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" No, I said your house almost burned up. I never claimed it actually did." Explained a grumpy, over weight, white bearded man.

A middle aged woman and a heavy set bearded man were speeding through a suburban neighborhood, in a black dodge charger, hurrying to reach the middle aged woman's home.

" George, I swear, if anything is damaged. I will...grrr, I will knock your lights out." Proclaimed the middle aged woman, clinching the steering wheel tighter.

" I promise you Bertha, nothing got destroyed. Just a few curtains were cinged and one burnt hole in the sofa from the sparks." George told Bertha nervously.

Bertha Hughes, skinny and wrinkly with a horse face, was driving back home from work after George Yates picked her up twenty minutes prior them heading home.

George and Bertha have been roommates for two years now, Bertha asking George to move in with her at her place. They also have been co-workers at Stan's bar and grill for four years, Bertha is the manager and George the bartender.

Bertha made some skid marks when she abruptly stopped in her driveway, looked over at George with angry face and said,

" A few curtains cinged? My mother's blue curtains? Those have been in my family since my grandmother George."

Bertha looked away from George now with a sad expression, staring at her house.

" How could you have had this happen? Did the neighbors see anything?"

George unbuckled his seat belt, gave a sigh, then replied passively, as he was getting out of the car.

" I don't know. It is three in the morning, everybody is probably asleep."

" Damnt George, why can't you wait until I am home before you start messing around with that stuff?"

Bertha and George made it into Bertha's home, which was a two bedroom, one story modern brick home. Nothing was destroyed as George had claimed, and was right about the curtains cinged, with the small burnt hole in the sofa.

Bertha threw her car keys into a small bowl located on the kitchen counter, once inside the house and ran up to her mother's curtains, shaking her head. George, however, took his que and went straight to his room, as to stay clear of Bertha's anger. The rest of the night Bertha replaced the curtains and George went instantly asleep.

Next morning, George came out of his room for some breakfast seeing Bertha sitting at the table drinking coffee. She was fiddling with a triangle shape crystal, but colored yellow. A citrine, merchant stone, said to have a alleged ability to manifest energy and wealth. Supposedly a crystal powered by the sun.

" Did you not get any sleep? George asked Bertha, grabbing the box of cereal off the top of the refrigerator.

" No." Bertha replied coldly.

" Listen, Bertha." George now pouring milk into his cereal bowl. " I am sorry, I got over zealous and pushed the magic to far."

Bertha ñow angry said,

" George, since you went and summoned, not one sun God, but Ra, Helios and Sol, we now have a triangle trivorce symbol on our front room window."

George now sitting at the table, eying his bowl of cereal but not certain if it is a good idea to start eating just stayed sitted and quite. Bertha continued on,

" I mean look at this crystal, it is shaped in a triangle as well. If we do not fix this we will be cursed with flame. FLAME George! You know what that means?

George just shrugged his shoulders and nodded his head no.

" It means that triangle symbol on the window, will bring forth three sun God's who will take us straight to hell. Not one sun God...THREE!"

Bertha gave a little giggle and said,

" I told you this magic was to be used with caution and that I had to be the one who calls forth this magic."

Bertha then chunked the yellow crystal at George, who did not even budge to avoid the incoming projectile, and the crystal hit him on the arm then landed on the floor.

" I should have never trusted you with this information. You got greedy George. You think they would give you power?

" Bertha, I figured if summoned all three sun God's that yes, we could have all that we wanted. You told me that the power of three states that whatever energy a person puts out into the world, be it positive or negative, will be returned to that person three times."

Bertha looked at George wide eyes,

" The power of three means you do good you get back three times, you do bad, like you have done, you get back three times."

George picked up the crystal laying on the floor and held it up to where Bertha could see it.

" This crystal last night bursted into flames and shaped into a triangle in my hands. I believe the sun God's answered me with a good sign, not bad."

George then pointed to the front room window,

" That golden triangle symbol on the window is a sign that the sun God's answered my prayers. All we need to do now is see what that symbol does, what magic it has turned that window into."

Holding her cup of coffee with both hands and shaking her head Bertha said,

" Your crazy George. That symbol is a curse, not a blessing. Soon the sun God's will come and take us away or just burn us here."

Laughing out loud George looked at Bertha and retorted,

" Listen too you. Your the one that is crazy. Why would three ancient God's torture us for? We done nothing wrong."

" You summoned them from there heavenly place. A very wrong and insulting thing to do George." Bertha said now getting up from her chair and walking towards her bedroom.

" I am going to get some sleep. Maybe the curse will come when I am unaware, with me off in my dream."

George finally ate his cereal and sat at the table looking over the yellow crystal. Bertha now fast asleep in her bedroom, only time will tell if the summoning of the three sun God's will be a curse or a miracle.

Just about the time George finished his second bowl of cereal is when the triangle symbol on the window started to glow and get hotter. A stream of fire then came through the middle of the triangle symbol and hit Bertha's front room wall, instantly catching it on fire.

George ran quickly to the front room as his over weight would allow. Yelled for Bertha, who was now awake and running up to be beside George, grabbing his arm.

" The curse. This is it George, the curse is here, this triangle curse of fire."

George grabbed Bertha's arm and said,

" I am sorry, I did not expect a curse. Look at that."

Both George and Bertha looked at the triangle symbol on the window, which has now gotten larger, and saw three figures inside the symbol, coming towards them. They steeped into Bertha's front room and walked right up to Bertha and George.

" Thank you mortals for freeing us. You shall be rewarded with a fire shield to guard you against our flaming wraith, as you caring out our orders, you are now our servants."

A fire cloak surrounded them both, and Bertha and George were tasked to work with the flame to create a new world as the three sun God's seemed fit, after the sun God's destroyed all structures, all man made materials, everyone with flame,except for Bertha and George, and scourged the earth.

George and Bertha were never the same again, and George regretted for ever bringing the sun God's back to earth. For bringing the triangle curse of fire upon the world.

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