There is a warmth that tumbles out in the winter time; when all else is so cold. It radiates from those who love and nurture as easily as they breathe. In truth, the sparks of warmth are always there no matter the season, just like a warm rock blends into a summer beach, yet melts winter ice.

The skies colours of my world with their winter coats, each hue darker and richer than before. The path sparkles and crunches, like sugar underfoot, and the coolness brings me right into the now, into the moment of life. Shoving the door inwards, the sudden warmth picked at the numbness as a new mask slapped my face. “Al’ right Lil, bit cold.” Smiled Bob as he hugged me. Bob was the only worker with me.

“I’m fine, it’s freezing outside.” I answered as the last night decision lingered in my brain. “Bob...”

“Yeah.” He muttered as he was distracted with the newspaper.

“I think it’s time to let go of her.” I suggested, wincing, I peered down at the floor.

“I know Lilly... I may be getting old in my days, but I've decided to resign from my job. I decided... I should take Margaret out on the cruise ship. She deserves it.”

Looking up at him, I said, “I decided, with mum... family in heaven, I should take myself where I want. I’ve kept the savings and selling the inn, we will make a profit.”

Squeezing my shoulder supportively, he uttered out, “We? Lilly we have had this talk before. Margaret and me have enough money, we don’t need anymore. You should keep it...”

“Look Bob, you’re the only worker who stayed and helped.“

“You deserve this! Take life by the hinges. You are still young, and...” Whimpering Bob looked lost in the tiled patterns on the ground. “Your family, in heaven would be so proud of you. I am.”

He left the room in a hurry as the few customers arrived, only the locals, Mr and Mrs Murray, Mr and Mrs Walters, and Mrs Wane. Grabbing the tissues, I wiped my grubby face and inhaled deeply as I left the staff lounge.

This is it, you can do this. Walking up to the counter, Mr and Mrs Murray hugged me, Mr and Mrs Walters air kissed me, and Mrs Wane bear hugged me with so much love. Mrs Wane was like a real mother figure. Taking her to her favourite chair in the lounge, she sat breathless as I placed myself next to her. “Something’s bothering you dear.” She came up with as she searched my face.

“Wh... what? Nothing’s bothering me.” I stuttered as I hid my emotions. My heart pounded as I knew, she knew, that I knew ,that she knew what was the issue. Darn it for her beautiful, innocent self.

“Go ahead with it, I support you. You deserve this break.”

Looking up at her, “Bob told you didn’t he.” Averting the subject, “So I heard, you are going on a cruise ship with Margaret and Bob. So I see... you’re finding a new man. Get them girl!” I shouted as we ended up in a fit of chuckles.


“Bye guys. I’m gonna miss you old people!” I shuddered as I let few tears pass through the thorns and needles that no longer guarded my heart. Hugging everyone, they left yet three significant people stayed back. “Mrs Wane, keep on hitting the men, Bob and Margaret, happily married for a century. I am going to miss you guys the most.”

“Thank you dear, watch when you become centuries old. You’d be this sad that your little girl is leaving you. I love you, when you come back, my door will always be open for you.” She hugged me as she whispered in my ear. “Hit the men’s aisle, you’re young. But be careful.”

Hugging them off, I boarded the airplane with more than butterflies flapping in my stomach, I was given the whole damn zoo. The peace was suddenly by the two love birds next to me, “Excuse me, hello? Hello? Can you stop barging into me?!”

They stood to face me. A beautiful Italian goddess with tanned skin, caramel-like and her french boyfriend, ignorant af and a total bastard. “Can’t vu see, ve ver in de middle of somfing’ No!” He shouted in his french accent. It was such an annoying voice.

He returned back to his french kissing, frustrated, I walked past him and entered the plane. The plane was packed due to Christmas. Luckily I was sitting next to the window, and no children were sitting next to me, thank god!

Facing my phone I said goodbye to ‘The Elders’ and craned my head back in a comfortable position so that I could close my eyes and drain out the voices around me with music. Everything was quiet but my rap music took over as I bobbed my head side to side. What felt like seconds, we were halfway through the flight! Paris here I come! I can’t wait to take a pic in front of the Eiffel Tower and eat anything I want. I’ll also have to text Mrs Wane about her men. Suddenly the music drained out as my earphones were pulled out, “Excuse me, sorry for earlier.” I looked up to see the young man sit next to me but with no Italian girlfriend.

