Working at Ramsbury Inn

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Drama Fiction Teens & Young Adult

It was my first day at work. I worked at Ramsbury Inn, a new hotel. I was only 19 years old. My coworker, Mark Bennet, was 1 year older than me, and was by far neater. He had curly brown hair, hazel eyes, and wore golden-rim glasses. I only had red hair that was long and straight, with freckles across my nose, and green eyes. "First day?" he asked.

"Yup," I replied.

"I never got your name," said Mark.

"Roselina Veoletta,"

"That's a pretty name,"

I blushed. "Thanks."

He nodded. Somebody opened the door. Our first customer! It was a black lady with a young black child. "Hi! Welcome to Ramsbury Inn! Checking in?"

"Yes," said the lady. "Amaria Chlorosey."

"Please swipe your credit card here." I said. Amaria took out her credit card and swiped it. It appeared on my computer. "Amaria, you are room 341, 3rd floor. Here is a paper containing all of the information you need, such as the hotel's number, FAQ, etc. and your key card. Hey," I looked at the child and she looked back. "You want a lollipop?"

The child nodded. I gave her a strawberry Dum-Dum. She smiled and said, "Dank ou," in a small voice. She must have been 3 or so. I smiled. "No problemo,"

The child giggled. "Thank you for staying!" I called.

I waited until they were around the corner until asking Mark, "Did I do good?"

"Of course you did!" he said with a laugh. I smiled. I liked it when I do things the good way and somebody actually acknowledges it.

The next person was a man with a hooked nose and white, messy hair. He didn't say a word, just swiped his card. "Remus Doloros?" I asked. He nodded. "You are on room--"


"Oh!" I said, shocked.

"Hey," Mark backed me up, "don't talk to your hotel managers like that."

Remus Doloros glared at him, then snatched the card out of my hands.

"Have a good day!" I tried, but he just scoffed at me. I looked down at my feet, ashamed of myself. I feel like every customer should have good service. A tear fell from my eye. "It's fine, he should be ashamed of himself." Mark said, hugging me. I felt my cheeks turning red. I wasn't very comfortable with hugging because it makes me feel all weird and squirmy and awkward.

Two people came in. They were a couple. Mark and I broke apart immediately. "Hi, welcome to the Ramsbury Inn!" I said.

"Hi! How are you?" said the blonde-haired, pixie-cut girl.

"Good!" Mark and I said. My cheeks turned red again.

The one with brown hair and tan skin scanned her card.

"Norbert Gerinski?"

"And Ginevra Wilkinson," he said. I handed them the key card and info sheet. "I have just handed you your key card and info sheet, which has everything you need to know about us!"

"Thank you!" said Ginevra. When she walked by she said, "I think you two are a cute couple."

"WHAT?! We're not--we don't--"

"It's OK," said Ginevra, patting my hand. She nodded and smiled.

My cheeks were flaming. We were so not a couple. I give a whole LIST of reasons why:

  1. We've only known each other for a day
  2. I don't like him in that way
  3. He hasn't asked me out yet

My cheeks were red for the rest of the day. I avoided talking to Mark, to avoid "specific things". At 9:00 PM, I got ready to leave because that was when the night shift came. They never came, though. Mark and I stayed in the lobby for one hour with no night shift. "They're never going to come," it finally occured to Mark. "You think?" I asked. Mark looked at his feet. "I'm sorry. That I hugged you, I mean. It obviously affected you in some way."

"It's okay," I said. I was kind of ashamed of myself to be angry at a person because they didn't know what I disliked.

Suddenly, the fire alarm went off. I didn't know what to do. I looked for the intercom but Mark reached it first. "EVERYONE, THERE IS A FIRE IN THE HOTEL. DO NOT PANIC. I REPEAT, DO NOT PANIC. DO NOT USE THE ELEVATORS. IF YOU ARE CLOSE TO AN EMERGENCY EXIT, USE THAT. DO NOT PANIC."

I looked and saw Amaria Chlorosey's daughter screaming and crying in a corner. She was surrounded by fire. I jumped over the front desk and ran through the fire to the child. It burned my skin and my clothes, but I was more worried about the child. I found her, then carried her out of the fire. I heard Amaria screaming, "DONITA!! DONITA!! DONITA GENEVIEVE CHLOROSEY!!"

I found my way to Amaria and gave her Donita. Amaria hugged her daughter closely. I led them outside, where it was safe. Everyone had made it. What a first day of work. I found Mark, ran over to him, and hugged him. He smiled. We broke apart, then I said, "We're still NOT a couple, just keep that in mind." He laughed. Then I realized there was still one person left in the building. Remus Doloros. "Mark, stay with everyone. Remus is still in there." I said. Mark nodded. I ran into the hotel, up to Remus's room. I whammed on the door. "REMUS!! OPEN THE DOOR!! YOU HAVE TO EVACUATE!! REMUS!!"

Remus opened the door. He was burnt and his clothes were all singed up. "Come on," I said. I put his arm around my shoulders and walked him down the stairs. It took a nice, warm 10 minutes. Finally, we got back. Everyone cheered. "YOU DID IT, ROSELINA!" said Mark. Everyone started chanting, "ROSELINA! ROSELINA! ROSELINA!"

I was just glad that everyone was safe and sound. What a first day of work.

Well, THAT was dramatic.

December 04, 2021 02:36

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Palak Shah
14:26 Mar 19, 2022

I love the way that you have constructed this story and I enjoyed reading it. Could you please read my latest story if possible? :)) Thanks :))


Phoenix Osborne
02:32 Apr 09, 2022



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Phoenix Osborne
19:25 Dec 04, 2021

Hi, guys, thanks for reading this story! It means so much to me because I worked so hard on it. :)


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