Sophia is an Introvert

Written in response to: Write about a character who’s pathologically camera shy.... view prompt



Sophia entered her house with a frown on her face.

"Welcome home. How was school? Let me see the picture?" Precious said.

Sophia unzipped her bag and poured its content on the floor. Precious took a picture from the pile of books.

"You don't want me to see the picture. Why?" Precious stared closely at the picture. "Where are you? Didn't you take the picture with your classmates?"

"I did. I'm hungry. Where is Dad and Mum?" Sophia took her school bag and went inside the house.

"They travelled today."

She changed into a casual dress, entered the kitchen and opened a pot.

"Noodles." Sophia brought a plate of noodles to the sitting room. She sat on the chair and watched the television.

"You didn't answer my question?" Precious said.

Sophia didn't respond.

"I need to tell you that there is time for everything. This is the time to talk"

"Why did you cook noodles despite the foodstuffs in the house? You shouldn't have prepared anything." Sophia carried the empty plate to the kitchen

Precious placed her hand on her forehead. 'This girl'

Sophia returned to the sitting room. "Let's go under the shade. It's hot here"

Sophia and her sister sat under a mango tree.

"I need you to start talking about why you aren't in the picture I paid for." Precious frowned.

"I was unhappy when my class teacher told us we will be taking the end-of-the-session picture."

Sophia was sitting alone on the chair in her classroom. Her classmates were moving, laughing, and talking with one another. A man arrived in the classroom with a camera in his hand. The students ran and hugged him except Sophia.

Sophia stood, facing him. "Why can't you take the picture next week, photographer?"

"I will be busy throughout next week," the photographer said.

Sophia sneaked out of the classroom. Another man who was the class teacher entered the classroom.

"Everyone should come where I am and get ready," the class teacher said.

"Okay sir," the students chorused.

The students gathered around their teacher who looked at his students one after the other.

"Where is Sophia?" the class teacher asked.

"She was sitting there before." a female student pointed at the last seat.

"You and Felicity should go and look for her because it's only today the photographer has for us. He has

many customers to meet their demands," the class teacher said.

Felicity and Sharon went out of the class. They saw Sophia in the library and went with her into the classroom. The photographer arranged the students. Some sat with the class teacher while others stood behind. Sophia kept staring from one person to another. She bowed her head behind a female student.

"Ready. At the count of three," the photographer said.

"One.. two… three," the photographer said.

Sophia felt the flashes. The photographer talked with the class teacher for a few minutes and left the classroom. The students took selfies with their friends while Sophia walked out of the classroom.

"Sophia, come and join us," a male student said.

"Sophia is an introvert," Felicity said.

Precious shook her head. "So, you are the one who hid behind someone."

"Yes," Sophia said. "I was forced to take the picture"

"I'm tired of talking to you. I've never seen someone like you."

"The day the picture was taken was the last day of our exam that was why I was around to take the picture."

"You didn't want to. Do you have any friends?" Precious said.

"Nope. I am alone."

A black lady walked toward the two sisters.

"Where are you heading to, Jane?" Precious smiled.

"Today is John's birthday. Have you forgotten?"

"You're right," Precious said.

"She is your sister, right?" Jane


"I know you." Sophia looked at Jane.

"I don't know you. So, how come you know me?"

"I know you from Facebook," Sophia said.

"Jane, you don't know her because she doesn't associate with people. Her name is Sophia," Precious said.

Jane turned to Sophia. "Hello, Sophia, won't you come?"

Sophia exchanged a glance with her sister and nodded. Jane waited while the two sisters went inside and changed their clothes. They were dressed in fancy clothes and were excited. They arrived at the party. Jane and Precious mingled with other participants; Sophia looked at them as they were gisting and laughing with ladies and guys. It was time to take pictures with the celebrant. Sophia shrieked when she saw a cameraman.

Sophia tapped her sister. "I want to go and pee."

"Why now. Can't the pee wait?" Precious adjusted her clothes.

"Please, let us get ready. The picture will be taken in a few minutes," a man with a mic announced.

Sophia ran back home without looking back.


Jane came to Sophia's house the next day. She sat with Precious and her sister.

"These are the pictures we took yesterday." Jane handed an envelope to Precious.

Precious opened the envelope, brought out four pictures, and kept looking at the pictures. "They're amazing."

"Your sister didn't take a photo yesterday," Jane said.

"I am the girl you are chatting with on Facebook. I am the John which isn't my real name"

Jane stood up."I can't believe this"

"My sister didn't put her picture on social media," Precious said.

"I have been chatting with some of my classmates, and teachers and they don't know it's me," Sophia said.

"Why didn't you put your picture?" Jane said.

"I am shy," Sophia said.

"She also did that on Facebook before I found out. She pretended to be a boy," Precious said.

"That was exactly what she did to me." Jane moved toward the door.

"This should be a secret between the three of us here. I told you because you are my sister's best friend," Sophia spoke confidently.

"No. I don't want others to be victims of your deception. You should change your picture or else." Jane broke down in tears.

May 06, 2022 12:48

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Yves. ♙
22:43 Aug 07, 2022

This is so interesting! As a trans writer, I've long been obsessed with catfishes who change genders-- a million reasons people choose to do that, all interesting. The addition of a protagonist who's specifically camera shy was particularly strong.


08:10 Aug 09, 2022

I appreciate your comment. Is there any group where writers of Reedsy meet and exchange works for editing or is there any way we can exchange works for editing. Thanks as I anticipate response from you


Yves. ♙
23:42 Aug 09, 2022

Sure! I can offer you a couple options. There's the Reedsy Discord here ( which is the official hangout spot for all things Reedsy (I've done some swaps through there, and I'm also a mod), another Discord I'm in known as Welcome To Writeblr, and I also know a couple of people who do critique swaps individually whom I could introduce you to, in addition to the fact that I do paid editing work. Feel free to either DM me through Discord or give me your email and I can give you more info on all of the above!


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Michał Przywara
19:27 Jul 31, 2022

That's an interesting twist at the end! Sophia's an introvert, so she doesn't like having her picture taken. It's clear it causes her great anxiety, and I'm sure her sister interrogating her about it didn't help. People assume she's asocial, or maybe even antisocial. But that's not true, is it? A part of her is lonely, and it gets so bad that she makes up a persona online to interact with peers. Online is safe, because there's anonymity. She can speak with others and keep herself safe. But it sounds like she's taken it too far. She's gott...


10:11 Jun 16, 2023

Thank you for the comment.


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