“It’s fine.” I managed to get out. “What happened to the accent?”

“I put it on for Maria, woos the girls, well certainly not you.” He sheepishly looked at me, his eyes lit up like a kid on Christmas.

“I accept your apology,” I said as he stifled a laugh. “What?”

My eyebrows furrowed together in confusion as he replied, “Don’t you ever get a joke!” I was still confused until he blabbered out, “I’m not actually sorry, it was your fault! You could’ve walked past, but no! Walk into our business.”

Disgusted, I put my bud in my ear again and hummed long in my brain, the worst thing about being on an aeroplane is sitting next to children. Instead I was sitting next to a... a... I have no words. And was not only the worst thing, I needed to go to the cubicle. For that, I had to nudge past the donkey.

Oh fudge it! I pushed his knees in yet stood there as I politely asked the old man next to him, “Excuse me, thank you.”

“You’re welcome dear, such beautiful behaviour.” He replied in response as I shared a full hearted smile. I walked confidently into the cubicle as I squished onto the toilet seat. “Why isn’t it bigger?” I muttered under my breath.

“Because this isn’t first class ‘dear!’ Be quick.” Someone snarly whispered. In effect I took much more time to torture them. Opening the cubicle door, the same man stood there twisting his legs in agony. In response, I gave him a sugar coated giggle but then whispered ‘Go wee, donkey.”

Walking off, I strutted my stuff, at least someone could appreciate it for once. Walking by, I thought I noticed a memorable face. Turning back, was that really Arthur! Walking up to him, I peeped up at him in surprise. “Arthur!”

He looked up at me in shock, “Lil! Is that really you? Oh my god, you look so much more beautiful than the nerd I dated in nursery!” We ended up in a fit of laughter as someone pushed past me angrily.

“Yes Arthur, it’s me. How are you?” I let out as the thrill and shrill of excitement pleasantly washed over my soul in happiness.

“I’m good, even better now that you’re here! How are you!”

“I’m fine except, I’m sitting next to some ass.” Looking at me knowingly as he grinned at me knowingly. “Yes, our famous motto.”

“You see that man, grab him by the ass. If he the ass, give him a little something to remember. Skadoosh!”

“Yes! Well I better get back to my seat. Well, we’ll meet after flight, promise.” I asked as he nodded in response.

Walking back to my seat, I noticed the annoying man wasn’t there. So I politely went past the old man, except he was asleep. Grabbing the blanket I put it over him, it was a habit I had after looking after everyone at the hotel. Sitting down, I lay back and peered out of the window. In and out. In and out. In... and out.

The same annoying man came back and sat down. “Re-applied makeup?” I questioned as I cocked an eyebrow and looked away. Lipstick was smeared across his face, looking into his phones reflection, he cursed.

“Paying attention now, are we?” He fired back angrily.

“Only looking at the donkey in the plane.” I innocently replied.

“Hahaha!” He replied until his voice dropped when he faced the air hostess, who came by giving out drinks and meals. He looked down awkwardly, as I asked the lady for 2 cups of coke and one vegetarian meal and one normal meal. Whilst we ate he thankfully said, “Thank you and I’m sorry for before, not joking. You are a vegetarian?”

“No! Just thought it would take the attention off of you and instead on something worthwhile.” I spoke as I wiggled my eyebrows about which brought chuckles out of him. “Good now at least you’re not embarrassed.”

“Well now that it’s certain you’re definitely a meat-eater and... single?” He asked.

“None of your business.” I came out with as he tried to wiggle about his eyebrows which came out in a weird perverted kind of way; yes! Which ended up with fits of laughter.

“Fine, single. How can you tell?”

“Slightly bossy, protective, beautiful from the inside and kind. I saw you put the blanket over the man and you were so nice to the ‘donkey’.” He said. “So any family, what’re they like, need to know your family before we date.”

“We are not dating. I am a lone child with my mom and dad.” I answered quickly wanting to avert the subject.

“When can I meet them?” He cockily grinned from ear to ear.

“Unless you want to go to heaven, go ahead...”

“Oh... sorry.” He sighed as he looked down. We sat in painful silence until I broke the silence. “Don’t worry. I still love you.”


And So we met again. Under the mistletoe he took me in his arms and kissed me slowly. Everyone cheered around us. I wasn’t the slightest bit embarrassed. As Mrs Wane said, “Keep on hitting the men’s aisle!”

December 23, 2019 23:53

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