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Okada!!! Eheee, stop stop stop. Thank you. Do you know I have being standing here for the past 30 minutes waving down on other commercial cyclist but non seems to hear my call not to talk of stopping. You must be a favoured one nwanne m. hmmm, it is not really that way. You see, sometimes you come out for the day`s work and you are blessed with favour all through to the extent of hoping that sunset never come. I just think today is one of my lucky days. Lucky you I must say.

I need you to take me to the motherless babies` home and take me back to my home. Which of them if I may ask - Kedu nke o bu? Is it the one along the expressway, the one close to the central churh building, the one at the boundary with the neighbouring town or the one handled by the Rev. sisters of Daughters of Divine Love? And to get to each of them from this spot is #500. You know corona virus has crippled the market and its affecting us badly. Madam are you there? Is it the price? We can negotiate and you will like my offer. You will even love to have my contact for future after today`s services. Am sorry sir. Its not really the price that shocked me, you price is ok by me. Just take me to the one at the expressway.

My dear, I am lost because when you think that things are getting better in the country, you are thrown off balance with one heart breaking news or the other. That is the way we see it nwanyi oma. For us plying the road, we are used to that but each time I kneel down to pray after the end of the day`s work, I ask God for one thing, that I never get used to mishaps- accidents, robbery, batterings, incidents of jungle justice, pick pockets in our roads and streets; and I thank God that in as much as I can barely solve or stop these problems, I can always give the little I have and pray for them all the time. That’s the only joy I have and it has sustained me this far. What of you maam, hope its alright this one you are looking for the motherless babies` home?

Hmmm, nna m, so many things are better not unearthed as we cannot get used to them or overcome them no matter how hard we try. You speak in parables good woman. I can observe at this point how cracking her voice has become to the extent that you can mistake her for a stammerer. I felt even greater soberity when at a point her tears dropped on my neck as if it was about to rain but am sure it was not. You can share your plight with me even though am a stranger but am sure that you will be much better with sharing your burden. I felf even greater guilt that a very elegant and bright woman that I picked with every enthusiasm and joy, I am about to leave with sadness. I must amend what I started.

At that point, wee were already close to her destination. I had to stop at the closest shop to help her clean up and brighten her countenance before her mission to the orphanage home. This is the part that gives me lfilment in my work and I am happy seing my passenger leave me brightened. And so comes another work withing work. What do I do now? Okay, that’s a good idea. Madam, lets stop by the eatry and have some chilled water, it can help you relax. Thank you.

That was how we had a sat at the eatry, opening another page to an even another round of tears. Who is here? Waiter!!!!! Oga customer, am here. How can we help you? Get me one chilled 100cl of bottled water and 2 bottles of 75cl sprite.

Ok tell me what is the matter good woman? Mmay evil you do not know come to you. I am visiting these people with the intention of adopting a child. But looking at you maam, you are elegant and charming. Smiles. That no one would believe or imagine you are not married not to talk of adopting. Or you can even remarry, who knows I would be the lucky one this time. Smiles again. You see, I am in my early fourtys and married. My husband is still alive. So don`t worry yet.

It all happened two years ago while we were coming back after our christmas vacation, the whole family of six were in our newly acquired sienna-XLE; 2 boys and two girls, father and mother. It was a lovely memorable christmas with whole extended family at the village. I wished the celebration of that year ended with a happily ever after. We have gone half way, remaining some half an hour to enter the city when all of a sudden, one of those big trucks had break failure. We were all asleep except for daddy who is on the steering, I by his side while the children were at the back. What happen afterwards I do no not know. I only could open my eyes 2 days later to behold my sister, Cherry, who received the emergency call as she was living in the same city with us and could attend to us faster. I could not see my darling nor my children, I was only assured that they are ok. Yes, they were okay but no okay. I never knew I was being prepared for, now a conscious reception of a worst news. My two daughters, the eldest and immediate, Kaima and Chidindu died on the spot as they were close to the side from which the attack came. Uchechukwu, the eldest son died the next day as he could not bear the shock while the last of them all, Chinedum, is still undergoing surgeries for the 3third time ever since to get his fractured legs fixed again. My darling had to be amputated due to his being diabetic, his wounds could not heal. I am now left alone to bear the burden of taking care of my only son left and my husband, Ekenedirichukwu.

I do go around in the city to visit the orphanage each time I remember my lost children, it gives me peace of mind, strength and hope to carry on. What of chinedum, how is he coping with the loss of his siblings. My dear, it is part of the reason while I have come down to the village. I still have company in Ekene my husband, but our only surviving child has none. The worst of it all is that never does a day pass without him asking of his siblings, especially Kaima, his eldest sister whom he is so fond of. I hope to find another baby girl whom I will name Kaima, who knows what will happen. On another part, I shed tears of joy as circumstances wanted to make me childless again after suffering from being fatherless and mothrles as a child but God saw my past and wouldn’t let it all happen. As my name is KAMNENECHUKWU, I will keep looking at this situation and am sure to conquer. Nwanyi oma, you really are a good woman. Your good heart will fetch you the peace you deserve. In that case, we have to get to the orphanage owned by the Rev. sisters of Daughters of Divine Love, you are sure to get what you are looking for there.

You really have suffered a lot in a very short while. Okay, you know what? Just forget about the remaining transfort fare, I will take you there free and anytime you need to get there, just call me, I will be ready to take you there. Onye nke gi mekwaara gi. May you never lack favour in your greatest times of need. Waiter!!!!
























June 11, 2020 15:28

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