain later but didn’t you and your friends abuse her, beat her up everyday” Ersa answers with a question.

Noah doesn’t answer making Ersa accusations correct.

“And Mr. Fitsbell you seem to be the one in charge why didn’t you stop this? Huh?”

“I…I… It wasn’t my place to interfere” Mr. Fitsbell answered.

“It involves you as well since you are their teacher of the class” Ersa points out.

Mr. Fitsbell looks away from Ersa. She turns back to Noah and his friends. She walks towards the back of the class and everyone takes a step or two back to make space for her. She reaches for Noah’s bag but slides into the nest seat. She had reached into the other bag and pulled out a small paper bag. She then proceeded to open the bag and empty its contents, I could only see a small white plastic bag. Everyone’s head turned towards me and that’s when I realize she had taken it out of my bag.

“That’s not mine” I said as everyone’s eyes saw me as the guilty one.

“I know it’s not yours…” Ersa said with a sincere smile. She then continued to walk towards the front of the class. She threw the plastic bag at Noah and Noah catches it. “…this belongs to you”.

Ersa explained all of us how she collected the data and collected the evidences and had linked everything to Noah and his friends. She showed us surveillance photos of Noah and his friends taking drugs from dealers.

“And for your information the dealer recognizes you all” she continues.

“Fine I took the drugs and we made her take some but we didn’t kill her she jumped on her own” Noah retaliated and defended himself.

“She jumped under the influence of drugs making you, all of you accomplices…” Ersa shouted at Noah “…if you are not aware there are camera all over the school, I have footage of you grabbing her and making her take drugs and there is footage of her going up to the roof. You followed her but didn’t make it to the roof. You all left her there on the roof from where she jumped”

“And thank you for confessing”

Ersa points the two men to handcuff Noah and his friends which they do without any hesitation. Ersa opens the door and she frees us to leave. Outside the police waiting for the handcuffed students as they place the Noah and the others into the police cars Ersa walks towards me.

“Emily Thank you, if you hadn’t testifies and told us we wouldn’t be able to give Hannah and her family justice”

“No thank you…” I had said when another officer calls Ersa “…she didn’t deserve to be thrown of the roof for wanting to reveal the identity of the one truly responsible for the drugs.”

With that I said my good bye to Ersa and left. When the other officer was gone Ersa looked my way but by then I was out of sight.  By the time Ersa had recalled my last words and found my identity I was far away from her than she could imagine.

She probably ran after me or sent men to find me but I was good at what I did.

In reality that fateful day when that idiot Noah drugged Hannah I was there to see it all. She had gone to the rooftop because I messaged her to come meet me there. She wasn’t in her senses and all she wanted was to tell the police.

“I have to tell the police Emily. I have too” Hannah said shaking.

“Hannah relax, if you do that they will come after you. It will be bad for you” I had explained.

“NO!! I have to tell…”

“Stop it”

I grabbed and pushed her towards the edge.

“You’re with them, let me go. I have to tell the police, you are all wrong”

I shoved her back towards the edge and she accidentally stumbled and fell off the roof. It really didn’t matter if she was alive or dead as long as she never told anyone who I was. 

December 19, 2020 04:46

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Fatima Krbavac
05:24 Jun 19, 2021

Hello Aman, I was wondering, is the main character one of the criminals, or did she accidentally drop Hannah? Because it mentions in the beginning that she tried to help.


Aman Fatima
06:16 Jun 19, 2021

the main character is the criminal and she did try to help. she was trying to stop Hannah from telling the police which would have helped her but when Hannah did not listen Emily (the main character) pushed her to keep her identity safe


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Fatima Krbavac
05:25 Jun 19, 2021

Like is Emily actaully responsible for the drugs


Aman Fatima
06:13 Jun 19, 2021

she is like the innocent student with good academics and who everyone trusts but also a mastermind and manipulator. so yes Emily was responsible for most of the drug and everyone else were doing what she wanted without them realizing it.


Fatima Krbavac
04:02 Nov 06, 2021

Oh, okay


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